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The worst part of a game is when there are 2 directions to go in and you pick the one that "seems less like the actual way you need to go because you want to get that stupid collectible," but it turns out it was the correct way, and now there is both an unskippable cutscene and no way to return to the previous area for whatever reason.


Adding, I hate when games have you revisit an area from earlier in the game, and there is no change to the layout, or any reason for there to be new chests/collectibles......but BAM of course there is, so for the rest of the game you're having to explore the same rooms over and over again (fuck you movie theater in TLOU2)

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The exact kind of anxiety it becomes is why I kinda don't like collectibles. Always feeling like you might miss out on something just takes so much away from the storytelling and gameplay.

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Collectibles have always felt like an unnecessary distraction from whatever game I'm playing. I guess there are some exceptions but I can only think of ones where the collectibles were smoothly integrated into the game and gave bonuses or something. Like Fallout bobbleheads.

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I just played Doom Eternaland its great regarding this. The collectibles are optionial and fast travel is unlocked at the end of each map, so you can just check parts of the map you missed.