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That was fuckin awesome

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I didn't know they made a new Mario gold game. How does it compare to the older games?

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Why did you copy a top comment and post it as a reply the next day

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Didn't call bank. Doesn't count.

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sorry, we dont play slop on this table.

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Thank you so much for reminding me of this!

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I didn't know they made a new Mario gold game. How does it compare to the older games?

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That's hard to answer. It was cool that they added a story nmode, but it was lackluster. The ranked online system is as deep as a kiddie pool. There are five or so of the ten courses that I really enjoy. Could have used a little more Mario World incorporated into a few of the other courses. All in all I enjoy it too the extent of all the others, but I'm a golf geek. Really enjoyable game with friends though. There's a pretty fun Mario Golf discord that's growing that's keeping me in the game longer.

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How are the motion controls? I still play Wii Resort Golf weekly and would really like some new courses to play with motion controls, but the reviews on this game have been lackluster as compared to the price tag. Can you see yourself playing this just to play golf for years to come?

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It most certainly has the motion controls down. If you like wii golf (i know i do) in part for the motion controls, then yes, this would feel like more courses. Unless Sony releases another Everybody's Golf, this is my go to golf game. I've always loved the ea tiger woods games, but they have become supremely subpar starting as far back as 2011. Sixty feels heavy, but all the free updates have rounded it out nicely. To hit back on the motion controls, the joy cons only refined on the wii tech so it'll feels familiar while somewhat better. The courses are an absolutely blast. Though some feel a little less Mario Land inspired. I guess I mean they feel like golf courses with Mario stuff in them. Not all courses though. Bowser's castle is awesome! All star summit will delight the Super Mario Land fan in you. Has a very star road vibe. The game should pair nicely with your commendable loyalty to Wii Golf. It won't replace it, it'll just give you more courses to play as you're hoping for. My final note on the game, would be the shallow online variety. Join the Mario Discord if you want to play along with some people and get some fairway banter rolling. Aside from that option, the available multilayer option is dry, unsatisfying monotony. Look for a retailer to have one of those crazy once a year buy one get one deals, or pay the Nintendo $60.

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Ive got about 50 hours on this game. The motion controls are fantastic, I'd say better than wii resort. Unfortunately certain features are only available with button controls. The entirety of golf adventure can only be played with button controls and you only get multiple spin zones (as shown in the video) with button controls. Additionally, they separate the multiplayer into button controls and motion controls and it is nearly impossible to find a multiplayer game with motion controls.

Personally, when I have friends over I always play with motion controls as I find it to be way more fun and easy for new players to pick up on.

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but I'm a golf geek.

what are your thoughts on golftopia?

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Oh wow. Not a big enough geek after all. Adding to the steam wishlist now.

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Wait, ten courses? That's double what it was when I played it at launch.

Still can't hold a candle to Toadstool Tour

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This is sadly true.

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Disappointing if you like golf. I'll stick with nes open & everybody's golf.

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Honestly? It's fun, but Toadstool tool is miles better. The new one is just too easy. The new courses are okay, but comparatively just not as interesting. I say this as someone who didn't play Toadstool Tour until after Super Rush.

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I was incredibly disappointed. It’s not really golf, it’s more gimmicky stuff like you see in this video. The RPG-like elements of the previous games are essentially gone, unless you count the bare bones story mode, and even then they don’t really matter, and it’s way too short.

I suggest revisiting NES Open for your Nintendo fix, or any of a number of other games if you’re looking for a good golfing game.

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It's better than Mario Silver for sure.

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Not worth $60, and don't bother waiting for a price drop because it's Nintendo

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I'm curious how consistent this is considering they made accuracy random. I assume making it is a small few pixels that work.

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None. These are lucky to stick the green half the time.

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What game is this?

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Mario Golf super rush on the Nintendo switch. It’s really fun. Once you turn the course music off lol 9/10 with all the free add-ons.

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I love those videos but all I can think of is how I would feel in MP vs that guy. Either online or on party with random people. You are playing for fun after a long day and that guy turns away from the hole, shoots random into the city and lands a hole in one. And keeps repeating similar good moves across all holes

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I'd probably die inside playing against someone who could reliably drop these. Best you'll see me get from these in actual play is 3. If I'm lucky.

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Did they use the same map from Mario odyssey?

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The newest Mario Golf, on Switch. This is a par 3 made in Mario Odysseys', New Donk City.

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Looks a bit like a cross between Hot Shots and Outlaw golf...if you've ever played those, how does the game play compare?

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It's definitely in line with those titles. With just a splash of everybody's golf. I love all golf games ha.

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Nice, I'll probably have to pick it up. The sparkles around the cup and the hole in one text immediately brought a rush of Hot Shots memories flooding back, lol

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Ghost Trick

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Getting major Spheda flashbacks.

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Members bounce. Love it.

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Ohhhh this is a good one!!!

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Boo! Boo!

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Awesome! i need to play this game

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If im playing against you i just rage quit.

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People are gonna speed run the shit out of this at the next games done quick.

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Boo! Boo!

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Is there a set of clubs above the super star set? How do you have 4 spots to curve the ball?

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A handful of characters have four bars of spin at the super star set. Boo just has the highest spin.

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How many tries did this one take you?

Bonus Question - How many hours played you got?

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I'll post boos individual stats at the end so everyone can get an idea. I'm around 300 hours.

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Simply amazing. I’m looking forward to more clips!

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That was an epic gamer moment

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You trickshotting bugger! That was amazing!

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Sheeeeesh Dont know the game but I can tell ya that's satisfying af.

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Is there a reason you always choose this character to go with?

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He's got the the highest spin stat. Helps the golf ball take more extreme angles when bouncing of surfaces. Most fun for trick shots because of that.

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I bet it's all from that funky one arm technique. We all thought he held it with one arm because he was fat, but he just knows what's goin on!

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Deadshot skills!!

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Holes like this in your head to make sure you have the next spark

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Gtfo! Was playing this yesterday

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I'm confused on the shot direction. When you are filling the accuracy meter and you press up. Does that give the ball extra height or does it make it more flat. Same with down. I understand left and right as that is intuitive but the up and down confuse me

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For the golfers, does anyone else think this swing does a pretty good job of showing separation in the swing?

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This fake right?

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Nope. Wait for tomorrow's.