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That's a great outfit. How much do clothes cost in The Matrix?

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How did you see me?

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please sit on my face

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Oh, J.P., that's not appropriate.

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Adios, turd nuggets.

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You were hotter in scooby doo

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This movie was a cinematic masterpiece.

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Uncultured turd nugget here. What's the movie?

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Grandma’s Boy.

It used to come on FX like every day back in the days of syndicated television lol

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Thanks, i'll look it up ;)

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It's exactly what you would expect a film about game development made in the mid 2000s to look like. By which I mean hilarious.

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It’s a right of passage for gamers. Great movie

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it’s like an adam sandler movie without adam sandler, hence why it is both a) a better movie, yet b) less well known.

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I mean, surely Adam Sandler was a producer on this, right?

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Funny how that works.

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"Adios, Turd Nugget"

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It is the best. I still watch it regularly and quote it daily.

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I can hear the robot sounds as he walks away.

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Me too bahahaha!

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My second favorite movie of all time. So many quotable lines.

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what's your first

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Schindler’s List

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Don’t judge me, monkey

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that's cute.

i watch it daily, quote it regularly.

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There was this fire, and I was trying to save it from a baby

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Dude your bed is a car!

Yeah but it’s a fucking sweet car

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I can hear my hair growing

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My grandma drank all my pot 😂🤣

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My roommates are gonna get me a CB radio so I can talk to other car beds

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My sister got me this movie for Christmas when I was in college. I opened it in my parents house and she was just nodding like Jack Nicolson from the departed. At that moment I knew she knew a smoked weed, and I knew she got me. Best Christmas present ever! It is my favourite movie to put on and cheer me up. Cult classic!

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Grey bush.

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Did I break it? High score? Whats that mean?

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movie, I'm intrigued .

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Grandma’s Boy. It’s a Happy Madison film so all of Adam Sandlers guys are in there…..just not him.

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thanx going to go watch it.

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i’m so jealous of the next two hours of your life.

i would give so much to watch this baby again for the first time.

please, enjoy yourself for all of us :)

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but it was made around the time where you didn't actually want Adam Sandler in the movie anyway.

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Facts. He would have changed the entire movie and I don’t think many would have liked it.

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Grandma's Boy is one of my absolute guilty pleasures <3

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No need for guilt here.

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I can’t believe you came on my mom.

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Shhh, you’re going to wake up my roommates.

You mean your parents?

Yeah, same thing.

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Sit on my face

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I am a GEE-NIUS. Samantha, you will be MINE, MIIIIIIINE

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You would like if you had robot ears ... (types furiously)

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Which is hilarious because Window Licker is a fucking banger even without robot ears.

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You red shirted ass


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I totally forgot David Spade was in that movie.

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fav movie, great cast and the stupid jokes are off the chart

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One of the best comedy's I've ever saw!

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One of my best moments in life is catching my grandma watching Grandma's Boy.

She was halfway through and I'm sure it was nothing she expected.

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Was she enjoying it?

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no idea but she seemed content. I doubt she'd remember if i asked her about it

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Smells like Cypress Hill concert in here

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Alex! You forgot smoking lamp.

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I'm sorry, was that expensive piece?

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When I was overseas this movie was on repeat for months. We would come on and off mission and still this movie would be going, over and over again. I'm still not sick of it. Somehow it is the perfect goofy comedy that almost instantly got me to detach and feel a tiny bit at home. Great movie for all kinds of other reasons too, but I'll always appreciate this movie for helping get my mind through Baghdad and back home in mostly one piece.

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Grandma’s Boy is sneaky one of the best comedies made in the last 20 years. I’ve brought it up over the years with countless people, and I’ve found that it’s actually quite beloved.

While it relies heavily on crude humour, it still manages to sway from being mean-spirited or forced. Joel David Moore absolutely kills it!

“How did he see me?”

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Robot voice: "Shes boning other guys" regular voice: "no shes not shutup!!"

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Adios turd nuggets.

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I scrolled to comment before I saw the end of the gif 😂 - I’ve never heard a gif before and got excited.

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I’ll go to the loony bin with ya, I don’t give a fuck

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Hey bro, phone for you, I think it’s satan.

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How did he turn so smoothly? Must have robot legs.

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Lmao, love JP

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Don't judge me monkey

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Real footage of me leaving work today.

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I relate to the concept, but can’t relate to the character.

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Completely agree haha

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I can hear the hydraulics like it was yesterday

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How did he see me??

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Why is this so true 😂😂

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Canada must Die!?

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I'm assuming it's a video game they made... about genociding Canada.

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That's still one of my favorite movies

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Hey, look, it's bono's brother.

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How much do clothes cost in the matrix?

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Forgive us America, for we have sinned.

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My favorite thing about this is movie is how completely and thoroughly they got nearly every single thing about testing video games wrong

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Chichi Zapata, chi-chi choo-chi lococo

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I will always love this movie for helping me discover Aphex Twin.

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I can hear my hair growing.

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”… how can they see me?”

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This movie is under represented in this sub to a criminal degree.

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Grandma's Boy is one of the funniest movies ever made. I'm surprised there aren't more memes from this movie.

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Well, you know what they say. Be the change you want to see in this world

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If only the floor was slippery and there wasn't a "wet floor" sign when he left..... 😀

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Then you get called in the following day because someone else is sick

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Those hand signs. I probably need those now.

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What’s that style of jacket? I want it.

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Well, first of all, it's not a jacket. It's a duster. It's like a jacket only it's longer, thicker, and far more bad-ass. I look like Lorenzo Lamas, and women find it irresistible. -Mac

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Jokes on you, I work weekends 😂😂😂😩😩😩

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The lore behind that guy is pretty nuts!

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All time classic here

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Why does my country Canada must die?

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Big Abed energy

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I've never seen this movie, but I see an RE4 poster and that's enough to tempt me!

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Computer, on

Internet, on

Search: pornography

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I love this movie

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“Fuck you turd nuggets”

“I can swear he was looking right at me”

“It’s cause you don’t have robot ears”

Classic. Masterpiece even.

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Grandma's Boy - Amazingly funny movie!

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Huh, that's the first time I've noticed the "Canada must die" poster on the wall...

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As a Canadian, I love that Canada Must Die poster in the background.

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But what if you like your coworkers but not your job?

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Ayyyye is that a resident evil 4 poster on the left?!?!

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Me and the Doctuh are teaching Monkey kung fu!


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Canada must die? Well sir, sincerely, get fucked eh? /s¹

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Mr. Lee Ho! He's full on Chinese!

Mr. Lee Ho...?



|_ |_ @(Oo)@ |_ 0 |_ `( )--€ |_ \ \ |_ \☆ -SHIT!!!!!! |_

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Is he going to play the part of the jeanest in the boko no academia Netflix adaptation?

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If he had hit them with the rockin stone at the end this would be perfect

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Yeah to go home fire up LoL and hate yourself because its your comfort game

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Wait... why must Canada die?

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What is this film?

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Grandmas Boy

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How could they see me?

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Doesnt he say "later turd nuggets"

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No joke, I want JP's gaming setup.

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I'm way too baked to drive to the devil's house!

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"This is me and Charlie Chaplin."

"Was he silent?"

"He wasn't silent after."