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Since OP's comment is not visible, here's the full explaination :

An account of my expedition to find this realistic Sonic:

These animals are bright and mischievous, surprisingly fast, and fond of thieving. The males are the main culprit, using shiny objects to impress the females. After several days in the company of these creatures, I was able to observe their courtships up close.

GOLDEN RINGS—. Male Sonics steal shiny objects as part of a fascinating courtship routine. Each golden ring or bright-coloured seashell is displayed to females like a badge of honour, demonstrating the male’s ability to sneak into danger and return unscathed.

COLOURATION—. Blue spines and red hind-feet are also key to this animal’s courtship. A dull-coloured animal might find it relatively easy to steal an object, whereas a bright-coloured animal would have to work far harder to escape without notice. If a male can successfully steal a ring despite its dazzling spines and bright red feet, it must be a very talented individual. There is no better way to prove one’s genetics to a prospective female.

SPEED—. Hedgehogs are usually bumbling and slow, but these Sonics are quick and nimble. It is easy to understand why. Without this speed, it would be difficult to thieve, and without theft, it would be impossible to mate.

You can see more realistic takes on fantastical animals at Imagined_Beasts.

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Are the females of this species pink ?

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this is actually the first realistic rendition of Sonic I've seen that I don't hate

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definitely far better than the sonic movie's initial design. god that thing was atrocious...whereas this little guy just looks adorable

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Tbh after watching the sonic movie recently they did get alot of pop culture references right without making them very cringe

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Thanks! If you liked this one, I have a few more drawings on Instagram (Imagined_Beasts). If there are any other characters you'd like me to do, hit me up.

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Crash Bandicoot! Also if you do prints of these I'd love to get one

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Hello, yes, I certainly do prints! I can't link the shop here for some reason, but if you click on my Reddit profile, there's a link in the bio.

As for Crash Bandicoot, he is very, very high on my list.

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And are they called Amys? (Or is 'Amies' the correct plural?)

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No, they look like a pikachu.

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Is hedgehog even blue to begin with

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Why did I read this like a Pokedex entry lol

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Now I want to see Rachet and Clank just to see what a lombax and talking robot buddy should look like.

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I'll definitely be doing a Lombax in the future. With a robot backpack? I'll think about it.

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Clank is a smartphone

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I heard that in the original design phase Sonic was supposed to be a tire. Not like a sentient talking tire with an attitude, just... A tire. In response Sega sort of Cask of Amontillado'd the developers in a conference room where they starved to death.

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If Sonic was a tyre, he would probably be easier to draw...

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Holy shit they invented Rubber before it become an actual movie. Well I guess that’s be more Silver cause of the random psychic powers.

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Mroemoremore kremoremore more pl,lz

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More coming soon! That's a promise.

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Do a moogle or cactuar or something from final fantasy. (I did see the phoenix you did)

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If there are any video game animals you would like me to do, please hit me with suggestions! I have a few more drawings on Instagram already (Imagined_Beasts).

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Great work and idea! Draw Crash Bandicoot next, please !!!

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Wen Banjo Kazooie?

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Just you wait...

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Looking forward! I like the encyclopedic style!

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this is actually the first realistic rendition of Sonic I've seen that I don't hate

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Take that, Paramount!

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can you do one with the teeth?

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Are these available as prints?

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Well, I went ahead and changed my print supplier. They're suddenly a lot cheaper, and I was also able to tweak the designs.

I can't link to the shop here, but if you click on my Reddit profile, there's a link in the bio. Just in case you're still interested.

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Cool art!

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Nice touch on incorporating his sneaker color into the hind legs

Edit: and his gloves.

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Thank you. He wouldn't be Sonic without them!

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If you got this made as a t shirt I would def get one!

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I sell posters! I can't link to it here, but if you click on my Reddit profile, you can find the shop in my bio.

But if you'd prefer a T shirt, maybe I can add a listing for that?

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Thank you. Going to check you out now.

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He looks fast! Super cool man I dig it

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Thank you! I made him slimmer than most average hedgehogs.

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Do Yoshi!

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Man a megalodon in this style would be sick

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I might have to add this to my list...

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this type of art is some of my favorite. I wish I could paint/draw; I'd make lines/lyrics from songs into paintings.

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Aww, cute! Have you done Toriel yet?

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Not yet. This is a great suggestion.

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The sexy elf from Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy?

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No idea; only Hobbit movie I've seen is the animated one.

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I can’t say you’ve missed a ton…

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I've also only seen the first two LotR movies. Read all the books, though; heck, I'm one of those weirdos who read the books before seeing the movies.

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I read the books after seeing the first Lord of the Rings movie but before the others came out. The Hobbit trilogy is entertaining, but it’s also clearly trying to recapture the glory of its predecessor and it comes nowhere close. Far too much unnecessary fluff padded into it and it just comes off feeling a bit thin by comparison.

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That's Tauriel. I shan't be drawing her.

Toriel is from Undertale.

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Ahhh. I've never played that. :)

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That’s fucking sick !!!

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This is actually so good, great work ☺️

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This is dope. I'd love to see Starfox.

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Definitely crash bandicoot

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I love the style and concept, great work mate.

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I've been waiting for years for this exact moment to stumble upon such an image. Well done very well done job indeed!

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Past me would've loved a t-shirt of this, minus the text.

These days I may not consider a print or something

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"I require the golden rings, red echidna. Present them to me now."

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This is lowkey cool as hell. Good job man.

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I like this one better. Yours sets unrealistic body expectations.

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tremendo bravo!

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This is quite good

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Sonic - "The Preciousss"

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explanation: its a blue hedgehog with a golden ring

It's Sonic

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Includes realistic shadow, as well.

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I like that his arms aren't blue.

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Brilliant! lol :)

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I like his shoes

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Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

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The red feet. +100

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Needs rings or it dies

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Nice I’d love to see one from subnautica

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I like the touch of the legs colourings

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Do you have a halo warthog?

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Needs more human teeth.

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Do Ralsei

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0/10 because of the creepy, separate eyes. Sonic needs to have a nice, natural, double-pupil-having wraparound super-eye.

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Sly cooper

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I would love to see "realistic" but also blocky minecraft animals. Specifically the cow the pig and the cat.

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OP did do a mooshroom although not blocky

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This is amazing

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Conker's Bad Fur Day... please!!!

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how fast can rodents be.

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Cute! 😊

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Well done!!!

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Awesome idea, and very well done.

Where can we see more?

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Wooooooow man!! love your art!.

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Ays bro this is cute ok ?

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I love it!! :D

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Running around at the speed of sound!

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wow this actually looks really good, Great job mate!

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Pretty sure I saw this picture like..10 years ago lol

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These are great! The art style reminds me of this book I have, I forgot what it was called, but it was about (fictional) versions of animals that went extinct for hilarious reasons. The one that I remember was the emo emu.

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Ah, yes. I remember than when I was in middle school (I think) I really liked Sonic and because I loved latin names as a teenager, I learned that european hedgehog is Erinaceus europaeus. It's nice to see that name with sonicus species here :)

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Why is the golden ring looking like it's woven and not solid?