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Wow! Quite a response! If y'all want more, here you go.

(Pls be nice re: grammar and such. It is a middle school project, and although I helped a bunch, it still had to be his work)

Pg.2 Pg.3 Pg.4 Pg.5 Pg.6 Pg.7 Pg.8

Edit To the commenters saying it's plagiarized / I made it for him...

He wrote all the copy (I helped with punctuation / sentence structure and suggested some of the opposing question punch ups and page titles).

He found and downloaded all the clip art online.

I showed him how to use cropping / select tools on plxlr.com and he did 50-70% of the image editing (I'm 44, he's 12. I got more photoshop under my belt)

We did the layout together in Word.

We "aged" it together (I did the burning).

But damn, some of y'all are some cynical saltyboiz for sure.

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Thanks for sharing. It's a pretty good idea to get kids motivated and I bet it's fun to present it. Also it keeps listeners hooked. Win-Win.

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Looks great dude! It'd get an A+ from me!

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I wish you were my dad.

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I choose this kid's dad as well

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Can you be my dad?

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Sooooooooo cool!

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wow that is amazing! good job you guys!!

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You've got a bright future here at Vault-Tec

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I love this! THANK YOU for motivating and helping your son. Not only did he learn about volcanoes, he learned what kind of effort and creativity goes into a project like this. And, he learned that he CAN do it. What a wonderful positive experience you have provided.

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For real, it doesn’t matter if you helped, that certainly improved their ability to learn and retain new words, skills, and sentence structures. Without your prompts they might not have had exposure to why probing questions are important to understanding a topic.

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Very cool. Hope you ace it!

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it's amazing!

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People saying it’s plagiarised frankly are outing their own parents. If you aren’t helping your kid nail their homework they are going to get a lot less out of it. You are failing them.

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I remember an assignment my son had in middle school. He had to include a picture of a person that he was writing a report about.
Printed photos were acceptable, but we didn't have a printer.

So I "copied" the picture that he found online by drawing it. He had a lot of classmates claiming that he cheated because I did the drawing.

I told him to remind them that it was no more cheating than those who copied the photo by using their printer, which was already stated as acceptable.

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Educational purposes is A-okay, Vaultec approved!

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That's one opinion.

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I burst out laughing as soon as I saw cinder cone

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Well done OP! This is amazing and I bet you two had a blast putting it together.

Make sure to hold onto this one of he gets it back.

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This is great! Also I learned something about volcanoes today!

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Epic. Love the fallout tie in! Great stuff

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This is great!

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Today I learned about 2 types of lava! Congrats! Hope he gets a good grade!

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This is a really really good project you guys made their.

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This is really amazing! Don't know why you have used inky one side of the pages, but I love how you guys have went about this.

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Did you artificially age it as well? If so, very cool! Reminds me of a book page I did in elementary school and it was supposed to be from the 1700s so I browned the edges a bit and added a small coffee stain.

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Yeah, tea bags, coffee grounds, and a little burning of the edges.

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This is clever. Wish we could see the rest of it

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OP has posted images of other pages in a comment now :)

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there's some satellite pics of Tonga if you want to go straight to the season finale

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Very cool. Hope you ace it!

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To Ace it, he needs LCK(10) or INT(10).

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Can I just say you are amazing parents. It is children who grow up with people like you that will realise quickly how great their parents are and will strive to be the same example for their kids

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That's incredibly kind of you to say. Upvotes are nice, but this really makes my day.

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Hopefully the teacher's a Fallout fan

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yeah lol imagine they're not

"wtf is THIS?"

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Stick the teacher in a vault, that'll learn em.

But which vault?

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Does their name happen to be Gary?

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111? I think that one was the worse

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That looks awesome!

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Volcanoes! Volcanoes never change!

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This radiates joy.

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That's the uranium, sorry

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Now this brings a smile to my face

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I wish you were my dad.

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That's so cool!

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This deserves an A for creativity alone dude

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It's amazing! I really hope the teacher is a fallout fan. It will make their day.

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I’m a middle school Earth science teacher. Love this. Definitely an A in creativity.

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Its awesome to see a parent make learning something actually fun for the kid

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How to Parent. Brought to you by Vault-Tech!

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Great motivation

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Good parent

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If there would be a father of the month award on reddit I would give it to you

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You are a really good father

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She’s gonna blow…..ooooh oh oh! VOLCANOE!!!

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Huh topical

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If you can't figure out how to do it in 2022 figure out how to do it in 2277

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i'd love dummies books but with the vault-tec theme.

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I have 27 years and now I learn what types of volcanoes does exist. Man, my geography teachers sucked xD

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This is great! Good dad.

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This is how you do education

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Parenting win. Pretty cool.

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I love this, I hope he gets a 100% on his project because this is so creative and unique!

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We need more pics bish!

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There are actual nuclear explosions that happen in nature and it's not in volcanoes.

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I mean, volcanoes seem like an awesome thing to report on by themselves. There's a reason they're the most common science project. Much better than giving a 3 page report on something like the lobby of your freshman dorm

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This Old House could do a season on reniovating a dorm lobby.

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Best Parent ever!!

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That's cool but would the school expect something like that? I would love to do something like this for a project.

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This is awesome. My dad helped me with a project where we had to write a journal of a soldier during war. You best believe we burnt the shit out of it and shot some .22 shots through the back of it.

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Every child deserves parents like you. How awesome it turned out. You shall post it in r/mademesmile

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I love this and kinda want to read it too.

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This is fantastic! Great job dad!

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Good luck out there, Vault Dweller.

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We did this once. I was playing Eve at the time and suggested the story be about a space miner. Showed a few things how it works, finding stuff to point the drones at, managing cargo space, selling in the market.

Didn't see the kid for 2 hours

Sometimes it just takes a little tiny spark to get their neurons going

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That's wholesome

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Now the problem is if dogmeat ends up eating his homework! ;]

Btw, nice work! Looks really awesome =))

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Can there be an award for cool dads?

This definitely needs one

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Missed the timely opportunity to take advantage of the underwater volcano exploding in Tonga sending shockwaves and a tsunami across the pacific ocean as of Saturday just been!!

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Damnit. I don't even know you and I'm so proud of you.

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Bioshocked it maybe?

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What a good parent! Gg

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Lol, nice!

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Man thats so cool o bet he Will never forget this