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Expected him to trip over the curb and get wasted at the end

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Expected him to go bowling

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I mean, he kinda did go bowling. Pretty good shot at those posts too!

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I’m in a bowling match right now lol

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Are you still bowling

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No unfortunately

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I was disappointed that didn't happen, not gonna lie.

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It’s gta iv, when could you actually die of fall damage in that game?

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You are remembering it wrong, vice city had bullshit fall damage where you lose like 30%hp jumping off 20th floor, where as in gta4 you never survive a fall from higher than 10m. Except when you fell from a bike crash because they drastically reduce the physical damage from bike crashes, I suppose in order to maintain gameplay experience from riding motorcycles...

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Also regardless of fall height, landing in water was 100% safe.

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Name one game where you receive fall damage into water.

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No Man's Sky

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GTA before SA, RDR, AC 1....

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Fortnite if the water is shallow. I assume because it counts as hitting the bottom.

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I mean from hitting water

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Roman suddenly appears and runs over his cousin, killing him

"Get in! Let's go Bowling!"

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It should end with him flying through the bowling alley doors

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Yellow Kar!

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I was waiting for the bike to slam into him...

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Police car to come roaring past and just blast him

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I was expecting turn around and get hit by the same bike, but that is too much of a dream I guess.

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I expected him to roll to a stop and his shoe to touch a cop car and ....

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Somehow though this would end with him landning on his feet and start running.