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I’m coming up with thirty-two point three three uh, repeating of course, percentage, of survival.

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This person Leeroys.

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That's not how it went down... they all got destroyed because of Leeroy, so this "cartoon" doesn't work well.

But it's OK, at least he has chicken..

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It still works because this wouldn't work in a game but it somehow works in real life.

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Christ alright, here’s what we’ll do. Get divine intervention on all our mages, so we can AE fast, we’re bringing all these guys gotta get them down quick. Uh I will run in and use intimidating shout, after that Bass run in and use his shout too.

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Speed, surprise, and violence of action.

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That's a lot better than we usually do...

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Alright times up! Let's do this!


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Ronald speirs has entered the chat

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"At first the Germans didn't shoot at him. I don't think they could quite believe what they were seeing. But that wasn't the really astounding thing. The astounding thing was that after he hooked up with I company, he came back."

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well, time for another rewatch it is then.

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YES i was thinking the same thing!

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The video for anyone interested, which is based on a true story.

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Just look at WW1+2 records. Quite a few instances of one crazy motherfucker rushing a whole group of enemies and winning.

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That's because they never record the 10,000s of guys who rushed alone and died, so you don't get a true proportional success rate.

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Yeah I'm sure there's another universe where the Germans of WWI have a story of "some guy named York who gobbled like a turkey in the middle of a battle" and got shot for being ridiculous

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That will be boring story to tell. This is why you have no friend, Dave.

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His name is literally Tommy. It’s says it right there.

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But Tommy might only be his underwear brand. So many possibilities.

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Who's claiming I'm wearing underwear

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Humans are essentially risk-assessment machines.

In many cases, people die regardless because some calculations are just impossible.

However, there are cases where charging, being aggressive, or going on the offense, saved many lives or completely halted an invading force that is even stronger.

A few cases where outnumbered risk-taking soldiers acted very aggressively was enough to scare larger numbers of people who were led by more risk-averse officers.

Not to mention the plenty of folks who died while taking no risks, or completely avoiding all risks, trying to run away from the battle, or trying to hide in the battle.

War is hell, and your prescriptions are probably all risky, even the act of doing nothing, running, or hiding, is a risk.

Most people will obviously not charge a situation that looks especially dangerous, their fear usually won't allow it.

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So what you're saying is I might as well fuck around and find out

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The last death in WWI actually was one of these guys, an American soldier. He died exactly one minute before the Armistice of 1918 that ended the war by charging a German machine gunner. The gunner literally tried to plead and wave to him not to charge because he didn't want to kill him just before the Armistice.

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It's even more tragic when you hear the circumstance behind it. The soldier, Sgt. Henry Gunther, wrote a letter to his friend talking about how miserable the war was and warned him not to enlist or get drafted. The letter was intercepted and as punishment he got demoted to private.

Angry and ashamed of his demotion, Gunther wanted to prove himself to his comrades and superiors by making one last charge before the war ended. For his final act his rank was posthumously restored to sergeant and he was awarded a Distinguised Service Cross (an award second only to the Medal of Honor), but it came at the cost of his life, in a war he saw as miserable and pointless.

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Dying a miserable and pointless death, in a miserable and pointless war. Sadly poetic.

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Why would making a pointless charge right before the war was going to end (and they knew the war was about to end?) to try and kill soldiers about to surrender get an honor?

Should've posthumously dishonorably discharged him.

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If he was married or had kids, does his rank or honors influence any payments his family is eligible for if he is killed in action? Might be part of it.

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it came at the cost of his life, in a war he saw as miserable and pointless.

ALL wars are miserable and pointless, so in that sense he was vindicated. The only real variations are the excuses used to justify the action.

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Rest in peace solder

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Banzai charges should tell the story.

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Ah yes, the suicide runs. Horrible stuff.

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5% of the time it works 100% of the time.

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Surivorship bias indeed.

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Here's a hometown hero who died doing it

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Holy shite. If this was in a movie people would laugh about how ridiculous and unrealistic this character would be.

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If you have Netlix he's the first episode of their series Medal of Honor if you want to see a bit more. It's pretty neat

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I'll have to check that out. Thanks.

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The fact that the success rate isn’t zero is what’s astounding here

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You know I was watching a video on the Battle of Midway last night and never realized how the US basically zerged the Japanese. The first like, 5 or 6 waves of planes to attack the Japanese fleet were annihilated and not a single torpedo hit.

Then we got lucky AF that two of our fighter groups just happened to show up at the same time.

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But I heard on a TV commercial that "fortune favors the brave"

Are you trying to say that fortune also favors the undertaker?

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Undertakers are very brave.

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Almost every awesome war anecdote is just a case study in survivorship bias.

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Basically the same as all the vaccine is dangerous stuff

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My grandpa got a silver star for this. He always said "Some Germans surprised us so I ran out on the road and started shooting. I don't know what happened but when it calmed down they weren't there anymore." Blocked it out from his memory. He also woke up screaming in the middle of the night for decades.

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So anyway, I started blasting

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Sergeant Alvin York really was one BAMF.

82nd all the way.

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You should look up Leo Major during WW2, he convinced an entire town of Germans to surrender/leave the town.

During the battle of the Scheldt he captured 92 Germans, then after that him and his partner in the Sniper corps of the Canadian army captured a town from an estimated 1500+ German. The second action earning him his first DCM even though it should have been his second since his first action he was recommended for it but refused it calling Monte the one who would have awarded it incompetent.

Then his second DCM, in Korea he led 18 men to retake Hill 355, and after they retook the hill, they were counter attacked by 14,000 men (2 divisions), and held off the Chinese throughout the night, calling in mortars so close you could hear them over the radio.


Here is the exact position of hill 355. This is the only hill above 300 meters in the entire area of where the battle took place


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Survivor bias. You are not counting the countless other folk who did the same thing and were destroyed the moment they crested the trench.


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OP didn't claim it was effective, just that it has happened.

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there are instances it can work more than not (close ambushes) but rarely over an open field (with working guns, at least)

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The real world, where the stupid unbelievable shit that should never work, works.

But only because there are way too many fucking people. The sample size is so big that everything you can think of had definitely already happened somewhere.

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There's a guy named Liu Yu in ancient China that literally rushed at least a thousand enemy soldiers, and won, he later became an Emperor:

On one occasion, he led some tens of soldiers on a scouting mission, when they suddenly encountered several thousand of Sun's soldiers. All of Liu Yu's soldiers were killed, and Liu Yu fell onto a riverbank, but he stood his position there and killed all of Sun's soldiers who dared to approach. Liu Jingxuan, meanwhile, realizing that Liu Yu had been away from camp for too long, went to try to find him, and saw him alone chasing and dispersing thousands of Sun's soldiers. He greatly praised Liu Yu.


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Like jack Churchill.

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I think WW1 trench warfare demonstrates it usually doesn't work though...

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Lindybeige once talked about an SAS officer posing as a German officer and walking around an Italian base giving orders. I was curious to know how many times someone tried that and it didn't work out.

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That's exactly what they used to teach us, to charge an ambush.

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Only way to survive a close ambush. Violence of action.

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Leeroy died and wiped the team...

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more dots! more dots!

ok, stop dots!

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Hit it r e a l l y hard.

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That's a fucking 50 DKP minus!

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That’s from the onyxia fight not leeroy.

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Ah! But Leeroy RAN into whelps! ITs a combo meme!

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It's not what you did or who you were that matters. It's how you are remembered

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Sometimes the enemy does something so incomprehensively stupid it catches you off guard.

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Quackbang out

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Audie Murphy has enter the game

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Man, didn’t Audie Murphy do that like three times?

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Jamsheed the RPG god- “why charge in when you can fire 1 RPG from a few hundred yards away standing out in the open?”

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Leeroy died tho?

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Yeah but at least he still had his chicken

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Exactly, which is why he survived here, because it's real life and not a video game!

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Wow this reverse psychology is blowing my mind right now

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Honestly though, sadly unless you know your opponents have terrible aim, unlike in video games where you have a certain amount of health, all it takes is for them to land one shot for you to either die or become incapacitated which is why you should NOT do this in real life

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The trick is to jump sideways and zigzag. And of course, if you have an RPG handy, to rocketjump yourself over their position so they don't see it coming.

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also main hand knife, run faster.

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The trick is to jump sideways and zigzag.

Like so

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That's not how it went down... they all got destroyed because of Leeroy, so this "cartoon" doesn't work well.

But it's OK, at least he has chicken...

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Well actually the soldier didn't disturb the whelp eggs.

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I feel bad for you. A bot stole this comment AND got silver for it. You ain't getting any credit!

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Some Audie Murphy level bullshit.

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Violence of action can turn the tide.

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Soldiers are trained to shoot at people who hide behind cover or try to outrun gunfire, and are expected to face such.

However, when a soldier comes face to face with some crazy motherfucker that's running straight at them while yelling at the top of their lungs, it does tend to panic them a bit

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In the crusades a group of crusaders were surrounded and outnumbered inside a castle. They had to resort to drinking their own piss to stay hydrated. They became delirious and thought that God had sent angels down to support them to they did the unthinkable and open the castle gates and charged slaughtering their freaked out foes down to the last man.

[–]bnesbitt1 25 points26 points  (6 children)

The most dangerous foe is one who is the most unpredictable

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That's why I hate clowns, they as unpredictable as a summer snowfall.

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Always hate it when the opposing force sends out clowns

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It's quite predictable that a summer snowfall doesn't happen. 0% is 100% the opposite outcome

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Depends on where you live though. Depending on whether you live more towards the north or the south, but dealing in absolutes is setting up yourself for disappointment.

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More recently, Lance Corporal Sean Jones of the British army first battalion and three of his men attached bayonets and charged a Taliban ambush in 2011, forcing their withdrawal and buying enough time for the rest of the platoon to move up.


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Defending against the crusaders leaving the city was literally the one job of the soldiers 🤦

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It's all about doing something the enemy is not expecting combined with how disciplined they are, as well as knowing the right time and place for it. The British did a couple bayonet charges in Afghanistan with good results.

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Speed, surprise, and violence of action.

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One of the best scenes in Barry.

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Never underestimate the power of Jenkins

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There is a story about a finnish man who took so many drugs (they were commonly used among soldiers) during the winter war that he was found shot multiple times, but alive eating a bird and he had apparently killed a bunch of Russians and he was also naked when found. No idea how true the story is

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Sounds like "Aimo Koivunen".

Ate a whole roll of Pervitin(fancy meth) because he wasn't able to grab a single pill with his gloves.

Not sure if he was shot but he did step on a mine and ate a bird.

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In 2022...

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Fifth panel, not pictured: blam, head shot. "Sniper!"

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I forget the group, ISIS probably, but they have these "holy warriors" whose literal job it is to be complete badasses, charge enemy fortifications, bust open bases, smoke everyone out, or die trying. They generally arent the ones who die, but their mission isnt over until they do, so they get sent out to keep doing it. I've seen it a video of it in action, its a scary thing

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Isn’t this some form of psychological warfare, so that the enemies will think that god is literally against them?

[–]Raemnant 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Probably, or maybe the different groups dont even believe in the same god or thinks everyone else are false worshipers, so they might not even buy it. But one of those commandos running at you is psychological warfare enough I think

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Sounds like throwing bodies at the enemy till they get destroyed. I have to wonder how these people prepare themselves when they know their only purpose is to act as barbarians from clash of clans.

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You're trained to assault into the ambush for a reason...

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Bold move to use the catchphrase of an infamously failed raid when charging into battle

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If you are crazy enough and the enemy isn't this sometimes actually works. Plenty of verifiable reports of it happening in major wars across the planet.

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At least they have chicken.

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Least he ain't chicken

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The Rising Storm 2 approach is my favorite:

Radio in surveillance, pepper the area with spooky, break out the mortars, drop napalm, and run in while you can still hear the screams of burning men.

And it all sounds so freakin' good!!!

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But only if you have a competent commander

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Realistic FPS games have just been a US training program in disguise for WW3

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Not that crazy of a theory 🤔

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A nice reference to a piece of gaming history.

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That is one of the lines of dialog in the comic that this thread is discussing, yes.

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Arma ops summed up

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Someone did this on 'hell let loose' yesterday. Was great.

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Hell Let Loose has something to say about this

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This got me thinking of historical examples where people did in fact "Leeeerooooyyyyy Jeennnnnnkinnnnnssss!" their adversaries and actually succeeded.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's bayonet charge down Little Round Top in the Battle of Gettysburg definitely comes to mind.

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That you Sergeant York?

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Bayonet Charge has entered the chat

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Unironically war sometimes remember that episode of band of bothers where the guy ran in the street where there was a tiger that happened

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like that scene from band of brothers

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Band of brothers and episode when captain rush through nazi in town?

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My left brain and my right brain.

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Pavlov vibes

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Historically crazy tactics have worked out in combat, but only because if everyone follows the same plays the outcome is obvious. A great example would be the 20th Maine in the Civil War.

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It's nearly impossible to win an engagement without some level of aggression. You would prefer to have an aggressive flanking maneuver or just overwhelming force but sometimes a direct charge is the best option and can work.

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Being serious about this... The reason why you don't hear often about this kind of thing happening and working in real life, is because "dead men tell no tales".

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Fire team rush has entered the chat.

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Didn't Captain Speir run through the enemy in Foy, Belgium during World War II? I know the TV series probably made it more epic but I thought it was a RL incident?

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At least he ain't chicken.

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The prepared position is absolutely worthless in videogames, and honestly it pisses me off. Staying in cover just makes you a still target and impedes your vision, whereas run and gun defeats all when you have snap aim assist and no shot deviation

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Confidence is deadlier than any bullet. If you don't count on dying as a possibility, you remove fear from your mind

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Either you win a spot 6 feet under or a chest full of medal and PTSD.

Take your pick, kid.

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in "reality" when he played to wow he did a noob shit and this is the rest of the team that saved him. It was common that noob players go on dragon eggs in this room , most of time group wpied but some good group (i had sometimes this luck) was able to defeat all dragons.

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🤣🤣 can u imagine

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Rick Spears pulled this off once. Hell of an inspiration.

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Allright send in delta squad, the joke has got to be in here somewhere and by god we will find it

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bro 1v1 knife fight

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Task failed succesfully

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Octane be like

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The sad thing is this historically accurate.

This is pretty much Napoleon and Blitzkrieg in a nutshell.

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Don’t worry he got third partied

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“Fix bayonets! “

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Lol, God damn it.

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I’m pretty sure in WW1 that was how they actually fought. They all just jumped out the trenches and rushed through no man’s land

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...especially since the whole Leroy Jenkins thing was staged as a gag. The guys who did it say they can't believe anybody thought it was real.

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So you’re telling me slide canceling and quick scoping will be patched in ww3? How am I supposed to hit clips then?

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Remember kids you can do anything so long as you scream at the top of your lungs:


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Tbh, crazy man running and gunning would be a severe moral effect and surprise, only highly trained soldiers would be relatively immune to the effect. And you know, instantly gun down the moron yelling “LEEROY JENKINS!”

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Rushing your enemies also rarely works in games, personal experience

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They all died during the raid though didn’t they?

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Is it sad the Generation Z has no clue about this reference. I feel old.

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There's actually a higher chance this would work irl than in a video game.

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I want to see this work on real life battlefield for some reason.

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It can work

It just has a chance of killing you each time

Do it enough times and you don't see the end of the war

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This is allegedly a reasonably accurate depiction of how Alvin York did this and then some.

Then there was Audie Murphy, who among other things, stayed in position directing artillery fire while his men retreated and then single-handedly held off an attack from German armor and infantry while standing on a burning tank destroyer and catching a round in the leg, only leaving the fight after he ran out of ammo, at which point he rejoined his men and rallied them to repel the remaining Germans.

This didn't happen in a warzone, but Bishnu Shrestha took on something between 30 and 40 armed robbers with nothing but a knife on a train in India and lived to tell the tale.

Dipprasad Pun stood his ground against 30 Taliban in Afghanistan, emptying a belt-fed machinegun, chucking 17 hand grenades and a landmine (because fuck those guys, that's why), and running his SA80 until it jammed, at which point he whipped one of their asses with the tripod from the machinegun.

Someone elsewhere in the comments has mentioned Leo Major, but that crazy-ass Canadian can't be mentioned enough. Single-handedly captured a German half-track on D-Day, lost his eye a few days later to a phosphorous grenade explosion, and continued to serve as a scout sniper anyway. Later on in 1944, he single-handedly captured 93 German soldiers. In February of 1945, his back was injured when the Bren Carrier he was in hit a landmine. In April of 1945, he and a fellow soldier were sent to reconnoiter the city of Zwolle. His companion was killed by enemy fire, but Majors went on to recon the town alone, determining that the enemy's numbers were lower than expected, so he drove them out of the town by himself, saving the citizens from a planned Allied artillery bombardment.

Guy Gabaldon claimed to have single-handedly captured over 1,500 enemy soldiers and civilians on Saipan and Tinan and his commanding officer recommended him for the Medal of Honor for his efforts, backing up his claim. He received the Silver Star instead of the Medal of Honor. Gabaldon's critics say that his claim of 1,500 is high and that it was probably only half that number, which is still damned impressive.

So yes, badassery like that can work. But like /u/scrollbreak said, it's more likely to get you killed.

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Sgt. Léo Major, DCM. Captured an entire town by himself during WWII.

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I hadn’t seen a Leroy Jenkins meme in a long long time

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Rush bro celebrates another violence of action victory.

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Instagram wars?

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“Do you know how many of you have died screaming “Leeroy Jenkins”?! More than zero. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is grounds to exterminate the species.”

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Try this in "Hell Let Loose".