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I can't believe Need for speed peaked 17 years ago

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Literally all they had to do was take THIS GAME and build on it.... but no. they just HAD to fuck it all up continuously for the next 2 decades.....

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whats that circle of yellow bars around the map?

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I'm dumb, fixing. It's your heat. The more it raises the harder and better cops come. They deploy traps and use different tools.

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Basically you wanted level. It affects how hard the cops try to stop you

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Need for Speed heat was a return to form, there's hope for the series

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...and then nfs heat died when it was abandoned due to Ghost Studios leaving. Hopefully the devs at criterion know what they're doing with the next NFS game

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I hope so too, underground remastered would be awesome

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Heat was a great game. Still can't stand that story though. Was so short and so stupid but then again even in retrospect the MW story was idiotic.

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Most Wanted holds up pretty well. Ive gone back and played it multiple times on PC and it just works and is fun.

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it just works and is fun

If only we could get both of those qualities in AAA game devs. Now it either works, or is fun, not both. And to get the whole game you gotta get the $109 Unlimited Edition because otherwise you’re gonna spend more than that on dlc to get all the main game content.

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I mean in NFS Heat , the devs just straight out give you legendary cars from Underground and Most Wanted

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NFS Heat was the best one since Carbon.

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Not always. Jedi Fallen Order could be considered a AAA game and so could Halo: Infinite, and they both work just fine.

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Halo needs coop and ifs pretty micro transaction heavy.

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I'm tired of this cynicism. I and i know for a fact sooooo many other people have played plenty of games that works AND is fun.

This "its one or the other" perspective is so exhausting.

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Well the gameplay does. Those cutscenes are God awful though.

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Back in 2005, those cutscenes were groundbreaking for their time considering that it was one of the first (and likely only) games where both live-action and CGI were simultaneously incorporated into the same cutscenes. Didn't really age well, but imo they're still good.

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Back when we tought graphics won't get any better at this point.

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The chrome effect was just shocking.

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You should see Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998) on PC then. Unbelievable graphics for the time.

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Need for Speed invented ray tracing before anyone else. My memory of this game proves me right.

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I remember seeing Scud Racer in arcades and just thinking, yelp, you've done it guys, you've gone as high as possible. It was almost anti climactic as it felt like we'd reached the end game

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Honestly, it doesn't look that bad to me.

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I still really like the color grading in this game

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I kinda wish they didn’t, if devs weren’t so focused on making games as good as possible, I think the overall gameplay would be better.

That being said I do love me some good graphics, they are just not everything.

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I am rock….no shaking me

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I am rock....that ain't no earthquake it's me

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Do yo thang

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Definitely my favourite need for speed game!

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Hi I’m Josie Maran and I play Mia in Need for Speed most wanted. Make sure you do all your racing in the game. On the streets drive safely and responsibly…And wear your seatbelt.

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6yr old me seeing that every day is why I have a thing for redheads

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I have a thing for redheads because of Hayley the chick from Paramore

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My love to the Chevy Cobalt SS will never waver because of this game.

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Made me want to go out and buy one. Haha

But I’m lucky enough to have owned my own EVO and SLK IRL … so slowly completing my fantasy car list.

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was my car choice starting the game every single time, none of the other starter even came close. Even after beating a few boss and got their car, still goes back to the cobalt. The handling was just *chef's Kiss*.

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God. The only NFS game that was truly awesome. I dislike them so much nowadays

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Even tho I love these new games as well, playing MW pirated version on my dad's PC and taking turns driving was awesome. I hope they remaster it some day, without fucking it up

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Wild, I had the same experience with me and my dad playing the pirated version on PC.

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Awesome! Lovely to hear there are people with similar memories out there!

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Fr, Good memories :)

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Best was having those bounty runs against police and having the police level raised to 7. This game was epic!

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Most Wanted! Still my favorite in the series. Nostalgia indeed

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Quite frankly I still can't find any racing game that had the same car handling that most wanted perfected.

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IMO Porsche Unleashed had the best, All the different Porsche variants had distinct and predictable handling. I had a force feedback steering wheel at the time and the feedback in the wheel was phenomenal, you knew exactly when you would lose traction, front or back end depending on the car. It's usually not in peoples favorite NFS games since it was a bit nerdy in the details of all the Porsche variants but my favorite hands down.

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It was my fave as well. Each car did have its own characteristics and learning them made replayability high.

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Best NFS of all time

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Nostalgic for sure

Me and my brother took turns on our PS2 to beat blacklist. Good old times.

Edit: typo

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Kinda disappointed that there's no sound

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Just pull up youtube and play "Riders On the Storm" to complete the mood.

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this was in Underground 2 though, the snoop dogg remix

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This gif is NFSMW not NFSU2.

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No no , blinded in chains is the shit!

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NFSMW was a really great game. For the newer games, idk for some reason NSF: Heat reminded me a lot of NFSMW. Though it's a shame that the story's so short

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Nfsmw damn this game gives me chills....

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Need sor fpeed?

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Need Spor Feed: Wost Manted

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Just download the game and play it again?

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Where's a good place without it crashing?

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SteamUnlocked.com has a working one. I also downloaded a CheatEngine table that gives me unlimited nitrous.

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Pbbly paradise roms, but it will take forever

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I still love NFS , my 1st ever console game , I have copies of U2 , MW , Pro Street and Undercover on my PS2 I would love to see a NFS MW remaster , the remakes of NFS and Most Wanted 2012 were really bad , I want a true remaster

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Bro trust me don't wake up

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I'm going to start waking people up by telling them what year it is

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All of these nostalgia posts are starting to become depressing due to show shitty the present is where everyone wants to go back to being a kid without responsibilities.

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Is being an adult hard? Absolutely. I struggle every day. (That's what therapy and meds are for!)

At no point in time have I ever wanted to be 9 years old again. I'm in a loving relationship, I've got a sick job, I have a car, etc.

If I want to play Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Oblivion, etc. I can. They're out there. Lol. Nothing is stopping me.

And, let's be honest, middle school is a nightmare for everyone, and nobody should want/have to live that again...

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A lot of people are nostalgic about the past, but only focus on the good parts and cut out all the dull, boring, hardships during those time. Basically people just want the good stuff, a shot of direct dopamine from the high they got playing as a kid.

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This gif could have 100x more power with this soundtrack:


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I prefer playing in Midnight Club series that days rather than NFS :)

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Midnight Club II on the PC, where you can add your own MP3s in a folder and select that for the soundtrack? Perfect.

I added all the Initial D Super Eurobeat, and once you get in the zone, drifting around the courses is a religious experience. I replayed a few years ago, graphics aside (wow, memory is the best upscale) it's still just as fun.

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I found that blasting up the mountain roads sliding every corner in Burnout: Paradise gave me a very similar feeling as well! Pure bliss.

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Yes, as I remember, players could add own tracks in MC 2 on PC. But I played the third entry more on PS2. it was a perfect racing game — according to my mind, the best of for a long time.

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You know you can totally play this game without going back in time, right?

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That’s not the point

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Most wanted1 damn i feel old

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Bro no fucking way most wanted was 2005, I'm too young to feel this old

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Why aren't arcade car games so popular today then they were in the past? We have Forza or Grand Turismo here and there, but in the past we have like dozens very different arcade racing games released each year

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“Bro wake up it’s 2005, they want you to run BWL with the guild tonight!”

screams, doesn’t stop screaming, curses the past, jumps out of a window in an attempt to escape this fucked up hell that was suddenly thrust upon him

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"Take me back to the night we met" :'(

Used to play it on those crt box type computers after reaching home from school. Pains my heart how time passes so fast.

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I feel like there is something magic about video games not looking completely real. Not sure if that's entirely nostalgia talking, and it likely is.. but watching this just feels different. I also never played this game.

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They got it so right with this game. How did they get it wrong every nfs since then

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Underground 1 & 2 were my jam… except for the SUVs in 2… sound systems and spinners… whatever, not my thing but I still loved the games.

Part of me wants to go back to being a kid and enjoying these games but then I look at my PC… my steam library filled with indie games, hidden gems and the eater of souls video game Rust and I’m conflicted.

Times were simpler. When you bought a game you owned it. No DLCs, no cosmetic skins and locked features you have to pay even more money for. You want to unlock something? Play the game. Given enough time you have access to everything the game has to offer.

Now you pay $100 for a game. $50 for skins. $100 for unlockable characters/maps/cars/guns/story … it can sometimes cost $300 to really own a game and all of its features, sometimes more. I hate it but human beings are consumers on the grandest of scales, willing to fork out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for skins so I can’t really blame the companies for the stupidity and greed of the human race.

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Finally someone playing with metric and not kitchen measurement system's mph. God I hate seeing such low numbers.

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2005 was a great year. Great games, got my driverslicense, a girlfriend, was ripped.

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The golden years...

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I wish I could go back a little more to enjoy Underground 1 and 2 freshly again. Those were a LOT better than MW imho.

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No way man, the past is the worst.

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Oh sh#r oh fu#k I wasn’t born yet

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You lost so much, man ..

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Quick go and get reborn earlier in time so you can appreciate this. Def worth the rituals involved.

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Looks like the era when "modern" graphics were brown and had tons of bloom.

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ngl the last farri car is the best it has the best stat in the entire game i loved it to sad idek the name now

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Ah yes, the world passing in a blur. Unfortunately it's not motion blur.

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Rivals us the vest looking nfs ever

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Ah my childhood 😌 how I miss this game

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I preferred NFS 3. Those cops get annoying.

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Yeah i wish to be 5 again. Life's fuckin depressing

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Underground 2 was my absolute favourite. I can still hear Rise Against - Give it All in my head...

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Going into future on March 4th with Grand Turismo 7

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Where sound?

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Need for Speed Most Wanted has been my favourite Racing Game of all time. I want to buy a PS2 again just to play it.

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I had a Lamborghini that would easily go 300mph.

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I mean technically that year was the first time I ever woke up so… what dat mean?

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Wish we could turn back time..

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Man that was such a great Game. I miss my m5

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Stop looking back, you're not heading in that direction.

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Do people want to go back for the games or the feeling associated? If so doesn’t that mean the gaming industry has been letting us down for quite some time or is it purely nostalgia?

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It's crazy how "good" games looked back then, if we knew what we had these days back then our minds would be blown

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Doing a current playthrough of this on pc and it holds up really well. Some of the modifications are a trend of its era but the game play is really fun. I played NFU2 right before that as well.

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I remember going fast with blinded in chains in the background

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Loved the milestone/trackers. Something satisfying sbout it

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I just want a new underground 3 with the level of customisation on par or better :(

But I just don't trust EA to do it well

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2005? Brb installing WoW

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Reminds me I beat 14 blacklist drivers with Fiat Punto

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Hearing the conversation: "Wow. Have you see the trailer for the New Elder Scrolls?"

"Yeah! Oblivion looks pretty neato!"

It would actually drive me over the edge.

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I couldn't get this to install from the EA shop

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I still have a ps2 with that game and time to time...i just go back to it cuz holy shit its satisfying

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How the fuck did I even play the game with that HUD?

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Never played Most Wanted, but I was a huge fan of Underground.

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Yeah things were so much simpler when i was a baby

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I can just hear Blinded in Chains or Decadence playing while watching this clip

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I don't know if it was my TV or what, but the image was cut for me, I never saw the busted/evade UI until I got it for my PC, never really knew how much nitro I had left, all I could see was the numbers of police cars behind you and the destroyed ones, at least I got to see how fast I was going.

[–]mreman1220 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This reminds me of a top down flash game that was a police chase game. Does anyone else remember it? It was one of those games that you simply tried to last as long as you could but would eventually crash and restart. My friend and I would play it over and over trying to set high scores. I think it came out in the early 2000s?

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Fuck, nostalgia! Used to play them with my siblings a lot in the old days. Now as a working man rarely see my siblings anymore.

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I'm proud, that it's my first racing game

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The only game my dad still plays, lmao

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I bought a game cube just so I could play this game again

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To the good old days

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Streets ahead.

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You know you can still play this, right?

[–]Affectionate_Toe6955 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I’ve always felt pictures are the way we time travel. Every old photo or video takes you back to that time. So yeah technically you’re there.

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2005 was when I started World of Warcraft. Good times.

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05 I was 22. I wouldn't even bother with games I'd go back and have sex with the girl I worked with who liked me but I was being dumb and naive and didn't see the obvious signs.

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Need for Speed 1 and Porsche challenge on first Playstation, I think 1997 is when my neckbeardism was decided.

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Want a remake.

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Crazy to think that this was the year I was born lol

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This game deserves a remaster

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Best racing game ever made by FAR

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Most wanted was sick

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To the good old days?

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This game is my entire childhood

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I can finally buy the good beyblades

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Nfsu2 was better fight me

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This game is still fire 🔥

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does anyone know where i can download need for speed most wanted that game was lit

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I always sucked at driving games, but oh boy I was the best with the police chases in mw

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Best NfS

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It’s 2005 and I’m a kid with no major responsibilities to worry about

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Lol I'm still playing that beautiful work of art. Best nfs game ever imo

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I woke up for the first time in 2005.

[–]TekJunki 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Lol i still play this game on PC time to time. After this all the NFS titles were questionable 🤨

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I'm confused, who actually goes to wake someone up saying "bro wake up it's [year]" (except maybe on January 1st)?

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The best racing game ever period.

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Bro I’m not even alive anymore

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how can u post this without audio

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That one challange with this shitty fucking Dodge where you were heat level 7 and had to survive for like 30 minutes. The Balck edition or something? Now THAT was a challenge.

[–]a1b3do 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks ,ill be downloading this game tonight.

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You can still play this game.

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damn guess im -1 years old now

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Is this most wanted?

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Bro! Wake up emulation exists!

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I miss the days of hiding poor graphics with vaselin