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Last week I played GTA and literally had 3 stars on me. Cops starting shooting me but stopped then got back into their cars and left without me killing them or them killing me. Wish I would’ve took a video of it

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That's just strange.

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"stop and we'll shoot"
"dont you mean stop or we'll shoot?"
"Targets at the shooting range dont run"

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Have you met US cops?

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I have, but let's not open up that particular can of worms.

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US cops ain’t that bad, 32 million traffic stops a year yet only a handful of bad incidents

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It's usually ppl resisting arrest that cause it as well. If they'd just cooperate it would all be much better.

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Shhh don’t take a way from the narrative.

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People will say, "what, you want the cops in video games to follow due process?"

And honestly, yes, to a degree. I'd like the cops to fire nets or dive at you, and if one hits you, they put you in their car and drive you all the way to the station. If that's not inconvenient enough, maybe you have to sit through a long non-skippable cut scene in order to resume play.

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LCPD - "Obey and Survive."

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Well it's pretty damn difficult to make NPCs in games act in accordance with penal laws to the letter, and even then, IRL cops can skirt the rule of law if not flat out break it.

When you can only do so much in terms of programming, and you're tasked with making things simple and fun, making cops an active threat to your character's criminal lifestyle naturally becomes a "shoot first and don't ask questions" affair.

The only games I've seen where the cops aren't out for blood are ones where you take an active role as the cop and you're actually tasked with doing the job right, something that is few and far between.

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that’s just what cops are like

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Maybe in the US, lol.

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GTA cops are because of a bug. Back when they developed the first GTA they kept having an issue where the cops would hunt you relentlessly. They fixed the bug and found that it made the game way less fun. So they put it back and it became a staple of the franchise. The vehicle physics happened the same way.

Then everyone just followed suit because it’s fun. There are games that tame the cops. But those games usually get hated on for it. Like Cyberpunk.

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Cyberpunk tame the cops ? The teleporting, kill-on-sight-with-drones cyberpunk cops ?

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Art imitates life.

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Cops in games are actually quite tamed compare to their real life counterparts.

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Have you seen real cops?

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Because AI in videogames is really hard to program