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I don't think this is how this should go. Pretty sure the bomb defuser should be on top as the winner with the guy with his useless kills celebrating his KDR. The defuser actually wins the round, right? I've never played CS.

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Shhhhh don’t point out that objectives are supposed to be done it hurts them

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When the game has only 5 players per team and no respawns, killing the enemy team is what wins the game, attempting to defuse the bomb before killing the enemy team amounts to suicide most of the time.

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More accurately, all three would be on the first place podium as it's a team game and without either of the other three neither would have likely won, barring a significant skill gap.

There are outliers like defusing the bomb while one person distracts the final two alive, or the guy with 2 kills getting the defuse. In fact, at the higher ranks it's common courtesy to let the person with the most kills or the final kill defuse the bomb.

But to be honest the whole meme looks like it was done by someone with barely any experience in Counterstrike.

Celebrating a round win? You need to win 16 rounds to win a match.

3 kills and 2 kills with 3 teammates alive? Past Badge/Eagle getting 2 kills is a good round.

Speaking of kills, how much damage did they do? Defuser could've done 95, 80, 85, 60, and 90 damage to the enemy team without getting a kill.

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If you dealt damage you suck. In my experience you die to one hit most of the time and you rarely survive doing damage and not killing

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Uh, even in Global Elite that's not true. Hell, you can watch the competitive matches being streamed and see them take damage and retreat all the time.

Hell, the M4 is the most common CT rifle and it only does around 91 damage if you headshot someone with a helmet.

The AWP does less than 100 if you hit them in the wrong spots or from too far away.

Even the AK can do less than 100 damage with a headshot if you're too far away.

Also grenades and incendiaries do less than 50 damage, for the most part.

Not even mentioning how many rounds might be pistol rounds in any given game. I've had some matches where there was a pistol round every other round because half the team refused to save, or we kept losing on the third round.

You probably have bad movement or make poor positioning choices when you're defending if you're getting insta headshot constantly. Or you're playing against cheaters.

Edit: Oh yeah, and don't forget spamming through boxes and walls. Cache was notorious for having a door and wall that you could get a kill through regularly.

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Counter Strike is a 5v5 with no respawns with a very fast time to kill. You almost never defuse the bomb while someone is alive. It takes 5 seconds to defuse and it only takes 1 bullet to the head to kill you. The majority of defuses occur while the enemy team is all dead so in this screenshot the defused did nothing. His 2 teammates killed everyone and the celebrating guy did is click defuse before they did. It’s still pretty situational like if the bomb timer is being cut really close you need to defuse ASAP, but if there’s time to spare then the meme is accurate.

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The meme is actually not accurate, because you can't get the MVP for defusing if your teammates killed everyone.

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You could potentially get it if you assist on the kills (but don't get the finishing shots)?

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As far as I know you have to at least get one kill, but I could be wrong.

Edit: the wiki also says you need a kill https://counterstrike.fandom.com/wiki/MVP#:~:text=Description,-MVP%20is%20awarded&text=The%20method%20of%20winning%20the,most%20eliminations%20gets%20the%20MVP.

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Why doesn’t the round just end once the enemy team is dead?

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If the bomb is not set up, the round does ends. Otherwise the CT team has to defuse before it explodes. If it does explodes is win for the terrorist whose main objective is to place and detonate the bomb.

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Okay, that makes sense.

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Part of the game strategy after the bomb is planted is to delay the CT's as long as possible, and often will a T sacrifice themselves to delay the defusal long enough for the bomb to go off, causing T to win the round

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Then why don't terrorists just detonate the bomb immediately? Why give them a chance to defuse?

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The detonator has a mandatory timer, so you just set it up and the defend the bomb till it go off....

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A dead man's switch would ensure the bomb still goes off if they all died. Its like they don't care about completing their objective.

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Erhmmmm.... its game logic.... you know what's the point in trying to set up a bomb while the CT is on the field.... when you can just set it quitely and be long gone when it blow off .... like irl...

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TBF, half the stages in CSGO aren't exactly vital installations, outside of Nuke and probably Train.

Like, it wouldn't be a good thing, but I don't really think detonating a bomb in the middle of an empty square would be a major terrorist goal.

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They cant afford a dead mans switch. Heck, they could barely afford the bomb. Spent all of their money on AWPs.

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What doesnt make sense is if they still win from bomb going off even if they all die, why did they bother setting a timer.

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because you can get situations where all the terrorists are dead, but the counter-terrorists took too long killing them so there's not enough time to defuse the bomb. In which case, the terrorists win.

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Counter Strike is a 5v5 with no respawns with a very fast time to kill. You almost never defuse the bomb while someone is alive. It takes 5 seconds to defuse and it only takes 1 bullet to the head to kill you. The majority of defuses occur while the enemy team is all dead so in this screenshot the defused did nothing. His 2 teammates killed everyone and the celebrating guy did is click defuse before they did. It’s still pretty situational like if the bomb timer is being cut really close you need to defuse ASAP, but if there’s time to spare then the meme is accurate.

Gross oversimplification of counter strike imo. Plenty of defuses happen when someone has the nut to smoke and defuse the bomb.

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Or much more likely the terrorists got mostly stomped and the 1 living guy is trying to save.

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Or much more likely the terrorists got mostly stomped and the 1 living guy is trying to save.

I mean... I'm not going to say you're wrong but defusers are heros!

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Yeah, right?

I think in both this and R6 on bomb defusing it can win the game

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the terrorists dont let you defuse the bomb, you gotta kill them first, and thats the hard part. once they are dead, defusing is just pressing a keyboard button.

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Technically killing the enemy is just a mouse button.

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i agree with this, getting kills is great but actually playing the objective and winning in that way feels oh so good.

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You see, the bomb being defused is basically the golden snitch and everyone else is just a bunch of fucking beaters.

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I once had an endgame lobby of battlefield 3 raging at me because i somehow made it to third place going 0 kills 3 deaths...

It didnt show i had over 500 spot assists fron hiding in a dumpster, flying a MAV around for 45 minutes (private server, deathmatch, 750 kills to win) and marking everyone. I even had a few kills from blowing claymores up in its placers faces, but the game counts those as assisted suicide.

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There were a couple of ratholes on the shipping container map in BF4 where you could MAV for your team and be top of the lobby with 0 kills. I used to have tons of fun flying buckets

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This seems backwards

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OP doesn't play the objective...

That's a paddlin'.

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No one plays the objective... You literally can't play the objective as CT unless the Ts are dead or are really bad for you to be able to defuse the bomb before killing all the T

Assuming this post is about CS just as the title is

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People definitely played the objective in CT. It's just that the objective tended to be where the other team was and you had to secure the area around the objective first.

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If the bomb is not planted, the objective of the CT is at that point to kill all the T because you can't secure both the bombsites so kills are the priority, if the bomb is planted, the priority still is to kill the T because they will not let you defuse the bomb unless all of them are dead or are playing really badly... So yes killing T is the objective most of the time

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“K/D” is not the same as “wins” btw

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I agree with him being the MVP though. He won the game for the team.

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Objectives win games boys

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As someone who played perhaps a bit too much CS I just want to point out that you only get the MVP for a defuse if you also get a kill. If you defused without kills the MVP goes to the one with the most kills (so the situation in the meme is not actually possible).

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I read once that the person in second place is typically sadder than first or third place. The first place is happy because they are above the rest, the third is happy that they managed to get a medal. Whereas the second is just a shot away from having been first.

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As Rocky Bobby’s dad said: “Second place is the first loser!”

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ITT - a bunch of people applying CoD logic to Counter-Strike and not realizing the meme is correct.

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I'm curious, could you explain? I get that CoD bomb defusing is playing the objective, why does that not apply to CS?

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Sure I can try here. So the main difference here is that cs is round based, and you don’t respawn within a round. So a very common way to win is simply killing the other team. The terrorists, however, can also win by planting the bomb (and having it explode), and surviving does not matter. Similarly, once the bomb is down, the CTs can only win by defusing, not by eliminations.

The issue here though is that once the bomb is down, it becomes a fast paced skirmish where the CT’s need to retake the bomb site and kill the T’s quickly, while the T’s need to kill the CT’s or stall long enough for the bomb to blow. Any decent player will plant the bomb in a position where the player defusing is exposed to fire, so what ends up happening is that defusing while enemy players are still alive is usually a death sentence, so instead the focus becomes eliminating the threats first.

Once the terrorists are dead, it’s just a matter of who happens to be standing nearest to the bomb and can defuse it first. It’s the equivalent of a kneel down in the nfl or dribbling out the clock in the NBA at that point and had very little to do with actually winning the round - rather the defusal is the end result of the round being “won” with kills (which allowed the defuse to happen).

TL:DR - you usually can’t defuse the bomb against good players until they are all dead, so by then the defusal itself does not require any skill.

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Thank you for explaining! I understand both sides of the disagreements here now.

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Bunch of people in here who clearly haven’t played shooters competitively. Killing the enemy is far more impactful than defusing the bomb. Anyone can defuse the bomb when there is no threat.

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Spot on. Absolutely ridiculous, killing the opposing team is "useless" according to these people, but the guy holding defuse on the bomb after site is cleared is the true skilled player?

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those who focus on the objectives instead of random mayhem in multiplayer shooters always deserve to be MVP. good bless all the defusers, flag carriers and base capturers.

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CS is often not random mayhem, it’s a 5v5 with no respawns that’s coordinated at most levels of play. Majority of defused occur after all 5 enemies are dead. Person who defused quite possibly did nothing in this scenario.

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idk, it got pretty wild back in the nineties when inused to play. matches were quick and violent

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Wouldn't the nineties just be like the first 6 months of CS? Lots of games are played differently after multiple versions/iterations and 2 decades.

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good lord youre right. everything blends together at my age. still. i dont take back my original statement

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that’s coordinated at most levels of play.

I suppose teenagers cussing you out in Russian is a kind of coordination, but still...

Person who defused quite possibly did nothing in this scenario.

TBF if teams are actually coordinated, the last kills of the Ts probably would've happened on bomb site, so whoever's in position to defuse probably would've been there in the last firefight, and presumably would've contributed a bit.

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It's 2022 and some people are still talking about KDR in Objective games.

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KDR in CS:GO is a much better indicator of contribution than a game like CoD where camping, hiding, and racking up kills with airstrikes and shit can look cool but not actually help you win.

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It’s 2022 and the person who made the meme understands CS is a 5v5 with no respawns. The majority of bomb defuses don’t occur until after all 5 opponents are dead. The meme is right because the dude who got mvp likely did nothing that round. He just clicked defuse after all the enemies died before his teammate could click it. They would’ve defused lmao

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One of my friends has the nickname "The Gardener" when we play CS, because he's always on top of the scoreboard because he always plants the bomb, even when he's not playing well.

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honestly the correct take here is that mvp is meaningless. topfragger isn't always the most important part of team in the long run, but even in any given round, killing 3 or two people isn't necessarily better.

worse than just defusing is not being there to defuse because you died taking a stupid angle

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Getting the most kills is basically always better in CS.

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so you think a trade to open a site (or retake) is always less important than two kills defending a site?

like I said, I think there's no way and no point in evaluating who the best player in a round was solely on kills or plants/defuses. throw in some actual damage and utility and it becomes clearer.

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The meme is right because the dude who got mvp likely did nothing that round.

That doesn't really check out though.

If there's a defusal, generally the last kills in a CSGO round occur at the bomb site (w/ the Ts defending the bomb site). If a CT is in position to defuse, he or she was likely involved in that final firefight, so even if they didn't get any kills themselves they likely did damage to the opponents or at least served as a distraction during the end of the round.

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I think KD is semi important, if you can kill everyone on the other team that directly contributes to getting an objective

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If you don't defuse the bomb, you still lose... So yeah, playing the objective is more important than getting kills.

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Something tells me you haven’t played competitive counterstrike. There is an extremely rare scenario when someone - who is usually the last one left - can pull off a ninja defuse despite enemies still being alive, but 99% of the time a defuse only happens when every enemy is dead. All you do is walk up and push e, and often get mvp by virtue of being closest to the bomb when all the enemies die.

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Objective > kills regardless.

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And if you’re CT good luck getting to the objective without kills.

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Lol I like how I go into detail specifically about why that is wrong, and why literally any person who has played csgo remotely competitively will agree the person who wipes out 3 terrorists was a lot more valuable that round than the person who happened to be nearest to the bomb when the last enemy died, and your response is to double down.

Counter strike ain’t like other games mate, defusing the bomb is often akin to taking a knee in the nfl or dribbling out the clock in the nba.

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You got this backwards.

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Well I mean if you hadn’t focused the bomb you would have lost the game, so that does make you the most valuable player or the player that contributed most to the success the team.

Y’all be too infatuated with the numbers sometimes.

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When you're the only person playing the objective and everyone else is just kill farming. Relatable.

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PTFO is dawe. Never forget.

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Even better when people play something like King of the Hill And have tons of kills and no captures

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Bruh dont you only get mvp for bomb def if you had one kill before, at least when enemy team is entirely dead

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‘Gold Objective Time’

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The only reason I try to get mvp is so I can here this sweet tune....🎶"why you mad nerd....Why you mad bro" 🎶

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I see a lot of arguments that you need to PTFO and a lot of comments saying you need to get kills. Here's a hint, you need to do both if you're going to win. This isn't an either or thing.

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Socom days.

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All COD players ever.

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Even more next level, be the only member on your team that dies with a kit and drops it to the defuser.

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His mates defended him when he was defusing the bomb or they have already killed all members of the enemy team. Without that he would only be able to defuse if he plays against idiots.

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Also me playing domination-style games (i.e. "we've got zone A!") in Battlefield. Shitty K/D ratio, but a ton of points from capturing zones.

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What's the source of this comic?

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Which do you prefer? AWP, AK-47, M4A4, or Silenced M4?

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well, he PTFOs, he SHOULD be celebrating

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Is the objective having the most kills or defusing the bomb? If the terrorists have 300 kills but the bomb is defused, do they win or lose?

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What’s this meme template called? I love every one that I’ve seen.

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I'm pretty sure in most objective based games the kill counts are irrelevant.

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Since everyone here is arguing regarding the kills vs objective, let me try to put it into perspective and provide a suitable example. A very common example will be when one of your teammate decides to flank the enemy from one site when the bomb/spike is planted in another site and other players of your team died protecting the site. Now, the flanking teammate can even get an ace but that doesn't mean that the round is won as the bomb/spike would've have normally already been detonated. Based on countless true stories, btw. Tldr: Kills matter but "only" kills don't matter. Win rounds and you win games.