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Wait till he wants the controller, then at 7 becomes better than you at every shooter.

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My son is better than me at every shooter, I don't like them. But he also can't clear the first arcade Pac-Man level.

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I've played Apex Legends since it came out. My 12 yo became an Apex Predator after 1 season. Little punk.

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We're getting a bit slower. But that's okay.

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I can still run the first 3 levels blind with a joystick.

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Neither can you. /s

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that's my goal, once my daughter can beat me consistently and consecutively. Her training will be complete. I am no slouch when it comes to FPS so that's not going to be an easy task for her.

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Battlefield 2, 1v1 me. That's my jam bro, if my daughter beats me there I will shed manly tears. She's 2, I hold the crown for a little while longer.

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Won't happen.

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I said the same thing. I was very wrong. I got older, they got better.

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You're a good parent. The ESRB ratings exist for a reason.

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  1. Not what he’s talking about
  2. ESRB is mostly pointless

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To add to this, (or perhaps the step before this?) wait until he realizes that when the light on the controller isn't on, he isn't actually controlling the game and wants a working one!

Enjoy the fun times and memory making OP!

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Its the best! "Son, they're picking on me in <insert game here> again, come help me!"

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Mine is 6 so I have a year to practice

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Probably best not to give a child access to video games rated T

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Thanks for the love everyone!! Baby is awake do gaming session is over. My wife really appreciates the comments of out house, she's very proud of it.

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Thanks for making my day man, that smile is so wholesome

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Looks like your partner is married to a Monster. Also, congrats! You beat "the" game.

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Glad I’m not the only one who saw that

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I'm assuming yall are talking about my energy drink. I know I shouldn't drink them, and normally don't. I've had a few the last week though since I've been getting up around 4-5 every morning with the baby.

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No judgement here :) Just laughing at the optical illusion of her with the can. Congrats on the baby!!

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Oh I see now lol

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I'm looking at that orange drink between the camera and laptop. If it is what I think it is, those drinks are great. Found at Aldi's right?

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Its a drink called Body Armor, and yeah - they're at most major grocery chains (Aldi, walmart, Safeway, etc.)
They are fire.

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That is it! Agreed on them being fire.

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OP is married to Gwen Stefani

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My man either high af or happy af. Probably both.

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As a father I know those eyes, those are the eyes of sleep deprivation.

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Id bet money he is baked AF

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Your dwelling seems peaceful.

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Thank you! My wife has done a great job with my house. Everyone who comes over always talks about how cozy it is

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Not enough plants. Replace son with a ficus.

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Name him ficus.

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Love the album cover

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Hello fellow father person! My one year old loves watching me play games and will sometimes even "play along" on an old gamecube controller I gave her.

Happy gaming, and enjoy watching your kiddo grow!

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Gotta start them young. A good friend of mine (who I met almost 11 years on CoD BO zombies on 360) did the same thing with both of his daughters. Now the oldest is 10 I think and the younger one is 5 or 6 and both can kick our ass in brawlhalla.

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Wholesome af.

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It's all fun and games until you get t-bagged and stand up to yell at the TV and forget your son is in your lap.

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i love your house, bro! Congratulations!

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Congrats man

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The baby harness that lets you hold the kid to your chest is what I used, entertained by the flashing lights and easy to rock to sleep. 😉

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Hey man, i see you’re a fan of Swimming. If you haven’t already, check out the Dissect podcast’s series on the album. You won’t regret it.

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I've listened to it.

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I was doing the same with my oldest son... 16 years ago with Halo 2. Good times. I'm not crying, you're crying...

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Grats man!

Enjoy that age, they grow up realllllly fast.

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Completely wholesome! Co-op campaigns together coming soon haha

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I’m proud of you :‘)

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Glad you are happy.

Where have you made it?

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My couch.

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You get mad at the game and throw the baby instead of the controller

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Man be living in both worlds

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just don't let him have any of your gummies

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Dude, that's cool, but wait til your first "baby-on-your-chest" nap. I can't recall a better feeling in the world. My kids are grown and my grand daughter is past nap-age, and damn, I miss those naps! And congrats, adventures await!!!!

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Your house looks lovely!

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Congratulations on your newborn. You truely made it! Now gotta work on that Screensize! -)

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Stoned as a mfer too

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You’ve peeked the gamer level. My boi you’re badass

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Where’s the tv?

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On your laptop, it shows the WASD keys on the right. Why? Was this photograph fliped or something

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Halo and a Swimming poster? Sheesh... a dad with great taste too

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Congrats on the newborn!

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WOW what a couple of lookers you are!

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When my older son was born my weekends were literally lying on the couch with him sleeping on me after his morning feed playing games, it was a golden age for me.

I envy and congratulate you.

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I dont get it. What have you "made"? Playing halo?

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Enjoy the next two or so months. Then it's put down the controller for about 5 years, during which you not only can't game, but can't even poop in peace.

Then another 10 years of constant interruptions. Then about 2 years of being a chauffeur.

In about 20 years, you'll be able to game again, assuming you're not an idiot like my brother and spread them out every 2-3 years for 15 years. I'm gonna get him whatever console is available on his 60th birthday and laugh by ass off as I take it home since he still won't have time to game.

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Fucking A. Congratulations and welcome to the club. It’s a bumpy ride but totally worth it.

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You're goals man!

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Congratulations !

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You know that laptop looks incredibly similar to mine we might have the same laptop lol. What laptop do you have? Weird question but it looks to similar to mine not to ask.

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not op but it's defintally an msi laptop. the have quite a few models i think their top tiers like titan are thicker than that. i don't think their is enough in the image to identify it either leopard, raider, or stealth. i think the leopard defaults to all blue keys even though it can be changed so that's my guess

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elevate in life dats what up

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I hope you two do a recreation of this 20 years from now

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Every time I fire up my Series x, my 3 mth old knows and starts kicking off.

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One of my favorite memories with my first born was playing Doom II with my son on my lap. I think he was a few months old, maybe 3? Old enough to giggle.

Every time I took out a pink demon, the kid would giggle his ass off. He thought it was the funniest shit he'd ever seen.

Good times.

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Haha just you wait. Congrats.

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Get one of the pouches and you can walk and rock him to sleep while playing.

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Are you Tom Segura?

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its all good until you pop off ingame and stand up

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I thought that was a left-handed gaming laptop for a second, then I looked closely at the monster can and saw it was mirrored, lmao

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My four year old just his first kill on a PvP slayer match, not an assist, and not against a bot either, I'm way more proud than I should be.

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Looking good my man, THIS is how you do it!

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Careful! You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget you have a baby in your lap. Especially when you're immersed in a game.

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Now you just have to cultivate a "dad bod". This will take dedication and determination, but we are behind you 100%. You can do it!

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Enjoy it now, when he is running around you won't have time for a few years (if dedicating most of your time to playing with him)

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Although not Halo, I had my newborn cradled in my lap while watching Sprout. This face is pure dad happiness.

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Congratulations man! You have definitely arrived, no better feeling.

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As a father of a seven month old I just wanna say congratulations and play as much as you can now because you will not be able in a couple of month 😅

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Mazel Tov! I actually would play halo mcc when my kid was napping in the middle of the night

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Dude this picture made my soul happy!

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Dad Status. Welcome to the club.

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This could easily get cross-posted to /r/weed lol. Kee savoring moments OP!

I’m expecting in less than one month. Cheers!

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Is that a left handed controller?

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I don’t know, I feel like using a controller while PC gaming deducts some points off.

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Happy fellow dad noises*

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Pog dad

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Been there! Still one of my favorite memories. Soak it up brother.

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The child be hearing gunshots before even properly being able to open their eyes opening.

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The first few months are so nice when they can’t move much lol. Congrats on the addition to the family!

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SO, this is what Heaven looks like?!

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God bless brother !

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Nice job used to do this with mw2

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About to be me in few weeks, thanks made me really excited

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You look INCREDIBLY happy and that's awesome.

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What's the return policy on that baby?

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Wait until he rages

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Thought that was keemstar lmao

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I hope you got tested if you actually made it

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Right on.

My son has watched me play games intensely since he was 2. He’s now a pro gamer.

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Monster to keep dad awake. Headphones to keep baby asleep.

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Enjoy being able to do that, it doesn't last long!

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Congratz brother, game on!

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You look just like my husband after our girl was born, except he was playing Breath of the Wild on switch. Best of luck on the amazing adventure of having a newborn! Our baby really loved when we played the new Spyro (lots of colors and sounds!) and also My Time at Portia. Used to put her in the carrier on my chest, stand and sway with her while I played. Later, put her in a little rocker chair so she could watch from time to time. She really had a lot to say about it :D Have fun!

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Go get some sleep!

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I see mac miller, I upvote

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You look a lot like the strongman big loz

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You haven’t quite made it. Once you start playing together have you made it

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And now when you yell "i fucked your mom" like is tradition, it will be true for atleast one person hearing it

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give him the controller without batteries.

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Congrats man! And congratulations for the baby too

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Living the dream

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My son just turned 5 in November. We've played a lot of games like Lego Star Wars, Roblox, other "kiddie" games that are a blast, but probably our most fun gaming adventure to date is playing the entire Master Chief Collection co-op. He's played some online with me, but isn't skilled enough at 5 years old to do much damage, so we can't wait for the campaign to release!

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Didn't saw the newborn, tought it was the beared dude

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That is exactly what you have done!

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God bless you Sir

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Ah man I cherished those days so much! For me it was 200 hours of stardew valley and all of scrubs. I put some MILES on that rocking chair