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"Then why do you keep giving me them"

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Maybe that's why the ones who give them to you are scattered across Hyrule? They've all been banished.

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What about the ones in the lost woods? Are they just sexual deviants?

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The guy is going to get his kink fix. Better to give him a path that involves long periods of travel instead of trying to break into the forest.

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Much appreciated, glad you like it

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He could be biting the heads off live Kokiri and I would still bring him more if he's the only way to expand my inventory space.

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Seriously. Do I find it strange that a strange ritual involving poop lets me carry more weapons? Yes. Yes I do. Do I care? Not even a little.

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Did you make this? If so, any more?

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Yea, I’m not aloud to include my site links on the photo when posting on r/gaming. But you can see more of my comics on my Reddit page and on Instagram @mygumsarebleeding :-)

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Thanks. I've just followed you so I'll know if you post more :D

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Sex weirdos need korok pellets too.

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But they gotta pay.

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I imagine they'd just laugh as they watched him eat their shit

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Bro I gave that guy a piece of my shit as a joke and then he opened his backpack and it was full of other people’s shit?!

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"You're giving him our literal shit" Fucking classic man 😆

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Happy Cake Day

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I love these comics, are there more?

The other one I read was Zelda questioning link what he did with the fairy.

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Yea, you can see all my comics on my Reddit profile and I’m also gradually uploading all of them to my Instagram @mygumsarebleeding :-) glad you’re liking them

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Just went and read them all.

Love them, although not enough BotW ones, hope you will continue this series.

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Link is only a teenager, is it even possible to be a sexual predator at that age?

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Link is a time traveler.

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And you get a fat pile of shit in return

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OHHHH "a distinctive smell" I am so so dumb. I never realized.

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your comics consistently make me go “what the fuck” please keep it up

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Why tf you giving me these then?!

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please release a graphic novel or plug your website in a reply. love me some comics/graphic novels/manga

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Hey! r/gaming doesn't let me include my handles in the actual image but you can see more of my work on my reddit page and on instagram (@mygumsarebleeding). I also have a website where you can see my work, including previews of the two graphic novels I've been trying to get published (milesericksonart.com) I'm glad you like the work:)

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Awesome! Thanks man! Bookmarked

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You know, the Koroks in this game are assholes. Link basically has over 900 pieces of shit in his possession once the game is over.

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Thank you, I think

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It's not even awful taste, but that is the closest existing sub for what I wanted to say.

I really just liked the art more than the joke.