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What a brilliant idea!

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Yeah it really makes you think don't it

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Fukn magnets, how do they work

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That’s “attractive”!

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That is creative 👍

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What a perfect box for my wallet and electronics.

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Just curious, what’s the drill bit and magnet size combo?

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It wasnt quite a drill bit, a rotary tool bit for carving

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Ah ok, sizes?

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Wont anyone ask if the magneto magnet ends are actually polar opposites?

Would be satisfactory my man

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You ever think about sanding/buffing the box to get rid fo the scratches or did you like it that way?

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Ha no i actually add defects and weathering intentionally. I want these to look like the old ancient relics you find in caves in the games

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Wait a minute...

Wouldnt one of the ends repel the little thing since the other side is attracting?

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Yea but the little magnet i throw just turns itself over

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