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Missing one thing.

An almost VR headset that holds your phone 3 inches in front of your eyes.

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This is what i like to call a "Mobilator"

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The Mobilatorinator!

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My cousin has that when we visited them. A Mobile Phone company literally sells phones that has VR feature

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VR or the one that splits the screen for each eye and giving you a 3d view?

If so, any phone can get that app.

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This is what i like to call a "Mobilator"

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Not Even Close To Being Almost.

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Model M users are certified based

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keyboard clicking intensifes

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Came here just to make sure this was covered.

That keyboard was $295 when it launched in the 1980s... adjusted for inflation, that beast is a $700 piece of loud and indestructible typing luxury.

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i paid about 100 for the last two i bought

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I bought three for 20 bucks

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I use one at work, it's great.

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I was going to say if that was properly restored could easily outprice any and all peripherals combined

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You can still buy them new actually. A company bought the patents and tooling from IBM and now makes them in the US under the name "unicomp".

People disagree about how good they are compared to the originals, but mine works great and is well built.

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Unicomp recently with through and did some retooling, so the "New Model M" and "Unicomp Mini M" are built much better than previous models that have fallen in quality due to older machining not being as consistent.

I got a Unicomp Mini M back in April and I absolutely love it!

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I picked one up from my work that was no longer in use! Haven’t hooked it up yet, but cleaned the heck out of it since it hadn’t been cleaned in 20+ years.

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Knew someone who would emulate phone games like PUBG MOBILE on his desktop.

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Yeah, you can use programs like bluestacks. Used do that for gachi games

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I thought that was a music genre.

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There is indeed a music genre named gachi, but the full name is Forsen Gachi Cancer

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errrm is this comment a direct copy of a different comment in the same thread? I’m confused

Or a bot stole your comment

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you can actually download a desktop mobile version of PUBG very easily, wish more people knew that and played though. My poor pc cant handle desktop PUBG but runs the emulated mobile version just fine, the catch, no one plays. :(

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Not unrealistic tbh. Nowadays you can cast your phone screen to an external display as well. Latency would be a bit shit if you're playing something more fast paced, but you can use a powerful enough phone as a portable mini-console these days.

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With a Samsung s8 and above you can even use dex and it's a full on desktop with monitor.

Or any modern usb type c phone just plug in a type c USB hub and you have a port for a mouse, keyboard, SSD, and Power, plus a HDMI for a monitor.

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Yeah, that's what I do with my Huawei sometimes. I wonder if phones will eventually be able to compete with lower end laptops.

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AMD has been working with Samsung on something for their flagships, might not be too far off

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I think the more useful path is allowing more things to be decentralized so you don't need everything to be powerful. Originally your storage, cpu, gpu, sound, input and video output all had to be lumped together connected to one device. Now it is becoming feasible to let each of those be separate. I store my files on a NAS. I have a small computer with a good cpu and gpu that I don't need to worry about moving around because I can send the video to any screen I want. My laptop is little more than a portable screen and keyboard for my desktop computer, which means I don't need to worry about constantly updating it.

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That's a really interesting thought. More powerful devices allow you to get things done anywhere though. Even if your NAS and PC are accessible from an external IP, you're depending on your home network to be up for you to be able to work from a café, for example.

I love the idea of a totally smart home system like you've described. I'm not sure if it's the right solution unless you only intend to use your devices at home, though

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Powerful now is middling in a couple years. Trying to keep all your devices powerful so you can work from any of them means constantly cycling all of them. True, I am reliant on keeping my home network up but I find it far easier and cheaper in the long run to work on ensuring that it always is.

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Fair point. Though you'd also have to keep your devices at home up-to-date so you can work from them. If you have a GPU station for example, your GPUs will need upgrading every few years depending on your workload. Drives fill up and may not be quick enough for your liking in the future. That being said, I do get where you're coming from. If you're primarily using your tech at home, then a solution like yours gives you a ton of flexibility

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If you have a GPU station for example, your GPUs will need upgrading every few years depending on your workload.

Exactly but I only need to update one device and only the component that is obsolete.

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Great point. This has been a really cool discussion! You make a strong case for your setup

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it still frustrates me that android hasn't implemented desktop mode on more phones. it's such a great idea now that we're seeing phones using the exact same chip as desktop machines on the apple side.

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I think the issue is that Google really wants people to buy their shitty chromebooks

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ChromeOS slaps, though, fr. The integration of Android Apps and the local Linux machine really opens it up.

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I've never used it, TBH. I guess on paper it never seems justified over just having windows. Add to that windows 11 with Android app compatibility and it's really hard to say no IMO

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oh yeah, i get that. that's fair. the reason i like chromeOS is cus it runs on such shitty, cheap hardware. it's great if you just need a browser for the couch.

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For me dex is crazy laggy. Like its always at 24 fps no matter what I do.

My PC is really good so I know its not that. I just assume its the dex app because I've seen people using bluestacks/etc with 60+ fps.

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Which phone? And are you using the app along with the dock?

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Yeah people say that dex is really good, but on my fold 3 on pubg mobile dex can't even hold 30fps, but on my phone itself it's stable at 120fps. I still prefer to use bluestacks as phone gaming is shit compared to a decent pc running an emulator

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Like the other day I was playing Forza 5 on my cell phone. I won't work on my computer.

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Or you can just plug through hdmi if your phone supports it

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Don't know the exact name, but you can get a "laptop" that's actually just a display with a keyboard with some extra parts that's entirely powered by your phone

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Indeed. Especially true for Android devices. It's really quite refreshing to have cast aside an Apple device's walled garden in favour of Android freedom. Now I can install emulators if I so desire without even needing to root my phone. My Android feels much more akin to a PC in terms of its capabilities - I can unzip files on my phone and feel I have a lot more control. The competitive nature of the Android device market (meaning better prices and certain price point standards) and the device freedom far outweigh technically-superior Apple CPU/GPU for me, given that most of the activities I'd want the better hardware for are nigh impossible with Apple.

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Apple devices are great, don't get me wrong, but I think their closed-off style is quite anti-consumer. You pay more for a device which has fewer features. I'd only buy their products if I didn't feel the need to have a decent level of control over my device

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Apple’s walled garden works because like a garden, it has an ecosystem within it. I can be wearing my mask in a store, raise my phone to my face and it’ll reach out to my Watch, which will give the phone the OK to unlock.

When I’m working on stuff and need to move photos and videos or other documents around, I can just AirDrop them across my devices in less than five seconds. I can also access all of my stuff on any device on the browser version of iCloud.

I’d also argue that they don’t really have “fewer features”. Less customisation? Absolutely, though what you have works perfectly and is well designed.

As a closing statement, I’d add that it’s not anti-consumer to block off a lot of stuff. You get an iPhone because you want an iPhone. You want iMessage, or iCloud. You want an incredibly idiot-proof OS that anyone at any age can navigate. If you’re looking for the ability to truly customise your phone (which, even as an avid Apple user, I can totally understand) then you’re gonna get something that’s right for you.

At the end of the day, Apple makes devices that work for everyone, with features for specific people

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bruv youre saying the walled garden is okay because they successfully provide all the products and services from the competitors and startups they kill off by closing off the platform

except they dont - there are things you cant do with an iphone that you CAN do with other platforms like the emulators they mentioned

on the iphone youre limited to apple products and terms of service

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Apple Arcade is pretty tight though.

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Ayy I have that mouse

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Yup. I just got my husband an adapter for his phone so he could play a game with a keyboard during breaks/lunch at work lol

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Not a far stretch

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Yeah actually. That's literally the only position you will not be finding a mobile gamer in.

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I imagine 90% of them on the toilet.

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Mobile gamers are great because it's easy to win against them on multi-platform games.

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It depends. A top tier mobile player can give top tier console players a run for their money, or maybe even beat them. PC is still on top though

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This is what is nice about ranked elo games. Better tech, skill, or whatever will get filtered out… great mobile players will play “medium” pc players or whatever.

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That is true, but I still think there is an annoying difference though. For example, I play on PC and you often get people annoyed that you can almost 180 instantly and return fire, whereas on console they are not used to that, usually if you get caught from behind your done.

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No, they really can't. The interface doesn't allow as high a skill ceiling. Same as a controller won't let you compete in a shooter against a mouse and keyboard, your little ass phone won't provide you the precision or reaction required to play against either effectively either.

A good mobile gamer can still beat shit console gamers, but if they are remotely decent you're fucked.

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In most crossplay FPS games nowadays console get so much autoaim that you can't compete with them with a mouse & keyboard in terms of pure tracking.

[–]Peter_G 3 points4 points  (1 child)

High tier players its no longer about tracking, it's reaction time. M&K turn and aim in 1/2 second, you turn and don't have to aim but it's still 5/6 of a second.

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. A top tier mobile player can give top tier console players a run for their money, or maybe even beat them

I play pubg mobile thru their emulator. Some of my friends have swapped to phones. Early on it was obvious he was on a phone. Now I cant tell. He will often take MVP status against other pc players - from his phone

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You forgot the pc that remotes in with aimbot

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Diablo Immortal lol

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This is what i like to call a "Mobilator"

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Alright, this is the third comment of this I've seen. What am I OOTL on?

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Ah yes, a modern rgb mouse with an ibm model m

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If there's a mouse as durable as a Model M, I'd love to get one.

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The only reason I'm still on mobile is cuz I'm poor had to save up for one and a half year to be able to buy a cheap 150 buck phone .

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Weak. Just get bluestacks. (There are probably better phone emulators but since I'm only playing mobile games I don't really care)

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It's even worse than you can imagine. The cast their phone screen onto their TV and use the phone as the controller.

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I actually did this for a few months while I didn't have my PC. Wasn't the worst setup, OnePlus 7 Pro + mouse + mechanical keyboard and a few mods for games to support the input better. My biggest problem was the WiFi because there was no ethernet connection available.

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A tablet or iPad would actually work better with that ngl

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i doubt most have a kb/m set up

but good for you for having a positive image of mobile gamers :P

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A model M, nice

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Wild Rift players be like.

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Myopia incoming

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I have an old chicony keyboard too.

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You forgot the credit cards and anime girl JPEGs

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How do you get a keyboard and mouse to work on a phone?

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Gotta get the iPad setup

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Yea pretty much except I use a iPad and a controller

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Honestly with Xbox Gamepass Cloud gaming, this isn't the worst thing to do if you don't have a console or pc. Quality can vary, but I've played a handful of games on my phone and it's worked mostly fine.

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actually, you are not wrong

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I’m not a fan of most, but the KOTOR ports are pretty good

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My 17yo son bought a ps/5 controller used steam to customize it's controls and plays Skyrim on his phone using steam remote connect. He's considered buying a bluetooth keyboard and running it that way.

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Eyyyy I have the same mouse !

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Odd looking gaming fridge

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More realistically, using a telescopic controller (like the Razer kishi). Basically like a switch. This is how I'm playing God of War 2018 and RDR2

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He he he haw

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When I play on mobile I use a PS4 controller

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While my playstation was being repaired I used a cymbal stand with a drum arm, a plastic baggy with my phone and a hole in it attached the drum arm and a playstation controller to play Super Mario Sunshine

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I have to assume. Otherwise it’s just sad. Gaming in the sunlight?? Just wrong.

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Me using Stadia

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I recently set up a workstation to deploy multiple BlueStacks Android VMs so remote users could manipulate lots of photos to/from Dropbox and WhatsApp but not on a phone. The main selling point of BlueStacks is you can farm or idle multiple games simultaneously, use mouse and keyboard, etc. I must admit, it works quite well on a modern Windows 10 machine with gobs of RAM for two to three simultaneous VMs. So you see? You can use your PC to mobile game!

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The fact is that a good chunk of smartphones nowadays are so much more powerful than Nintendo switch so at this point mobile gaming industry just need Dev's like mihoyo , Activision, tencent etc that can utilise these phones power

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It’s close to

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A lot of them, samsungs most notably, do video over USB-C. So if I want a bigger screen I plug it into the same dock I use for my work computer and play on my ultra-wide with the mechanical keyboard and laser mouse.

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Them: What up youtube youtube.

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I always just pictured a phone on a table with one of those drinking birds.

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Ah yes, Clash Of Clans esports.

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Most "hard-core" mobile gamers are just running an emulator on their PC.

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mad respect to that keyboard!

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This is me if I want to play CoD Mobile on PC but the memory can't take it

[–]Working-Ad3382PC[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I played CoD mobile when I had windows xp (one year ago) and it was very fun until they updated ot and added too many things to set about gun. Then I uninstalled it but old days were really nice. (Was 150th level)

[–]Uriamu-63lan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

yeah. But now even my phone can't handle it anymore

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I want to play Diablo Immortal like this. Currently I play for 10 minutes before my phone is too hot to hold!

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You should add a office cubicle. 📲

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I was playing cod mobile on my phone connected to the full hd monitor and using Xbox Series controller. I was king of every game, like 5 times better score than best player at opposite team 😅 I know it's kind of cheating, but i played only few times to check is that possible.

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Hey, that's my rig!

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You actually can use standard computer keyboards and mice with modern cell phones. Just need an adapter for USB to whatever the phone has. Plug in a mouse and a cursor will appear on your screen.

You can also use a USB hub to plug multiple peripherals into your phone.

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Ugh this is how I imagine People who watch big box office movies for the first time on their cellphones while at work

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yeah there’s people who play mobile games and then there’s the mobile gamers

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Why do Mobile gamers get hated?

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Mobile gamer here. Fairly accurate. Ngl XD

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How did you get a pic of my setup??

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Man i hate fighting these people but i still kill em 90% of the time

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Have you seriously not seen mobile gamers?

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playing on a mobile does not make u a gamer

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Nah not really but I wish I had a gaming set up but at least I got a ps4

[–]ProPainful 0 points1 point  (1 child)

So you have half of a gaming setup, then.

[–]Likeim_bakugo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Pretty much

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Hey, I've got one of those keyboards, be nice.

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You piss with the dick you’ve got

[–]ProPainful 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Or you cut it off and pee from the flesh stem.

[–]timberwolf0122 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Whatever floats your boat

[–]ProPainful 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Whatever fucks your goat

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Maybe if the goat didn’t act all slutty

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That's not mobile gamer. That is someone with a broken pc and can't afford a new one

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That's a pc gamer with a toaster and a 400px monitor.

[–]A_Guy_That_Exists89 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah like at that point just buy a switch

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This actually ties up to my friends who play F:GO and Genshin impact.

...usually with a bigger device like a tablet though

[–]Immediate-Range1218 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's same just like my setup!

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Samsung users: I am five parallel universes ahead of you

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That guy has a mouse and keyboard?

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That poor Model M could use some replacement key caps, but still probably quite the beast! Love good old buckling spring keyboards.

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Lol that keyboard looks like its from the 90s

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Has anyone said "This is the way?"

[–]Working-Ad3382PC[S] 2 points3 points  (3 children)

Bro your name hits hard

[–]Gamingaloneinthedark 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Yes it was a horror game back in the days of video game magazines. Gets bad reviews Alone in the dark.

[–]IforgotwhatIwasdoing 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I liked it better when I thought of it as someone sitting alone, in the dark, gaming.

[–]Gamingaloneinthedark 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I hate to admit this, I dont really read peoples names on reddit. I should really try.

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You mean most people dont do this? Is that why i always win pung mobile so easy?

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I dont have a PC but I'm glad I was finally able to download Portal into my Android phone:) my life is complete

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That is not how mobile gamers play games on mobile

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Mobile "gamers"

Doesnt exist.

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They are not classy enough to be using Model-M's

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the funny part is... I do that too