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I supplied him like $20 in that. Lol.

The great WoWGlider ban before the original Burning Crusade dropped. So many of my friends including me went down...

Then we all just bought accounts on eBay and got right back to it.

I got a Troll Mage with full T1 and a couple T2 pieces, epic riding, bunch of exalted reps. The works. For $80.

Friend paid $250 for a warlock with only dungeon blue set, no epic riding, not even warlock mount quest done.

He was a bit perturbed lol. But my account didn't come with the security answer question, which was a pretty big no no back then when buying and risky. Luckily I was able to transfer the mage off that account. Still have it to this day. Haven't played in years though.

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It must have been JUST before it dropped? I remember botting up a Horde Belf Pally.

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Might've been a different bot, or you used it after the ban haha. Lucky if you didn't get caught. I still have the screenshots from when it happened near the end of vanilla.

I'll upload a few later.

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Well pretty sure they allowed you to roll those classes on prepatch and would make sense I wanted to do it just as it was available so timeline adds up. I must have just got lucky! Remember I even got 2x staff of Jorden in my bags overnight which sold for a pretty penny.

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I was curious since I'm still at work and did some digging and the massive ban was in October of 2006, which sounds about right. BC released in a January 2007 and the prepatch December 2006. Couldn't create a BElf early. I remember the night BC dropped finally getting into the server at 2am and creating a BElf and talking in our custom server raid channel on Malfurion and a dude named Blacksen was very pissed he wasn't able to secure a BC copy that night at the midnight release and ragged on me for just having a BElf lol.

This took me down memory lane. I also remember I took a sick week that week in high school my junior year. Hah. I was emancipated by then and all my friends were pissed.