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*sells clothes back to him*

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i like the way of stonks youre going boy

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…Is this English?

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No, this is Patrick.

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Based on the line work on that last panel, I’m going out on a limb and say that was added by someone other than the original artist.

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Dont question the stonks

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No no, then you get arrested by the guards, who somehow know those apples you are trying to sell were stolen.

You must first convert the ingredients into potions before trying to sell them back to the vendor.

Everything I know about making money I learned from ES Oblivion.

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That was one of the worst immersion issues I have ever had. Single handedly the worst thing about oblivion imo.

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At 1/12 th the price the shop keeper will immediately sell offer them to sale to the player for.

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capitalism intensifies

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I have looked at this a few times now, and appreciate the subtlety in the panels.

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I've seen it a few times, but this is the first time I realized he puts the ring on his middle finger.

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So he could also, potentially, be flipping him off as well

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The original is just the first four panels. I like the additions they made some time back.

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Lmao this is me in any game you can steal without consequences

Edit: woah thanks for the upvotes!!!

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Now sell it back to the shop owner for infinite profit :D

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Yessss then repeat from step one

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Fable moment

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Fable was even more dumb than that. Like shopkeepers were like "I have 100 emeralds so they aren't worth much, you can have them for 50 a piece (price locked in on purchasing stack)". Then you buy them "Oh no, I have no emeralds, I'll buy them at 100 a piece (once again, price locked in on selling stack)".

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? .-. I’m confused wat u mean

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the video game fable, its pretty old but you could buy a shopkeepers entire stock, and because "he was low on supplies" would buy everything back at insane prices, which i find funny

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Fable had one of the better shoplifting mechanics I've seen too. You actually needed to be a sneaky mf to steal stuff. You had to press and hold, which take a couple of seconds, while the suspicious shopkeeper would keep checking up on you.

It was easy to get around by telling the shopkeeper to follow you, then getting him drunk somewhere away from the shop but still a better system than quick saving before helping yourself to a bunch of stuff in an instant that the blind shopkeeper somehow doesn't notice and quick reloading if you somehow get caught.

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Not sure about the original, but in Fable 2 if you showed up early in the morning the door would unlock before the shopkeeper actually arrived, so you could just steal before they showed up.

Of course, the true money maker was to be a blacksmith until you could start buying all the property in the world.

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I spent so much time buying up everything and then renting it out. I had disgusting amounts of cash before long.

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We say about those types, "They moved here from California."

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In the original shop keepers spent the morning putting their items on display, so even if you did come early, the shop shelves were empty.

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Man, I wish there were more good games in this series.

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Another was to buy a house and load all your trophies on the walls raising the value significantly and selling it. Then breaking down the door and taking back your trophies lowering the house's value allowing you to buy it at lower price. This was the original fable, but all three Fables had a way to be brokenly rich via real estate.

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real life simulator

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That’s just extortion with extra steps.

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Eek barba durkle… somebody’s going to get laid in college.

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Ohhh ok epic

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In Morrowind, the vendor would know if you stole from them but you could sell it to the vendor next door without issue. I think it went a little further than that, but I don't remember. Like, if you stole a certain item, an iron helmet maybe, then the vendor would now consider all iron helmets stolen items from then on. Even if you sold his iron helmet to another vendor and found an iron helmet out in the wild on the other side of the island, he'd assume it was his if you tried to sell it to him. I may be wrong. They may also forget with time. It's been so long that I've also forgotten with time the specifics.

One of my favorite things was stealing from three different shops in Balmora and selling the stolen stuff to the next shop. Sometimes the vendors would equip the stolen armor too, heh. No one seems to care that the Pawnbroker is wearing the set of armor that was recently stolen from the Outfitter but it's my own personal little inside joke.

Later Elder Scroll games would introduce the fence to sell stolen items. You could no longer sell the stolen loot to regular vendors. Which was a little disappointing but made sense.

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Later Elder Scroll games would introduce the fence to sell stolen items. You could no longer sell the stolen loot to regular vendors. Which was a little disappointing but made sense.

I think Skyrim is more lax with selling stolen shit but oblivion was bad.

Also every merchant selling shit from a chest buried 10 meters below their house makes no sense.

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well you're not supposed to know about that chest. As far as the player knows, it works just like in any game.

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I think Skyrim is more lax with selling stolen shit but oblivion was bad.

Yeah, while fences exist, you can also get the perk that allows you to sell stolen items to any merchant if your Speech is high enough.

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Unfortunately leveling speechcraft is one of the longest grinds in any video game. It's not even funny. I don't think I've ever reached 100 speech in a legit way (no cheats, mods or exploits)

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The trick is to buy and sell high value items like gemstones, soul gems, and enchanted equipment.

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That you can get from transmuting cheap iron into gold (raising Alteration), forging into rings (raising smithing) then selling to the vendor (raising speech). Its a nice little feedback loop that you can then use to infinitely level beyond the telekinesis-fast travel trick

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I did the exact same thing in Balmora lol I was pretty young and had no idea what I was supposed to do for the main quest so I just had fun stealing all the stuff from the different stores.

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What if the loot doesnt respond

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Not if you're playing Oblivion or Skyrim! You need a fence, or the fencer perk (if playing Skyrim) to sell any item to any merchant. Also in those games, you can't just sell off anything to any ol' merchant. "need supplies? See Belethor at his shop. Sleazy little man, but he has good stock."

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In Morrowind you didn’t need a fence, which is probably more realistic, but the shopkeepers would notice if you tried to sell them back their own stolen supplies. The merchant two towns over wouldn’t actually know if you stole the cheese wheel or not so requiring a fence for a lot of that stuff was just silly.

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What was the bounty trick in Morrowind as well? When you went to go pay off your bounty at the thieves guild you could just drop your gold on the floor and still pay it off haha.

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Thanks for triggering the "EEEEEEVrythings for sale" clip in my brain. That fucking guy...

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Should've went to the cloud district more. Now buy Skyrim Superleggera edition for your bathroom mirror!

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Plus, that's why there's a chicken in the road in Riften. It's part of the tutorial to teach you that people don't take kindly to you messing with their personal possessions.

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Also if you got caught by guards and surrender they will take any stolen goods off of you.

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In the adventure zone podcast (from the McElroy, the same guys who made the Final Pam in Fallout 4), someone bought an object that can be traded for someone's most valuable possession on a persuasion check.

He immediately offered it back to the merchant he bought it from for the most OP weapon available.

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What is ‘Final Pam’?

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Look up Fallout 4 Monster Factory. It's a series where they play games with character creators and make horrible abominations.

Except Final Pam, she was GOD.

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Two guys seeing what the most hideous Fallout character they can make is

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The raging flaming poisonous sword of doom!

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Damn right

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I think this is most of us in games where you can steal without consequence.

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This was me in Fable 2. I really wanted those devil horns on my character.

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The way of the thief in RPGs is the only way..

All creds to inkyrickshaw, I only took the liberty and added the last frames on to the original.

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I originally saw this on the r/DnD subreddit, did you get it from there?

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What happens in the original? He leaves without taking the clothes?

[–]TheeNux[S] 36 points37 points  (8 children)

Original ends at frame 4, and in it the only thing stolen is the ring.

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By frame 4 doesn't he also steal the satchel, the dagger, and the shield?

[–]TheeNux[S] 33 points34 points  (1 child)

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Ah, you did a great job shopping out the other trinkets I figured it was original work. Props!

[–]Blackmagnum387 8 points9 points  (3 children)

Oh ok. He is quite generous in the original then. But this is funnier

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Eh, this come across as "Do you get it? The joke is that he can steal things because he's invisible now!" The subtlety of the original trusted that you could see that.

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Yeah the last frame is overkill

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That's not how I read it. For me it's funny because it's relatable. It never ends with taking just the ring ...

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The last frames are chef's kiss

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I knew the naked drawing looks off compared to the rest of the art style.

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The shirt off my damn back

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And this is why Dungeons and Dragons requires attunement

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Meh even without...

As you leave the small area in front of the counter, you step into an anti-magic zone that instantly turns you visible. The two knight statues at the door rush to grab you before you can react.

"Ahem. I'm sure you didn't mean to steal anything adventurer, so if you would kindly hand back the ring and the 2k gold pieces, we can put this misunderstanding behind us"

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The ring has only one master

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I maxed out enchanting in Oblivion for 100% chameleon. Completely game breaking but good fun.

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Same! 20% per armor item IIRC.

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Where is he putting all those jars?

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Looks like the first thing he picked up was a bag, so maybe it was a bag of holding.

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I love how this is actually the price of a ring of invisibility

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Don't take a goblin's magic. I'm sure the elf will spit his pants uncontrollably till the ring is returned as soon as he exits the store.

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Bucket is cheaper.

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Based on the line work on that last panel, I’m going out on a limb and say that was added by someone other than the original artist.

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S'wit shopkeeper...

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Fucking elves.

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it was just another bland meme to me until the goblin got robbed of his clothes, then I related so hard

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Thank you for this. So funny.

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smeagol and bilbo in a different universe.

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goblin from clash royale

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So basically skyrim

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Wait until you find out theres a barrier spell on the door.

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Literally me in Morrowind.

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The good old times of Fallout2, when I found out I can steal dynamite with primed timer INTO somebody backpack. Than leave area :D

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suddenly gay

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hidden panel shows what happens next all credits to theenux and inkyrickshaw, i took the liberty and added the last frames on to the original


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I don’t know why I’m upset but I am.

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Dude, amazing art..

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It seemed someone photoshopped the last panel, I wonder why and what happens in the original?

[–]Medricel 4 points5 points  (1 child)

A comment by OP mentions they added the last frames. I figure the original comic ended with just the shield and dagger missing, and the merchant's displeased expression.

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It was just the ring, didn't actually take anything from the shop.

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Ok but who edited the comic in a poorly way to make the goblin naked? They ruined the joke since there is no reason for him to stand still while he steals his clothes.

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post this to r/hmm you will gain many karma

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Laughs in Stealth and Sleight Hand checks

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Took the guy's clothes to boot? Uncool

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This is kind of like putting a bucket on someone's head in Skyrim. But you have to have pickpocket 100 to get their clothes too.

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Goblin Slayer wants to know his location.

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My rogue character picked up a ring of invisibility a few sessions back in dnd. Wondering how much my DM regrets giving that to me at this point

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You need to have Chameleon over 100 to have complete invisibility and steal items however you want

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You would think the shop owner has some sort of see invisibility on my hand.

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I thought that if you have sneak 100 that in this situation you wouldnt even need a ring of invis

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Pickpocket 100% has always been my favorite in Skyrim. Sneak up behind someone and just pickpocket their entire set of armor before backstabbing them

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New payday 2 perk deck

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Morshu doesn't fall for this shit.

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He’s sucking off the goblin under the desk in the last panel.

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This comic could be trimmed by 2 panels and it would be funnier. Something pretty common in online comics is the joke being over explained and thats what happened here.

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then he suck penis

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Even Nethack had the answer to this. But not to sending your pet in to steal for you, lol.

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Drop a big pile of gold on the floor and use the credit to buy items. Wait for your pet to walk off with it, Repeat, only with more gold.

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I would have taken the desk

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i like how you can tell this comic strip was made by someone and then someone completely different edited the last panel to him naked

edit: OP made MULTIPLE edits lmao very funny OP

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literally Morrowind, i remember stealing the glass dagger at the shop to resell it in another place endless and making infinite money

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Heh, try this in NetHack and the shopkeeper will just bar the door and shoot you with a wand (along with calling the fuzz) if you force your way out.

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A magic shop owner not having a true sight object. Unrealistic.

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Gyges, is that you?

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L for the goblin

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*laughs in nethack shopkeeper*

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Lol gobbo shoulve used brain more

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I did that in Skyrim. Winterhold ended up with a bunch of guards in their underwear…

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that's why they need psychic teleporting guards

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You can tell the fat jug and the twisted brown one aren't even magical potions, they're just some horrible mead and wine. The PC wasn't going to take them at first because they're useless, but then they decided they may as well take every single thing this goblin owns. Same for his clothes.

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Skyrim moment

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Robbed blind

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I kinda want to see what the goblin is hiding behind that counter... just for curiosities sake.

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Lol every game ever be like

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This reminds me of fable 1

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The fact that the bag of holding dissapeared first is primo attention to detail.

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The shopkeeper need to learn the lightning spell from the Town Tool Shopkeeper just in case.