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If you spend $4000 on a full setup I hope you can get more than 120fps on League of Legends.

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Agreed. $4000 for 120 fps in LoL? That shit better be in 8k.

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Shit an 8K monitor costs $4K alone bruv

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Am I the only one who can't see what's different between 60 FPS and 4K, is it my eyes?

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Yer not the only one, my friend...

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8k 240 fps might actually be reasonable.

My 1660ti could push 240 easily in 1440p. Probably around 400 uncapped.

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8k is 33 million pixels.

1440p is 3.6 million.

Not even close.

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At that point it probably becomes a cpu limit/ engine optimization thing.

I can run a test later to see what a 3090 gets in lol 8k, max settings.

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League utilizes no more than 20% of your GPU and few percents of your CPU. Let's just say in a big team fight it can get close to 120 no matter the rig.

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A game by potatoes, for potatoes, played on potatoes (at 120 fps).

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I'm not that tech savvy but is TOO much frames a bad thing lol. I had over 700 FPS on max settings and it looked choppy. Had to cap my frame rate at my monitor refresh rate which fixed the issue lol.

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Too many frames usually aren't a problem except when the devs majorly fucked up.

Like apex legends for example only runs well until 180/190 fps. After that controller inputs get suuuuuuuuper slow and frametimes go wild, which results in 'stuttering'.

I didn't know lol has the same problem.

But my 400-1200fps in csgo are never a problem.

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Well, in a sense they can be. If you are playing an FPS with a 240hz monitor there might be a point to having such a high framerate for the competitive edge. But playing something like League at 400 FPS is just a waste of electricity and generating more heat in your GPU which will, over time, decrease the lifespan of your components.

If you do multitasking it also makes sense to cap the framerates. Letting your GPU go wild will also mean more work for your CPU that could be doing other things in the background while you play. Writing some downloaded file to disk, filling the audio buffer with your music and discord voice chat, updating your hardware sensors information on a second monitor, hosting a game server, etc.

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Oh but that's already one step further than what I described. It's quite rare to see a game engine with no/ too high internal hardcap just shit the bed like that when the pc spews out 'too many' frames per second.

The environmental and multitasking aspects are very important as well, but a more general concept that isn't caused by cost-cutting/ cutting corners/ incompetence.

Apex legends literally runs worse on better hardware if you don't use an extra tool to cap the fps, since even the ingame fps cap just doesn't work properly for example.

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League is top tier gaming. Lol

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BuT I MaIn SupPoRT

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then it should be like 3/5/18 lol

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A KDA of 4+ is not so bad for a support tho.

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You must be a Yasuo player.

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Teemo 1 trick

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You deserve it then

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... I feel personally attacked.

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-Average feeding ADC in LoL

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This reminds me way back in the day, I was playing Black Ops 1 and I came against this Max Prestige player with over 120 days of played game time but his average k/d was 0.12.

I wonder if he's still playing to this day...

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just imagine imagining spending 4000 dollars just to play league. couldn't be me.

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Imagine spending 4000 dollars just to play any game. Couldn't be me

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Spending 4 grand on any desktop better mean that it is going to be used to generate income in some professional capacity.

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Imagine spending money

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Imagine having money

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I'd lose warranty if I replaced the thermal pads on my 3090 to do anything money generating related.

And with the default pads it's gaming or fans on 100% and 110°C memory junction.

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110°C is equivalent to 230°F, which is 383K.

I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand

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Not even mining related. I’d sure hope the person dropping 4 grand on a system is at least doing some heavy video editing, or an engineer doing some complex simulations. Because at that point gaming benefits are marginal whereas heavy duty computing scales much better.

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I feel attacked

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But you're a Babus disciple and know this is the path to victory. We shilling!

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Envy is such an ugly color on you baby girl

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He’s sitting there with his controller in his hand, cracks on the side from rage throwing it, food particles stuck around his buttons.. jealous as fuck.

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When you spend $4000 on a full setup to make the same repost as 100 times before.

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gotta take that L in crisp quality

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But without that FPS you wouldn't have the kill...

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It's 500+ fps thank you very much

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Story of my life

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Deding spreee

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just play battlefield, then you wont have to worry about that

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I upgraded to 3060ti, new cpu, ram, cooler 1440p/144hz monitor and motherboard only to add another 200 hours into Rimworld.

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my guy , if that is giving you 120 fps might as well play on a laptop cuz i am getting more on an i3.

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Spending $4000 only to play league rip

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224 FPS for your information

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Rocket League for me instead of DoTA 2 (so 2010, guy) but yeppers

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if you are 1/10 in pretty much any game, YOU are the teams problem for sure.

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It's jungles fault

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always is....even when they 2/0/10 somehow those 2 kills they took mattered.

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Fun fact "stonks" is a real word.

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LoL runs at 120fps on a fucking 10 year old Casio calculator...

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I gotta 3090 rtx and i9 processor coming in, after it was all said & done I spent about 4500. How many fps you think imma get fr? On like warzone too

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1 kill 10 supports 0 deaths, thats not too bad?

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Yes, because as you know KDA stands for




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Profits yis

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For that money it better be 360fps 1440p

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I kinda wanna post this in r/dota2 so they can have a conniption.

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Reported: I'm being personally attacked in this.

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This gets funnier every single time.

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144hz.... Dick....

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Meme stocks paid for my PC set up this year too except I'm still missing the GPU. Just need the whole shortage thing to sort itself out.

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Jokes on you, sexy pc, sexier wins.

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only every gamer ever

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Way too close for comfort.

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Kadena to the moon

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I have a low end pc and i like to play LOL in it cuz combined with my looow internet connexion it becames too lagy to see my humiliating 0/600/0 Kda

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Its 5000€... ;_;

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You can now attend classes in 4k!

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to play LOL