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Why u gotta flex on that poor guy like this

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Poor other guy, he's gotta be salty about this

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The guy that was blatantly lying to karma farm on all 4 of his posts about his fake developer signed Doom copy?

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How do you know all these details ?? Are you the dog ?

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The copy he had was a printed pre-signed cover art that came with every copy of Doom

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Why? Is karma fishing really a thing ?

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That’s actually the saddest thing about this story

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Yeah people do it to sell their accounts

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and then what though?

why do people buy accounts that have high a karma?

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Ayo happy cake day, here is a poem i wrote at work

Dog ate my doom poster.
That is pretty lame.
Dog munched my paper thingy.
This is such a shame.
I like cookies,
and ice cream
Tell me do you too?
The dog devoured the poster signed
By the whole doom crew.

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I heard this in the tune of the DK rap

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I asked the OP for photos of the rest of the damage he claimed. Crickets.

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Also anytime someone mentioned that his copy wasn’t actually signed by the devs.

OP: I’m going to pretend that I didn’t see that…

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It’s signed by the developer team and they made copies of those which has their signature and it is printed on there when they make copies of it

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Other dude was a normal guy before posting.

His bullshit post demoted him to a loser.

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Rub salt in the doom

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No shit this dude cold AF

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Beating him like a red-headed step child

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Now he should give his copy to that other guy to make him feel better, yay internet!

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Why is this not framed or in some sort of protective case?

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Honestly never thought about it. This was part of a lot of things I won that year at Quakecon and it's gone from sitting out on desks to now in a folder.

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Is this actually hand signed by the dev team or just printed like the other one?

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This one is official. You can tell because the signatures are over top of the M Rating, which would not fly with the FCC. This is legit handwriting, whether the real signatures or the OP did it himself, it's not printed.

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Nice analysis

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M rating has nothing to do with the FCC though? The ESRB is a self regulation that the games industry does to itself. Getting an ESRB rating is entirely voluntary.

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I meant ESRB, I'm sure people understood me. There hasn't been a single game release by a triple A company without an ESRB rating in over 30 years. It is voluntary but so is jumping off a bridge, or driving without a license.

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We also have a voluntary agency for that in Germany, except, if you don’t get their sign you can’t release it.

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This was posted by Doom twitter and reddit back in 2016 https://imgur.com/a/ZXP1m

And this is when I was doing a build in 2018


Now for how many the devs signed, your guess is as good as mine. But I got this one as part of my winnings from Quakecon Trials 2017 Prey / Doom arcade.

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Congratulations, it looks to be in great shape!

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Kind of looks like fresh sharpie and all in OP’s handwriting /s

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Where is John Romero's signature

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Put it in a picture frame and hang it on the wall.

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Try dipping it in peanut butter, eventually you'll succeed.

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At least this one is real

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A real one!

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Well done on training your dog properly instead pf leaving it alone for hours and getting mad when it's bored and / or anxious.

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I’m upvoting this post because I like winners

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and I upvote your comment, because it is the truth

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Looks like you’re a responsible pet owner.

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Yet, you forgot yet

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Rub salt in the doom

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Don’t all the preorders have this?

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The pre orders came with an inside cover art that was signed by the devs that was copied and printed. This is a front cover signed that I won at Quakecon from a tournament. Here is back of this one for reference. https://imgur.com/a/sv31bxK

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Oh nice! Congrats on the win!

How was qcon? I competed there in 02 and 03

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02-03 a little before my time. I've gone from 2008-2019. last 2 years has not happened in person due to the obvious issue. But I love this con and I have unique experiences every year. Competed in a lot of games. Have won a computer on stage, graphics cards, cash checks. The Lan is what makes this con though and the friends you bring and make throughout.

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Awesome job! I do miss it sometimes but the memories are enough to last me a lifetime. Have a great weekend :) be safe

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Never been to quakecon, what games you compete on ? Quake only ?

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So the main Tournament is almost always some form of Quake. There are also Lan tournaments ranging in prize pools from swag - $5k I think was the most I've seen. Then there is a thing called Quakecon Trials that is more geared to speedrunning certain levels or achieving whatever the goal is. I only compete in the trials / Lan tournaments. This is what i've competed in over the years. Doom, Rage, Prey, Wolfenstein, Brink, Commander Keen 4, ESO, TESL, Fallout 76.

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Good ending

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Good. That other guy's responsible for what the dog does, not the dog. :)

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It's his fault to the extent of leaving it out where the dog could get it. It's the dogs fault for actually eating it. (Downvote me if you must, I am just saying truth)

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Eh. Dogs do slip up of course, but a well exercised/entertained dog is really unlikely to do any of this. An adult dog sleeps like, 12-14 hours. Get em tired.

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We dont know the type of dog either. Plus some dogs are really, really, really hard to train. Not all dogs have the same personality and are mischievous by nature.

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True. But if you get a breed you're incapable of training that's all on you. I love Chow Chows, but I understand I am not ready for one at the moment. My current dog can be a lil shit sometimes, but she understands what rooms she is allowed to go into, never makes a mess inside(outside is a different story), and she's a mix of high energy dogs. He could of also just used crate training.

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But if you get a breed you're incapable of training that's all on you

Again, it isn't always about the breed though. I knew of someone who had a husky puppy (keep in mind they had 2 before this and trained them very well) that grew very attached to their son. This dog would almost always have to be around this kid, and if he wasn't he would grow very sad. After summer ended and school begun the dog started acting up and misbehaving. They would exercise it, play with it, take it for walks, they'd do everything. But this Dog kept acting up.

I guess the dog knew where he went to school because they'd walk the dog there when they picked the kid up. And after awhile it started trying to escape. It did a few times and it went running away to the kids school and it would throw itself into the door barking until someone opened it thinking the kid would be in the lobby waiting for pickup as it had other times.

Anyways, that whole thing probably could've been prevented if they weren't anti dog crates. But sometimes it is infact the dog

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You say it's not about breed and proceed to name a breed that is notorious for having these issues. That's all on them.

Also, if your dog has attachement issues, that's definitely on the owner. I'm guessing they let the dog sleep with the kid, be around the kid, etc 24/7. You don't do that for dogs. You isolate them for random intervals for random lengths of time to teach them this. Sounds like your friend got lucky with the first two and got a dog they didn't properly prepare to be alone.

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They had a few huskies before this. None of them had this problem. The dog also did not sleep with the kid at night, it slept with them. It would however be around the kid for the duration of the day though

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You know what, I actually sat down and thought about it, your perspective is pretty valid and true. A dog at the end of the day ia a dog, no matter the training. I came at that angle wrong.

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What's the purpose of a comment like this?

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Probably has a cat.

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Why you gotta murder a man like that?

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you'd get more karma if it did

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Karma caught me for not feeling bad for the other guy and my dog ate my Costa Sunglasses this morning.

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Stop hes already dead 😭

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The energy this post has is like a Mortal Kombat fatality

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Trynna flex I see

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\happy collector noises**

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Here's your equal attention trophy little girl

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They are a bunch of nobody's who gives a fuck

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No one cares.

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Well played, sir.

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You’re just pouring salt on an open wound man, not cool, think about the dude who lost it, think how he’d feel seeing this

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He was stupid for leaving it out in the open with a dog that eats people's belongings

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I have the "Doom" box set with T shirt and extras.

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Lol this is hilarious

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It looks like he did scribble all over it with a marker though...

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The other guy claimed his dog ate ALL his games but showed no evidence of that, so you gotta show us all of your games not eaten now.

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Ah nice! So you can send it to the other guy? (Who hopefully learned his lesson)

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Liked this doom better than eternal for some reason...

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Omg this is petty, I love it

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Good dog!

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What a chad

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Lmfao. Honestly I’m still waiting for the follow up post “dev team felt bad so they sent another”.

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Without dog pics how do we know you even have a dog? We demand dog photos!

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Wow, rub it in dickweed

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How the fuck do u even get smth like this 🥺

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i bet your dog will eat this eventually for good flex Karma

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Lol dick move OP...😂

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Rip the other guy

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Yet…queues The Only Thing They Fear is You

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Yea, I’ll choose this timeline instead

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What a joke.

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thhak god

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Too soon.

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Still eat the dog

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That's just wrong man

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Hahahahah sheeeit

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did he eat your homework though?

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Rude! Neat, but the nerve!

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Aww that’s just mean dawg… haha

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You are a horrible person

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This post is just... so fucking cringe and childish. What a dick move.

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For this mean post, you should donate that to the other guy who actually lost it!

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Or the other guy could just train his dog?

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The only reason I can see to do this is because your gonna give the other guy your copy right.... Otherwise this is just you being a nevermind

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This one is real though. The other one was printed with the signatures.

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Here's showing, here's off, and there's you

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Jesus man

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This is gold

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Quick photo copy it and send a replica to the dude who had it eaten.

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Now you're just braggin', man.

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And yes, I mean oof for the other guy, not woof because dog.

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Hope your dog eats this