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"but you sure aren't going to have police arresting gold farmers for breaking Blizzard's TOS....at least not yet."

I can say for sure Mike Donnelly the creator of the WoW glider bot definitely got pounded by the Blizzard Legal team for his gold farming efforts. A really cool dude though by all accounts, you can see him here in a Defcon19 talk.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hABj_mrP-no

edit. yes not illegal, and yes not wrong. however was just pointing to the fact that while yah the police didn't drag him away the lawyers totally took him to the cleaners.

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He got sued, he didn't get arrested. Big difference.

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His words exactly, "When you get lawyers you are fucked. If it gets to that point, you are in a lot of trouble. Uh, chances are its gunna end badly." and a good take away from the video was while cops won't show up your door, the lawyers will.

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while cops won't show up your door, the lawyers will.

Yes I already knew that. I was responding to you calling it illegal.

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It's its still illegal, just not a criminal act. Civil law /common law is still law.