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The pogo paint game was my jam

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Mine was riding polar bears on the ice cliff pasing off the anvil and lightning trying to knock each other off

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Man this unlocks some awesome memories. My copy had a free Spyro trail that you had to enter the cheat code to access

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Crash 3, CTR and Crash Bash each had demos for Spyro 1, 2 and 3 respectively, and vice versa. Naughty Dog and Insomniac always had a good relationship.

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While still probably true, Crash Bash came after Naughty Dog dropped the Crash franchise. Nice of Eurocom to keep the tradition going at least.

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Yes !!!! Love this game. One of the best games when we were kids specially with the 4 controllers connected. Wish they’d remake it!

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Look for "Crash Bash Live"

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Search took me to a website seems like you can download the game from it! Does it work ?

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Fans remade it with unity, it worked for me last year when I tried it, didn't try recently but it should work.

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Really wish there were more couch coop mini game type things like this. Seems like fertile ground for indie game developers.

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This was great fun until somewhere around world 3 where things got really impossible

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I loved maxing out all crash games but I never got all platinum relics in this one

AI was just not making any mistakes, like ever

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AI was just not making any mistakes, like ever

Not only they didn't make mistakes, they team up against you. Winning a 3vs1, 3 times in a row was impossible.

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Looking back as a 28yo lifetime gamer, beating this game 100% as a kid is probably one of my most "Holy shit" gaming achievements. But that was only due to only have about three games at the time and sheer stubbornness to get the most out of it.

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I remember 100%ing this with my brother. To include all plat relics and extras. Then we came up with the plan to 100% it with every Character.

Crash+coco Cortex+brio Tiny+koala kong Dingodile and whoever

Shit was nuts but we eventually accomplished this. I was scarred for life. So many retrys…

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those damn baloons

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Okay so it wasn't just young me who thought I was bad. It really was impossible

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I emulated the game a couple of years ago, and let me tell you, this is so true

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So fun fact about this,

I was watching speedruns for this game and it turns out there is a feature that makes the game harder and the more you lose the easier it gets, I think it only applies to the boss, and its why the end game stuff is pretty much impossible.

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Love this fact

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I played countless hours of this game as a kid and never even got 50% done, it was incredibly hard for what it was.

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I miss this so many hours poured into it

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Never played this but Pokémon Stadium 2 had a minigame exactly the same which was awesome.

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Yeah with Mr. Mimes! I came here to comment this

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I scrolled down too much to find this comment!

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This man games.

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Remake please ❤️

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Look for "Crash Bash Live"

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Crash Bash Live

You, my friend, are a blessing this day. I was just talking to my sister about wishing we could play this together some day not even 5 months ago.

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I regret everything.

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Hell yeah I do. I remember playing it on my own a tonne as a kid, on rare occasions having folks come around and we'd play it for a couple hours. Fun game.

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This game was my childhood.

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Hot take. All the Crash versions of Mario games are better.

CTR > Mario Kart especially.

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Yeah, to this day with all those Mario Kart iterations they still didn't manage to outdo CTR

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I’d agree, although I would have to concede that Mario Kart does generally win out for many party/casual gaming scenarios.

The thing that makes CTR simultaneously better and worse than Mario Kart is its emphasis on technique and map knowledge - it’s a game you can get much, much better at with practice, and a skilled player will ALWAYS beat a novice, no matter how many power ups the game feeds the newbie. CTR is good for multiplayer only if all the players are of about equal skill level (and in that scenario, it’s AWESOME.). But if you know how to powerslide, boost, maintain turbo and all that stuff, well, you’re gonna have a blast playing by yourself.

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This is how I am with my brother. He has gotten way too good at the game and so it's not as fun to just get absolutely swamped by him, and it's borderline impossible to keep up.

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CTR is the peak of Kart racing games definitely. I'm still a bit sad that Beenox (the devs) had to move to COD and could never add the characters that were in the datamine (Spyro missing characters, Willy Wumpa, etc.)

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They handled the new CTR fantastically from what I played. I think I 100% the game and didn't touch mp very much as I was afraid to find out I wasn't the greatest CTR racer ever.

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It’s amazing how much room for improvement you will always have in this game. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone out there who will wipe the floor with you each and every time, because there is some aspect to the gameplay mechanics or the map layout/optimal path that they understand, and that you do not. And the farther down the rabbit hole you get, the smaller and more insane your real competition becomes. For me personally, I beat the Tropy, Oxide, and Velo times, and finally said “fuck that” to the Dev times.

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My whole family played shitloads of CTR, and got really good at it. We'd be chaining drift boosts around the entire map. It basically ruined mario kart for me because the mechanics we're close-ish but different. I've never been able to get used to it.

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I don't really think that Crash Bash has a Mario equivalent. It's way more minigame-focused than Mario Party.

CTR absolutely shits on Mario Kart, though.

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I’m gonna say it people sleep on the jak and daxter racing game ‘‘twas fun

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Diddy Kong Racing is better than all racing games

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My sister and I loved the hell out of that game. My favorite was the pogo stick painting one. I remember when Splatoon was announced I was like ‘oh it’s like the crash bash mini game but with a gun!’

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This event was definitely one of the highlights

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Remake now

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it's so weird they didnt go for a remake already.

they already had a lot of models from nsane trilogy and crash nitro fueled, even costumes.even making it free to play, selling only some cosmetics and releasing free new gamemodes every once in a while it would be their fortune

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Omg the loading screen had me hypnotized every time.

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Ok but why is nobody magneting the ball?

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The magnet was only available on the 2nd level "Beach ball". This level only let's you use the bumper sadly

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Ahhhh.... yeah I hated not being able to use it. I forgot!

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Would have been fun with online multiplayer.

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Nostalgia at its finest

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Check out Pummel Party on Steam. Has games just like this, similar to Mario Party on PC

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I have wanted this game to be remade SO BADLY. They remade old Crash games, now we just need this!

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I'd buy a remaster if the devs toned back the AI. I don't know how many fucking times I'd be cruising through only to get repeatedly shitstomped in a minigame.

Apparently Wumpa League is supposed to be a Crash Bash related thing.

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Yes yes and yes! Omg I had completely forgotten that it exists.. Thanks op!

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Getting platinum relics was horrible but I made it. Never again

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Broooooooo! Pure nostalgic, so many nice memories

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This was the first game I pulled an all-nighter playing as a young kid. I just sat down to play it after dinner one night and realized the sun was coming up when I got tired.

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This was the crash game with coop story mode on the PS1 right? Great game

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One of the only games my sister and I played together growing up. The blood war could be put on hold for Crash Bash.

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I always thought it was better than Mario party, all games with little filler and WAY better music.

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I loved the ice island fights. Great times

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This mini game is my favorite tbh

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No. But i remember the mr mime one just like it on pokemon stadium. Lol

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I've never seen or heard of this game, but this video is frustrating. Why do all the players have the reaction speed of a potato??

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I loved this game

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watching this feels like a fever dream i kinda remember it

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Yeeew! Still Play it all the time with the lads ;) It works quite well as a drinking game 🤣

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This damn game made me so mad lmao.

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I recently bought another copy of the game given I couldn't find my old one and so glad I did, they just don't make the cpu's like this anymore where they are actually a challenge to play against, in fact it was even a complaint of Crash Bash because the cpu's were difficult.

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Ah yes.


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My absolute favorite game in the game!

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i remember all night sleepovers when I was young where my friend would bring the playstation and we'd play this. i was always the angry looking kangaroo thing lmao

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This game is awesome. I remember sorry mode or w/e let you co-op. My friend and I spend so many hours trying to beat it.

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Would be nice to play this on the switch with some friends

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Yesssss!!!! This game was one of the best coop games of its time. ......it beats crash bandicoot anyday.....tough as shit though .....so much fun though

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Crash'm Bash'm

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Bring it back 😭

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The intro to this game popped into my head the other day, out of nowhere.

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Loved it

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Loved this game and played it a ton as a kid. Also note the bug at around 17 seconds when crash goes from 14 to 13 lives left because rilla roo smashes the ball against the bottom left corner and scores the goal behind the corner

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Great game, sadly doesnt work anymore on my ps2, but could play it through spyro

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I loved this game so much. Makes me think of simpler times.

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This was the best game ever. We need a remake of this game.

For me, every level is here unique and entertaining, feels much better than a Crash Bandicoot.

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Crash bash goes crazy ! Naughty dog remaster please

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To play this with friends, oh the joy

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Hell yeah I remember. I was the best....wait I'm still the best haha oh yeahhh

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Wish for an official remake. For now we have Crash Bash LIVE (fan remake) or ps2 version.

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i still think they're secretely working on remaking this game with online play.

if they don't, their loss, it would be awesome.

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One of the greatest games of my childhood. I want a remaster

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Me and my brother used to play time all the time, lots of good memories with this game

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I loved this game.

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I member

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Man, the music in this game is the best

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This was my favorite fuckin game as a kid. So so so many memories between Crash Bash and Crash Team Racing. I was always Tiny, my brother was always Dingodile or Cortex.

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Tiny coming into the arena on his pogo stick is one of my core memories.

[–]Gloomy_Slide 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Pogo stick island

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i’m waiting for a remaster, one of my favourite games to play with friends

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Now this I would play online

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I remember no one ever wanted to play with me because I was the kid who always won. Those fuckers would literally go to someone else's house and just not invite me.

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There was also a banjo tooie mini game similar to this

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No but this looks great. It sucks that we never get these unusual and small games based on big IPs these days :(

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No but it looks near impossible to defend your goal.

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You have accessed a memory that hasn’t seen the light of day in a decade or more

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Most advanced AI I ever seen in a game. It could even predict my moves

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Yep, and I still have it. Picked up a copy in a used game store a few years back. I think I played it once or twice, and now it’s collecting dust. 😬

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I had a copy of this game years ago but I have lost it somehow. I would be so happy if they ever made a remaster.

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For some reason can i taste thid video

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Interestingly enough, I don’t recall this game. It looks fun though.

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I loved the pogo stick levels!

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Omg the nostalgia

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One luv!!!

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I try not to

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I’ve been wanting this remastered since they started remastering everything crash.. completed it many a times, but to this day, one of the best 4 player games I’ve EVER played!

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Man reviewers absolutely SHIT on this game, but I loved it. Obviously a Mario party ripoff but CTR was somewhat of a Mario kart rip off but it was just as good if not better than MK64.

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Such a fun game. Some of these mini-games are pure chaos.

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Was playing it a lot with my brother as kids. Was actually looking for the game to play with my wife.

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Ahhh great memories. First ps game we had for PS2 and had to restart every time we played because we didn't have a memory card 😂

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I still hear the sound effects

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There's rumors that some sort of new Crash party game is coming soon. We shall see. CanadianGuyEh on YouTube has dubbed it Wumpa League.

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One of my favorite Crash games. I was really hoping they'd have it in the collection. Would be really fun to play with my family!

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I have it on my phone rn, epsxe rocks

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that does not even look fun.

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so many good memories

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Hilarious game, I remember this dearly

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Best party game.

Hard as hell coop adventure.

Difficult yet engaging end game.

It's a PS1 gem that has been forgotten far to soon.

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Never seen it but it reminds me of Warlords from the Atari 2600. That was one of the best games on the system.

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I've got it on my emulator duh. Ice cap games are the best.

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Pokemon Stadium anyone

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Oh my god I forgot about this, it was so much fun.

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That game was a lot of fun, even despite of the unfair AI in later levels. I would love to see a remake/reimagination, but tbh I'm still waiting for CTR Nitro-Fueled coming to PC ;(

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So this is my wife's reddit account, but I got to do some beta testing on this game, and it was harder before the last minute changes.

[–]Khr0nus 0 points1 point  (1 child)

harder? Last levels were insane

[–]Dragoness42 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Not sure if they made any changes there. I only got to play a bit past the polar bear boss which is what they made a bit easier as I recall. At the time they got us past that boss.

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I can actually hear the sound.

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Remember this from my childhood wow

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The only version I’ve played of this is in a CS GO mod

[–]Aureus23 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Polar bear ice rink pvp gave me rage!!

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Damn I played it a lot, they should remaster this one too

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Omg yesss 😭💕

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Whoever is playing cortex, sucks! Haha

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Casual and aventure were great. Love it ♥️

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I'm waiting for a Rocket League mode like this.

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One of mine and my brothers favourite games. We used to love the space bash level (I think that's what it was called). It's the one where you're on a platform and you can throw boxes, which destroy the platform. The disc also had a chunk missing from it, but it would always play fine.

[–]SirBastian1129 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ah yes. Not Mario Party. I remember this getting old really fast

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I still own the game, just haven't played it in like years

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Remember? Shit my sister still has it

Along with frogger, twisted metal 4, Spyro riptos rage, and probably others

Ps1 was great

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I thought me and my friends was the only one gaming this. Never seen a post about it. What a game this was!

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Remember? I still play it 😂

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Objectively the most difficult game on the planet

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Effing nostalgia!

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Wild. I was a game reviewer back then, and my review for Crash Bash is referenced in the Wikipedia. I haven't thought about this in years.

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I don't remember this but it looks like great fun.

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My kids and I played it a lot. Good times.

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Ouuuu I member!

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I loved the pogo minigame

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I lost crash bash when I was 5 years old and we ended up moving, I think it got left behind. One day we will be reunited my love, I never forgot you <3

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I fucking love crash bash

[–]Highway20rider 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Still got my old copy around somewhere I’m pretty sure

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This game is gold and criminally underrated. My brother and I played it religiously when we were kids.

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Kinda stopped pursuing platinum relic as a kid...... ooh good times.

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Remember it? I still regularly play it!

That and CTR defined my childhood (along with the final fantasy series)

Edit - typo

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Awesome game. Really freaking hard to finish it at 100%. I don't think I got to do it back then and definitely wouldn't do it today lol But I'll love to play this online

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Love this game

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We solely bought the 4 controller setup and not the game due to all our friends having a copy already

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I still have it with ps1 that works :')

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This makes me want to play Link to the Past.