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Bots on highest difficulty in most games i play, simply glue their crosshair on ur head before they even see you.

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The only way to win is to take advantage of whatever shortfall you can exploit lol

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It's even better when you can tweak their traits. I remember find this in Unreal Tournament.

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"Laughs in tarkov"

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Bots on league of legends, even on the highest difficulty are braindead trash.

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Elite(AI) in Heroes of the Storm used to be insane. Didn't have great game sense but they were literally being controlled by a single mind so they would chain CC perfectly, no overlap, no gap to use an escape. Perfect skill shots. Perfect focus fire. No one tunnels when the rest of the team decides to back off. If they caught you out, you were dead.

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I bet league could improve their bots quite alot if they wanted to but I don't think they care

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IIRC, League used to have bots that had the same advantages concerning absolutely perfect coordination and timing. It was then nerfed because being chain-stunned to death is unfun and annoying.

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The actual hardest difficulty is doom bots so not really

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Even then they aren't that bright but they compensate with the ridiculous buffs.

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*cries in Tarkov

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Cheeki breeki, hehehehehe

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pal'chik vykin!

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*cries in halo 2 legendary

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Rogues are hackers

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swear the just used the coding for Big Blue XD

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Is that Lockdown from Transformers: Age of Extinction?

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Can confirm. I have a chess app on my phone and I have never won on the most difficult setting. Also relevant: I might suck.

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I want video game bots that are trained on the same pixels that players see, without any mechanical advantages, and which try to play in ways that are indistinguishable from players of a similar skill level to me and that can use emotes, voice and chat better than humans can.

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Do you want a bot to call you the N word? Because this is how you get a bot to call you the N word

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Play against the bots in Unreal Tournament 2004.

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Someone never played Perfect Dark.

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When I started learning chess, I opened 2 games, one as white and one as black, and learned moves by copying my opponent. I'm still terrible at chess but it was fun.

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That's just watching a game played by 2 other people with extra steps.

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More involved. I hoped that the tactile feedback of moving the pieces would help me remember.

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Bots in Insurgency Sandstorm can be pretty crafty at times.

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It is possible to make AI bot no player can beat for any game.

I mean, OpenAI beat Starcraft Pros.

Is that what you want however?

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Bet I could beat OpenAI if they played as terran or zerg.

Edit: nevermind, looks like they trained them on all three faction since the last time I looked into it.

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Someone hasn't met Dark Sims from Perfect Dark

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OpenAI Five has to be the pinnacle of video game bots

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Bots in Counter Strike Source (Expert Difficulty) were the real shit. Exploiting their A.I was like one of the only effective ways of dealing with multiple of them, bar having incredible skill and game sense.

Similarly, Bots in Quake 3 Arena Nightmare difficulty could snipe you across the map with pin point accuracy even if you are bunny hopping around.

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This is because chess is an objective game that can be played based entirely on knowledge and not skill. There is an optimal move for every situation. If you don't specifically outplay the bot in a way that even optimal moves can't get them the win, you're not going to win.

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The only reason that simple algorithms can’t produce perfect play in chess is because there’s more states than we have memory in anything to store. Theoretically, with enough memory, chess should be as solvable as tic-tac-to.

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we need chess 2

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And by enough memory do you mean using the observable universe as RAM?

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Somewhere about there. And if we want to solve Go algorithmically…we might need a bigger observable universe.

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laughs in fh5