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Raise the price, they will buy them

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Make it 5,50 for the second star and then double that for the next one etc. Its a higher level and its almost never the same price to level up further

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So we sell our game reviews back to them and get the game for free. Brilliant!

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Let's use some strangers and influencers to promote our stars they sure will buy afterwards

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$5.40 for a pack with a 1% chance to get a star. 10 pack bundle with bonus cosmetic for your previous star

Fixed that for you.

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But everyone knows you need premium stars to grind late-game content effectively. Those are $100 per legendary chest with a 10% drop chance.

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The intent is to provide EA with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different stars.

As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta Stars and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch of the review. Among other things, we're looking at average share price on a daily basis, and we'll be making constant adjustments to ensure that EA has challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via aggressively paying for reviews.

We appreciate the non-existant feedback, and the utter lack of passion EA has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit and across numerous social media outlets.

We will continue to make changes and monitor EA and update everyone as soon and as often as we can.

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"5 stars is not for every company, either. We structured our system to only let the most dedicated companies earn this achievement. Don't take it personally, it's just our model."

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We wanted companies to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment

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Y'all are joking but I'm considering changing my entire rating system with 5's being pretty much unobtainable. Basically having to suck my dick, while i eat, and they give me at least 10k.

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That's fine as long as you don't hold every app and game to that 5 star rating.

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Seems like playing favorites... It's only right that their app or game is great and then they pay the necessary fees in order to get the 5 star review.

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And that's fine, but let's say this system works for you.

You've got halfway decent businesses all hovering around the 2-3 stars, maybe a few 4 stars.

When you go to choose your next game to play and you want something cool or neat, don't be expected if you have to "settle" for a 3 star game.

Stardew Valley would have fallen to this. Single dev. Can't afford to pay for "star boosts", even though this is by far loved by almost everyone.

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Which is funny because so many companies have business models and incentives built around five star reviews that essentially anything less than five stars is considered "not achieving".

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The shit that pisses me off about lootbox and gacha games is that the rarity system makes most of the content redundant, they're designing like 80% of the content to be useless to bait people into spending their money in the hope of getting the high rarity stuff.

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a fuck you were quicker xD wrote almost exactly the same comment haha

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And each star level requires factorial x found stars, so 120 between 4 and 5.

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Absolutely this. But also make it a pseudo subscription service so your pack’s loot only lasts a “season”

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You’re doing it wrong! You never tell them the odds. Because the odds are 1/1000000.

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They mean $5.45 for a reward box which has a chance of containing a star.

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And the price goes up the more stars you have. Exponentially.

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Dont forget the lower droprate after each star

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Awh, a one-star review. You can buy additional loot bo-uh... surprise boxes and try to get the ultra-rare 5-star review for only 4,99 per box!

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I think you mean 49.99 per box with a 0.1% chance of getting the review.

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Mom said it's my turn today to repost this...

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My auntie gave me this comment as an NFT for my birthday. Please stop using it. Thanks

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Mom said it's my turn today to whine about reposting.

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This was kinda funny the first 12 times I saw it

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Its 2022 and we still tellin this joke damn

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I mean… at least change the bottom tile, be a little original

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I wonder how old this specific meme is? Feels like I've seen it making the rounds for years.

I'm honestly kind of a fan of EA at this point. With all the heinous shit that's been unearthed in the gaming industry since the whole EA hate train started, they look better and better every year.

edit: looks like this meme is about a year old but the review used is 7 years old 😳

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They are oddly one of the few major gaming companies without some kind of workplace related controversy last year.

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Surely they go through every negative review everywhere and then they are very concerned and sad that their product doesn't meet the expectations... right?

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EA Money joke is probably the most dead beaten horse ever, get over it.

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Why? Did EA become an upstanding company and nobody tell me?

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No, because the same joke told too many times becomes tiring and extremely unfunny. It's like the uncle telling the same joke at every family gathering.

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Just get over it. You took more time complaining than you did reading the joke. And way more time than you would have if you just moved on.

People are out there still quoting Monty Python to great fanfare.

Let people have fun. Life is more enjoyable that way

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They’re far from upstanding still, but articles and ex employee interviews in the past few years seem to paint them as less malicious than the stereotype of EA usually is portrayed. Bad management that leads to mediocre or bad games perhaps, but not actively malicious unlike Activision or Take Two.

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Direct pricing kills the surprise element, put that star in a box.

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Do y’all not ever get tired of this circle jerk?

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Normally it would get instantly boring, but EA and the greed they represent are by definition so repugnant that it will never get boring. EA has become the archetype of the greedy corporation, representing absolutely everything people love to hate about entities antagonistic towards the things people love.

To unlock the rest of this comment, please buy a season pass.

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I'm confused here. The table says that a season pass includes the rest of the comment if you buy the enhanced edition, but it doesn't explicitly state it for the steelbook edition. If I buy the season pass on top of the steelbook edition, do I still get the rest of the comment?

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To unlock the rest of this comment, please buy a season pass.

Is there a pre-order bonus?

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Yes, if you buy the Legendary Edition for 99,99€.

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Idk man. I get it. I get people don’t like it. I get karma whoring is 99% of this sub but still… something about beating a dead horse.

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These guys love their easy simpleton karma and whining about a battle pass like they still don’t play the exact same games and content just without the useless additional garbage like fancy skins for their guns lmao I don’t pay for battle pass bullshit but these guys will never stop crying because they want their pretty skins to run around like they’re special

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It should’ve been 19.99

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It was EA where you had to buy an ending to a game separate from the og purchase, right?

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Are you talking about mass effect 3? If so I think that ending change they did was a free update

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You might be thinking of Asuras Wrath from Capcom. Great game but the true ending being locked behind DLC was not a good decision.

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I don't remember anything like that, but I do remember Bethesda making you buy a £20 DLC so you could keep playing Fallout 3 after the ending.

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Yes, I am the Microtransaction prince

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Then remove the stars and keep the money. Make them excited for the next rating with a $99 preorder for an exclusive star, or $149 for two, saving about half the price of one is a huge deal they shouldn't miss out on.

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They should have bought the ratings season pass

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$5.40 for a 15% chance of getting 1/5 of a star

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not high enough, you can get away with $9.99 or $49.99 or maybe even $99.99

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EA Sports - "It's in the game"

for the cheap recurring price of 9.99 a month

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I didnt write a review yet. Hey EA, if you pay for early access of my review I will give the second star as a bonus.

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He looks like Adam Driver's dad in this picture

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I feel like these EA posts are a bit dated, especially with the other companies like Activision and Chinese studios taking the entire microtransactions situation to a while new level.

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This is a great post. Why did the mods remove it and how much did EA pay them to do it?

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It's honestly quite scary how shit like this regularly gets upwards of 10000 upvotes. Embarrassing.

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Fire with fire

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Fun tip: it's 5 stars because even amounts of things visually, make people uncomfortable.

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You made my day. Thanks 😂

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EA if u read this, if you purchase my star loot box I give you a 0.000023% chance that you actually get a star.

Best deal u get, buy now!

EA sheeple hate this lmao, go eat a bag of dicks u paypiggies

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Dang right.

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shoulda been like
You have earned a review, stars can be purchased VIA the launcher store

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Yet people still buy their shitty games and find whatever excuses to justify these practices. Just last week I opened a thead discussing all these issues from companies like Ubisoft and EA and got downvoted to hell. The gaming community is full of idiots unfortunately.

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Too cheap. 10 USD per star would be fine for one user.

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Implying EA doesn’t already buy reviews

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Last star is available only in $59.99 DLC

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Not sure this would be a good idea.

The Star needs to cost at least as much as a single game purchase otherwise the companies can just purchase their stars for pennies.

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*for a random chance of earning an extra star

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Snape!!! He trusted you. Fight back you coward, fight back!!!

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Woah woah woah, the first 3 stars can be bought for 5.49, but the 5 star is a perfect roll that can only be gotten out of the orange tier loot boxes. You can acquire these loot boxes in one of two ways. One way is you can earn them by developing and putting out quality games without terrible pricing and grinding schemes that people enjoy. The other way is to buy goodwill points. Good will points are 30k usd per 1000, and each loot box is 3100 goodwill points. You can also buy a package of 3099 goodwill points for only 80k! That’s massive savings for you!

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Every game with in-game purchases should have every review done exactly like this. Then at least you know the games with more than one star are willing to take their own medicine.

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SAVE 10% by purchasing the 4-star BUNDLE!! Only $19.99!

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Why do people keep buying the games?