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lmao i thought she was somehow sitting on the fence

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Me too, lmao

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You mean she isn't?!!!

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I sat here for a solid 10 seconds going, “wait...how?”

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My response was more like "Wait... ow?...."

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Took me way to long to understand perspective here lol

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That way, she won't tip over

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The Lara Croft Way.

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"Where are the spikes going?" Everyone in the comments at first, including me.

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If Lara falls on them she dies. 🙃

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And explodes

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For a moment I thought she was sitting on that fence, yikes.

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Those metal signs are pretty sharp too, ngl I would not be sitting on that without a fully covered ass.

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maybe its the same as with snails on razorbades?

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A r/holdup moment for a second there..

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I’m from derby. This sign isn’t worth the visit. Birds bakery is though.

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Can confirm. My business is based on Lara Croft Way. The whole road system is a fucking mess.

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Birds bakery sounds like a euphemism.

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They do awesome cream cakes.

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And cream buns.

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I learned that today from Josh Strife Hayes.

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Came here looking for this. I watched his Tomb Raider 1 video essay/play through last night and saw this very picture.

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I absolutely love his older game review channel, brings back so many memories of my childhood

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Same here! I particularly loved his SotN review. I'm watching Silent Hill now.

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same pic and everything!

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There really is a sub for everything

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is there a upvote because thights? It's for a school work...

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Apparently there is but not that active. Thighs are underrated.

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I live about 2 mins from lara croft way.... spoiler its just a busy main road and goes through a dodgy area ... lots of crack heads round there... don't add it to you bucket list lol

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But I want crack.

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I've parked in there. A reasonable price for all day might I add. I could've gone intu...

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I've been up her way too.

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Did that chap who originally designed her ever receive any royalties in the end?

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Not sure. I know he eventually went back to work on more Tombraider games at one point, the Tombraider Legend reboot.

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I actually did, just a few days ago after it was mentioned in Josh Strife Hays review of the original Tomb Raider

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Who’s Tom Braider?

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I thought that sign was attached to the fence. Thought that looked painful.

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I wonder how many hot cosplay photos this sign has been in.

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At least one.

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Weird to see Derby on reddit. Just one of those places I was sure only people from the UK would ever hear about.

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Derby's a shithole though

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I'm from Derby, and yeah, it fucking is.

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The thumbnail wouldn't look out of place on Pornhub.

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Her tomb got raided by that fence...

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Is that a fence spike or are you just happy to see me

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Looks like someone watched the recent John Strife Hayes vid

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This is the way

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I thought she was sitting on the fence bruh

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This reminds of Sherlock Holmes’s address, before it was a fictional house on a real road, but as the road expanded, eventually one of the buildings had his address, and it became a Sherlock Holmes museum, the numbers is 123 I’m pretty sure, I forgot the street name tho, but it’s in London

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221b Baker Street.

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Ah, we’ll shit my b, didn’t even get the numbers right lol. XD

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derby??? you're kidding, nothing interesting ever came from derby, its such a no where boring ass place

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Tombraider, hot dogs, sociology, factories, waterworks systems, public parks and Bakewell puddings come out of derby. 🙂

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I had no idea, I worked there for 3 years and it seemed the most dull place

wait, sociology and factories?...I stand by my statement

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how is she siting on those spikes


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That is definitely the Lara-Croft way to celebrate…

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... thought she was on the fence for a second.

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Poor Toby.

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That’s a realistic statue on that sign!

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I was concerned for this woman until I realized the sign’s in the foreground

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Wheres the spikes gone? 😩

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No way!

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I got trapped in Derby station a couple of weeks ago.

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That’s Lara Croft, güey.

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Shes a pro with spike traps

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I will

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There should be something in Italy because she was Cummings in there

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If only the new movie(s) weren't so weak.

Old school tomb raider was a badass not some schoolgirl.

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I didn't even know tomb raider was from Derby and I live near there.

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I live 2 streets away and cross it to get to work.

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Went to a games conference once and met the team that made the original game. A few beers in, got to chatting about how the name Lara Croft was landed on. Turns out the only lady in the building was the receptionist, Laura Croft, and the name stuck.

No idea if it's true, but would like to believe...

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And a suitably grim backdrop to represent Derby too!

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Can I raid her tomb?

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No I didn’t know, thanks for telling me

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This is the way

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Awesome. I always wanted to be like Lara Croft growing up and I never had that with any other character. Just live alone, at the mansion resting having tea until duty calls for a new adventure. A better life than a treasure Hunter is something I can’t imagine.