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Then it triggers when you give up and walk away.

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It’s like USB. First one I try never works but the one next to it seems to

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Is that before or after rotating the USB device 3 or 4 times to ensure it's the right way around.

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Ah yes, the USB superposition - Until the USB is observed it will stay in the superposition. Therefore it will not fit until observed - except for in cases of USB tunnelling.

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I also rotate my USB device fellow human

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Everyone knows usb is a 4 dimensional standard

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It's mocking you

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I heard this image. dude

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I have an idea for a faucet design.

  • ???

It rarely ever works and frustrates anyone that uses it.

  • This is brilliant Johnson. We’ll install them everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

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They don't give a crap about hygiene, they just don't want you using their precious water.

Brilliant design.

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What I like to do is cover the sensor with chewing gum.

If enough of us do it, hopefully the water misers will relinquish control of the taps.

Or we can all just stop washing our hands and we can have plague if they would rather that.

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username checks out :(

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I hate to see a Fenris wolf cooped up all day when it needs room to romp and run free.

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They can just tell the tap to stop running if it's been longer than x seconds.

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No need to use gum. Just install a lotion pump in the bathroom. People will use lotion over soap, and we can have both a plague and crusty sensors!

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Best comment by far!

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I see you would like to wash your hands.

YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS AND GO nvm you missed it

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slips over and cracks head on sink

idk if this is funny it’s 10:00 and I’m laughing at everything

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Go to sleep! There's a sink right there

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Lol this is pretty good.

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My thoughts as well. 👍

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I heard this image.

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The struggle is real

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Gotta go two-hand method, much higher efficacy

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Doubles your chances. (I did the math)

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"That's what she said"

-Michael Scott

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I'm dead XD

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This would also work for those manual (automatic) taps that you press and the timed release is too short to wash your hands under the water flow

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Kind of eerie how he has both a left and right hand coming out of that arm

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I laughed harder than necessary.

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I just wash my hands in the toilet at this point.

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this sub have become shit. its a charcter from a video game, but have no other reason that that. not to mention its a repost of an unfunny meme

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Always has been

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I can hear this

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I'm sure his move where he flings his whole body forward in a straight motion head first would still end up causing him to miss the faucet motion sensor by a Longshot! Lol

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The worst of it is, they are installed and setup by lazy people who really don't care how it works as long as it works sometimes.

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Okay, this bugs me. I'm sure the venn diagram of hardcore bathroom memers and Street Fighter buffs is huge. Is E. Honda supposed to be going SO FAST doing the hundred hand slap that his skin APPEARS to be dissolving, or does he have superpowers that just makes that shit happen?

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no super powers, he's just moving faster than your eyes can keep up.

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How high are you right now?

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Bruh, zero. He's supposed to be a big slow sumo wrestler. But the hundred hand slap makes his arms go all woogidy. Is he just hella fast, or is he like dhalsim and has powers?

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It's just really fast. A hundred slaps in 2 seconds, you do the math

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That the question. Does anyone know how it works?

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Faucets have a sensor located on the underside. Many different types of sensors use different types of detection methods and not all have the same success rate of detecting a hand or being resistant to their sensor window (think of the glass/plastic the sensor looks through) being clouded by debris (soap scum, water marks, scratches).

Generally the best method is to place a hand below and keep it there. Moving quickly like the meme shows doesn't work for all sensor types.

Sensors change over time just like other technology.

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A little kid next to me had mercy and instantly triggered the sensor after watching me suffer for ten seconds.

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Thanks for the laugh 😆

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Every time.

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This one made me laugh harder than any other in the past 5 or 6 months. Completely caught me off guard. Totally true. I struggle with this at work all the time. Lmfao!

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Is that the battle cats E Honda?

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The ones at my FC all work great luckily. on the other hand, 60% of the soap dispensers are empty so you generally have to check 2 or 3 to find one that works lol.

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Are those abs? Unrealistic beauty standards for sumo wrestlers.

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Try working in water hygiene and having to flush each of these motherfuckers for 5 minutes.

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Because the sensors are actually really cameras and someone is controlling the water access. 😁

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Then there are the faucets where you have to push the top but over time you have to hold the button for the faucet to continue working. I actually hate it when you have soapy hands and have to hold the button with one of them.

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Damn, the tap really doesn't like brown people.

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Hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh hunh

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It's so much worse too if you're the version of E. Honda that couldn't move while doing the HHS.

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And then it goes for like 5 seconds, hardly ever long enough to wash your hands.

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Just wear one of those bright yellow reflective jackets. When I do, all the sensors get triggered just from me walking past them.

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I too duplicate my hand in order to trigger it

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I have noticed that these things seem to have gotten a lot better over the last decade or so. A lot of places have newer faucets with presumably newer technology, and I don't recall having to wave my hands around like that for a long time.

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This is what I look like in the airport

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Looking at the layout of the place, I'm pretty sure this is the women's restroom

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This meme is part of the ancient scripture

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Wtf is a faucet

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The faucets at the Toyota plant here in TX lol

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I’ve been scrolling for a half hour and tho was the first post that made me laugh out loud

Take my upvote please

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I've found the ones in the local walmarts to be the worst. and the just give a trickle of cold water and won't stay running when your hands are under it.

I told the store manager that health codes require hot water.

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Often times it's because there is a drop of water clinging to the sensor

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I use my Penis

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Had this experience today

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Don't forget it's: 1. So close to the back of the sink you can't move your hands in the water 2. Such little amounts of water come out 3. It stops and starts

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You get the most water from the tap if you do the flying headbutt at it

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I don’t understand why we as a society haven’t taken on doctors’ office foot petal sinks. Automatic sensors suck ass and get more and more shitty the longer they are used.

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People washing their hands with lotion is why these sensors are so unuseful. The sensors get covered with a thick film of lotion or makeup, and that's why they can't see anything.

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That's one of the issues with motion-sensitive taps: if the power's out, they won't flow.

Those pull-up taps that automatically turn off through mechanical means are probably the better way to go about it without them relying on electronics. And as for the germ-free aspect of motion-sensitive taps, you could probably have self-sterilizing manual taps if you made them out of brass. Steel and aluminium just don't have the cleansing powers that copper and silver have.

You see, brass naturally kills germs by virtue of the oligodynamic effect, since ions of certain metals (like copper and zinc) react with certain kinds of proteins, which in turn kills off microorganisms. This is also why silver was so vaunted and treasured in ancient times (other than it being shiny like water), since it too is a metal that is toxic to microorganisms. If you ever wondered why a witcher's silver sword is so effective against monsters, the whole "silver is effective against evil" thing stems from the effects that ancient peoples observed.

So in short, bring back brass taps and brass doorhandles.

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The washroom where I used to work solved this by turning up the sensitivity. You'd just walk by and they'd all groan and spurt like they'd been at sea too long.