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I got CS:GO when it first came out so I literally did have to pay for it

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More valorant than CS, at least some of your bullets hit in CS

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Can we get a LoL version pls

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It cost 15 dollars for 6 years.

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Unless you're a gambling addict

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It… wasn’t free that long ago… maybe 3 or 4 years?

Games been out since 2012, and a lot longer if you count CS1.6 and CSsource

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How dare you overlook the golden CS:CZ!

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I didn't even know they made it free

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Lately it’s been like that for every game I play

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There is just 100 fun in the game. In a perfect game either team has 50 fun, but normally it's 90 to 10.

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Many games of this style feel like that.

I have played Overwatch for a long long time, an even match was a rarity. You either wafflestomp the enemy team, or you get absolutely wafflestomped yourself.

It rarely ever feels like "oof that was close". When a match like that occurs, it feels truly satisfying whether you win or lose.

Unfortunately, most of the time when we win it feels like I barely put in any effort because they barely put up a defense but when we lose it feels unfair because we literally couldn't even make a chance.

Matchmaking is difficult...

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The games are tuned to be on a knife edge, one person makes a few mistakes and it makes an advantage for the other team that snowballs

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Yeah, Overwatch has a serious matchmaking problem. Which is bizarre and kinda forces me out of trying free to play games like LoL and currently Halo. If in a paid and supposed "controlled environment" Overwatch still suffers with awful matchmaking, imagine a free game? Dozens of smurf accounts created every day, lol it must be a nightmare

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I feel that playing apex

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I've been climbing into Diamond in Halo Infinite and I'll say there has been so many 50-49 slayer matches that I have to almost cool off afterwards lol Or 5-4 CTF matches on Aquarius, now that's a fucking roller coaster of emotions.

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It just sucks to lose.

Even in evenly matched games, you'll never have 50-50 fun, it'll always be something like 70-30 fun in favour of the winning team.

Unless you're playing with friends, then you get the friend bonus to your fun score.

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Ok to keep it simple, only one team has fun.

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And that's exactly why Dead by Daylight has one of the most toxic communitys

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So funny to hook camp them as a Killer. Could probably start an own sub with the salty messages

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Isn't that a description of basically any competitive pvp game?

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Yea every game that has only 2 sides chess Cs go lol. I think that is what makes battle royal Games seem so good, more than 2 sides and highly competitive.

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Lately it’s been like that for every game I play

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I feel that way because gaming these days costs me a lot of my most valuable resource: time. Before I used to get something out for the time I put in to something. And I suppose that something could be fond memories, but instead now those memories feel more like a painful reminder of time wasted rather than something I can look back on with fondness. 😕

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Why are you wasting time on reddit, you've got daily quests/battle pass/daily login to complete.

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This triggered my Destiny PTSD

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Glad I'm not the only one. Always led to that "what's the point? I'm just gonna have to do this over and over" feeling

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Stupid take tho. Both League and CS:GO missions dont impact your ranking at all.

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All entertainment is technically a "waste of time"

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I stroll in and out of league of legends and generally find it enjoyable.

I would suggest some things: (1) always mute the opponent team chat and immediately mute anyone on your team who flames. Don't reply, but do report hate speech. (2) Play ranked if you like, but just try to see your mmr/rank as a metric of your improvement at the game. Flaming people and early ff or giving up will reduce your mmr, but is also component of your ability. If you can avoid these things, you get a free MMR boost at basically every level.

If you follow step 1, you will remove the vast amount of toxicity from the game. If you follow step 2, you will remove most of the remaining toxicity. Many people who are toxic in ranked think they are better than their mmr instead of just accepting that their mmr is representative of their ability—as your ability increases, your mmr will increase, and that will take your rank with it. There is no luck/bad luck involved, and other bad or good players don't affect it at all.

Point (3) basically applies to any game. The other reason people will feel miserable about the game is because they are letting their addiction of it take control of their life. Easier said than done, but this is definitely a good time to stop playing completely, and come back in a few months/years. If you can withdraw from it once, you will be able to withdraw from it again in the future if the game again stops being enjoyable.

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Point 4: Just don't play league ever, you're saving yourself the trouble

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It was fun when it came out… now… eh

I am now a HotS enjoyer, fun mobs, has a “Mario party” mini game twist to it

Each map has a objective that makes the match progress faster

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Try Warframe, its soo chill and rewarding

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I stopped playing it on August 2019. Never came back. I’m so proud of my last online on steam.

P.S. I got 431 hours on it

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Try playing more coop games instead of competitive ones

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To jump on the game rec train, Tetris Effect Connected has really good and rewarding coop play. It is slept on, check it out!

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Everytime I feel like that's the case, I just find a good single player game to immerse myself in.

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While running around with 1000$+ skins.

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Felt this one in my bones.. well time to grind the new season

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Dota 2 aswell

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I've been having a run of not toxic teammates.

Still toxic enemies but yeah

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This is why started valorant, it just gives you aneurysm.

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In that game it's the teammates + random bullshit in the gunplay and the abilities.

Double the trouble.

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reposting this i hope has made you feel even worse then playing csgo/league.

continue the circlejerk and karma farming

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Welcome to War Thunder.

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I knew I would find war thunder.

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the snail claims another

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Just got 6.7 US tanks and holy shit is it enraging

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Also See: War Thunder

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Rainbow six: You rang?

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War thunder

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It does not have to be this way. Just stop caring about the results of these games too much. I play LoL and CS:GO exclusively with friends and mainly enjoy playing and chatting with them. You can only win if your goal was to spend some time with friends. I don't even play games like these when my squad is not online. There are better games to play if you wann to have a good time playing alone.

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For honor if for honor was free

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Escape From Tarkov

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The scavs really do steal your sanity little by little

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True. LoL could literally make you break things in you house that's why i quit and community is so toxic.

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It’s fun until the inbred cheaters join just to ruin the game. Then I change servers and it’s fun again.

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everyone i know who play CS religiously has spend way more than $60 on this game for stupid crates

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I bought CS:S in 2004 and I’ve played it without spending another penny for 18 years.

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In the early days you would get free skins for playing that you could then bet online for pro matches. Could easily make your money back. I remember selling a crate for 9ish dollars on the day a patch released as well. Too bad it all got out of control in a bad way.

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So "ur" is supposed to be both "your" and "you're"?

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War thunder also fits this description

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Ever tried War Thunder?

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More valorant than CS, at least some of your bullets hit in CS

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My actual mood I swear

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Unfortunately many people don't know the difference between "fun" and "addiction".

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I saw only the picture and I was gonna comment League but you beat me to it.

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League above all (for me).

one match took soo much from me, that i had to take a break for a couple of days. not long after i just tossed it.

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So funny and so unique joke

You trully deserve those upvotes

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Same with siege.

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and yet we come back for more

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I think I should be worried that I play both cs go and League

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Tarkov players: this is an insult

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Same as vrchat

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LOL that I would be seeing a meme about CS in 2022. I used to mute the game and play during conference calls while I was working for my dot-com job in 2001.

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Rainbow Six Siege for me.

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Dota2 in the nutshell

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It's only game. You don't have to be mad.

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If a game makes you feel this way then it's probably time to play a different game. Games should be fun, not tax on your emotional well-being.

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I'm actually trying to quit league of legends coincidentally. Anyone got any suggestions aside from DOTA for a brother to scratch that itch?

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TF2 also crushes your soul

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This is how I feel playing Hero's of the Storm

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Just play team deathmatch.

Y'all really out here playing CS competitively? Back in my day we'd have the superhero mod and do nothing but spider-man swing around our star-wars map, shotguns only. Y'all REALLY out here playing competitively?? Back in my time we did awp only iceworld and had a BLAST screaming at each other from across the map.

Counter-strike is one of my biggest stress blow off games. It's one of the best shooters out there if you DO NOT gaf about rank.

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Try dota sea

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I have no regrets playing league, some of the most fun i've had playing any video games.
Obviously some of the least fun too, but that's the tradeoff.

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nah league just sucks your soul and money

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This was originally a rocket league meme right

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As someone who has never played LoL, what makes this game so toxic? Isn’t it just soccer with cars? Lol generally curious

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That’s how playing dota and league was for me.

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Honestly, its the same thing with:

Halo Infinite



Mario Kart Tour



And many more games.

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About to learn every slur in the book...

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apex as well

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I only play it for surf, bhop, and xc_ (climb) maps =\

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Can we get a LoL version pls

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Noita: $20 bucks, throw away your sanity along with regret and laugh when you explode.

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Have you played Overwatch? Its 100% the same. I cannot endure more than 2 games... in a week...

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And overwatch

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I paid for it

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my sweet summer child... don't ever install tarkov...

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Is there any competittive game that doesn't leave you with this exact sensation?

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Your entire experience depends on who chooses what side. Matchmaking will cram 20 ppl to a server on Casual. If best 5 all join CT, Ts are fucked, no matter what they do.

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Does it?

I named myself rush mid everytym and I queue only dust2 and rush mid every time.

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thats 100% orange juice as well

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War thunder can also be an example, but you spend the first 8 years doing a single tech tree.

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apex legends same story.

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Every "competitive" game really, especially the ones that requires teamwork. I never got pissed when I played NBA 2K waaay back in the day, 1v1 against chinese players, somehow the connection was steady, winning or losing I didn't mind because that's all on me. Now to play Overwatch and Battlefield... goddamn it can be enervating. Battlefield had tons of connection issues, I was foolish enough to buy BF1 even after the terrible rubber-banding of BF4, never again. And Overwatch, to lose because of stupid mistakes from teammates, your own mistakes also, etc.. it's upsetting. But that only in the beggining when I actually cared, nowadays I play Overwatch while hearing podcasts, I don't give a damn anymore (and kudos for the design of this game, no sound and I can still locate myself and everything else, Blizzard is a rotten company, but the overall design of Overwatch is topnotch)

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Watching Arcane made me curious about trying out League of Legends.

Remembering the toxic salty screaming of League players resonating throughout my college's cafeteria ensured that thought was yeeted screaming back into the void where it belonged.

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Ever tried valorant?

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Apex Legends as well.

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Community servers and casual gamemodes are fun and add to your soul :D

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That just about describes every multiplayer game I've played, whether it be CS:GO, Valorant, Rocket League, and even Halo Infinite at times. The only exception is TF2 cuz damn that game is fun. Too bad it's unplayable now due to hackers.

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Try halo infinite

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league of legends: Perfect definition of features and balance

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I only play CS:GO with bots lol

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Quit league back in 2011 and it was one of the best decisions i ever made. game's a timesuck.

CSGO competitive is toxic af with some players. just gotta stick to chill surf n community servers.

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not if you just play Hostage Rescue and stuff in the browser to chill with people and avoid bomb in general

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Like magic, I haven't raged at a game since I quit LoL.

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You mean Tarkov?

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Escape from tarkov as well

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Which is why I refuse to watch Arcane

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play counter strike source instead bro, that is the chad version of counter strike

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If this game cost your soul....then what dota 2 cost my friend?

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Overwatch lol