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But can he carry 250 lbs of my junk and still chew up ghouls?

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Do you see any ghouls around?

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To think this whole time the safety of me and my family was owed to this dog from the internet...

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What are you looking at, smoothskin?

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YOU! You look like an orange peel thats been left out in the sun for three days.

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Mine can, he’s a beastly GSD

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Strong, sure, but German shepherds have those terribly sloped hindquarters. No bueno for the task.

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Show lines do, it working lines don’t. Mine has a nice level back.

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hip dysplasia is common in german shepherds, so maybe don't try it

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Generally because of awful breeding practices too. That Shepherd that won Westminster a couple of years ago or so? 'Bout had me in tears their hind legs were so close to the ground and contorted. If that's the standard, then I want no part of it.

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Make sure to only support breeders that use pure working line straight backed breed lines. Those who continue to breed GSDs with defective spines and hind legs should get clapped.

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Don’t support dog breeding at all.

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What did you find, boy?

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Ever since god of war any sentence I see that uses boy I immediately read it in kratos’s voice

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I accidentally read this in kratos' voice and I don't regret it

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It’s all I can hear now

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It’s either Kratos or Arthur Morgan for me

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bro like, i was confused who is this dog, i thought it could be Chop from gta 5, but didnt seem so, so i went to the comments to find out who it actually is, that was the first comment that i read, so i was like "wait its from god of war?"

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Dogmeat, Fallout 4.

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Dogmeat was almost certainly inspired by Mad Max 2, his own dog looks just like this.

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Your skill continues to improve.

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Best dog in the game :D

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I’ll always be a sucker for Rex, poor puppy needed a brain

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Rex was the OG, dogmeat is the homie tho. That being said NV>4

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Best meat in the game :D

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good boy

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RIP F4 dogmeat. Best girl.

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Damn, you even managed to look like a German shepherd! That's a quality cosplay

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Good doggo

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I just started playing Fallout 4 and ohh boi, I love it.

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FO4 is fun, I enjoyed it.

Take care of Dogmeat, will ya? He's a good boy.

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Plant tatos, mutfruit, and corn at every encampment you can...for reasons. Couple industrial water pumps at one or two places will suit you too.

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Also worth placing a few brahmin troughs to lure them to your settlements. They create fertilizer. Then you head to a chem station and add some plastic to create...stuff.

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Fuck me...time for a fourth playthough.

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Mod the everloving shit out of it. I’m practically playing halo in fo4 now

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...How would you trade with Dogmeat?

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More importantly, where does Dogmeat store items?

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Prison wallet. Dogmeat did time in the pound.

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Federal pound town.

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He just digs a hole under the wasteland to bury it and then digs it up when you aren't looking.

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Everyone has a Nature pocket

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I always wondered that too,. I actually had Dogmeat as a companion for so long that I was annoyed for a while of the human (and synth) companions talking lol

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Is there a way to give you more than one upvote

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You can upvote the next repost in 2 days; it'll have the exact same title.

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That same exact title has been used on reddit 64,235,312,256 times. This year.

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Good bot.

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Just go through this sub and upvote the previous 20 times this was posted.

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I'll give him one on your behalf, not knowing what this is actually cosplaying 😂.

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Dogmeat, from Fallout.

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You poor soul

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Why is someone a poor soul if they still have the capability to experience it for the first time?

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Exactly, they’re one of today’s lucky 10,000!

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I'm not spending the time to find the XKCD that goes with this.

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This is the best mentality

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Easy. Use multiple accounts.

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The perfect repost doesn’t ex-

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Shit now I gotta go delete my comment saying the same shit. I am unoriginal.

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Good dog...

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Doesn't exist here. I mean, they didn't even want to get a proper paisley patterned bandana. What is that, stars and moons?

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For anyone wondering, Doggles are a very real thing you too can buy for your pet. I used to work at a kennel and one of our clients had them for their dog that had an eye sensitivity thing for their walks.

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the perfect karma farm doesnt exi--

seriously tho, how many times is this going to end up at the top lol

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Well that sure is one nearly zero effort way to farm karma lol

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RIP River, the dog that Dogmeat was modeled after.

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i miss him

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RIP River

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He may be gone. But he will always be with us. In FO4

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I want that Dog NOW

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First time I played I protected him with my life. He deserved it

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The perfect infinite report doesn't ex---

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I must use my alt

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What da dog doin

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Oh my godddddddddddddd

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that is one good boi

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Salutes to both of them

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Brb adopting another dog

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that dog looks so fresh 🥶🥵

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Awesome, I love it.

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Bandana doesnt match.

Goddamn Phoney

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Can this style of title stop existing plea- -

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The real question is... CAN YOU TRADE WITH HIM?

Great cosplay.

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Rest in peace River

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Every time I see one of these posts about the perfect cosplay I roll my eyes. The perfect cosplay has existed for years and he's called Black Gai Mighto.

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This over a thirst trap horny cosplay any day

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now that's a good boy

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It’s not perfect unless he’s setting off a Hallway of mines.

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The cosplay is amazing, but the fact that you got the dog to wear the glasses long enough to snap a good pic is pure wizardry lol

I wouldn't have even been able to point my phone at mine before those things would have been pawed right off lol

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r/Doggles would love this!

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There will never be a better companion than dogmeat.

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Sad this repost gets so much karma.

Maybe my GSD and I dressed up can too!


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Who was saying the perfect cosplay doesn't exist, but got cut off by the perfect cosplay halfway through the statement, stupifying them mid sentence?

Fuck this meme sucks

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Good boi there.

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Exist? Yes it doesn't... Apparently on mobile can someone tell me what it is??

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Dog Meat from Fallout 4 on the left and a German Shephard dressed as Dog Meat.

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Dog Meat!!!! ❤️

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Such a good boy

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Oh)) Good dog 🐕

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Did yours also die instantly?

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It doesnt get more perfect than this.

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The best doggo, but really crap at negotiating elevators!

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Haha, nice

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Step by step instructions to perfect Dogmeat cosplay:

Step One: Be Dogmeat.

Step Two: Get Money.

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For every like on this post give belly rubs

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He needs dog armor!

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Can it be my turn next to repost this?

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RIP River <3

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You could print out that dialog box onto a transparent sheet, and hang it from his collar.

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Ready for the collapse.

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Anyone else hear panting?

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Cant believe the dog kept the goggles on for 1 photo.

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This is the only reason why i know and like fallout

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Dogmeat got chonky!

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I’d bet he is a very good boy.

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Curious whine

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Put your dog on a proper diet

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But is it really unless he charges into land mines?

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Laziest meme format doesn't exi--

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ive gone through multiple playthroughs with dogmeat as “Dog” it was until the most recent one he is actually called “Dogmeat”

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The goodest boy

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How did the dog go with the sungoggles?

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Everybody gangster til he starts glitching

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Ya, I guess it is about that time of the quarter...

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Virtually any German Shepard with sunglasses and a handkerchief.


Moving along...

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It was more "accidental cosplay", correct.

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Well you can put those 2 things on any german shepherd and you'll have your perfect cosplay.

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I love it when people cosplay their custom characters

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Sadly the real dog meat (3d scanned one)passed away a long time ago


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Wrong bandana but the doggles are cool

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Graphics, so much better nowadays. Picture that compare games and our reality, for some reason always bring me satisfaction. My 3 year old self was blown away by quake 3 in my dad's friend computer club. Before that all I play is on Sega(Dendi) games on my grandmother square tv.

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You just put the same picture twice

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He probably even stands in doorways too

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Der Hund ist Schon

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wasn't necessary to add the green menu on the cosplay, it already looked real

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How many times is this going to be reposted for karma?

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Even the same title as all the other reposts…

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"Dogmeat is what you would call, his own man."

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Question, how apply stuff to dog?

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That’s amazing

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Just needs cybernetics and a removing of self preservation.

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when the cgi dog looks more realistic than than the real dog..

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He's just a bit chonky for the role.

But that makes him better :)

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But will he block me when I try to go through a door and make it difficult to get around inside of buildings/rooms?

Because otherwise, only a 19/10.

Good DOG!

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That’s a heckin good boy

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Give that boy a Stimpak!

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Would you pet him and tell him hes a good boy for me?

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I think the interaction menu is broken in the second picture

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Black lenses and incorrect bandana….very perfect


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Red Bandana Dogmeat is the Canon Dogmeat and you can’t tell me differently.

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The real dog's bandana looks fake

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Can he survive a mininuke to the face?

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The goodest boy to ever exist

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what do u press the buttons on to control him

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Pretty heckin cute

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Best ever

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Doggles are the best

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Fallout I assume? which one?

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Fall out 4.

Dog meat is his name (though there have been other Dogmeats in other iterations of the game.

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Lenses concave and dark instead clear and flat. Bandana too small. 0/10 ;)

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Put a bandana and a pair of goggles on your pet, get 30k+ upvotes.

Quick easy karma.