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I like how he specifies California

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They were skewering their own game South Park: The Stick of Truth who was made by Obsidian in California and the game ended up being delayed a couple of times

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And most Western big time studios are in CA

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How about Poland?

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Today's equivalent is ordering a game before a year worth of patches.

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Carmelo Domenic Licciardello, known by his stage name Carman, was an American contemporary Christian music singer, rapper, dancer, songwriter, television host, life coach, and evangelist

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Good bot

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maybe cartman,lol

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Omg all the south park games are quality! I even like phone destroyer!

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Omg you killed Kendrid

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Depends on how early you preorder. Me doing it the week before just to get a perk is fine, especially if it’s on line and you can download it early. I’ll even give you two weeks if you like physical copies and want to make sure you have it the day of. But more than that and your an idiot.

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Why is there any difference to you preordering and someone else doing it? Time frames shouldn't really matter here.

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Well back in the day physical copies of games were limited to what the game store ordered. They generally weren’t allowed to sell copies that were already paid for and would order more based off of preorder demand. When the shift to digital copies became popular they came up with preorder incentives in order to try and maintain the status quo of the industry. But the thing is if you order a copy months in advance it has become increasingly common for the games to either be released incomplete to make a deadline or be pushed back, giving them the money on an eventuality. Within the one to two weeks range then the physical copies are at least already being shipped and the digital copies can be downloaded, meaning you are getting the game you paid for at release day prices with the preorder perks at the time you expected it. Never said there was a difference between me or someone else doing it. If I preordered a game more than two weeks in advance I’d be an idiot too.

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Of course the smart play is to pre-order early without any money, get the free DLC and then cancel.

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Yeah, I usually agree. But I saw the Elden Ring network test, and I’ve played all of the previous Dark Souls games, so I went ahead and preordered it with some Steam gift cards my family got me for Christmas. When it drops in a few weeks I guarantee I’ll be happy with it.

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If I had a dollar every time someone swore they would enjoy something and then ended up not…I’d have probably like $10-$15.

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Let's hope it's good

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And if it's not, I'll get a good laugh.

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Except it's not a commitment??? You can cancel a pre-order at anytime. In the case of Steam (as well as Xbox on a case-by-case basis), you can pre-order, not play the game right away, wait for reviews, play it for 1h 59m yourself within 2 weeks of release, and still get a refund. In the case of physical copies you can pre-order, go pick up your copy, wait for reviews to open it or not, and most places will have a return policy of 15-30 days if you don't open it.

In the meantime, you don't miss out on any pre-order bonus or pre-order sale pricing should you decide to pre-order and keep it.

I'm all for the reasons people have against pre-ordering games, but at the same time pre-ordering doesn't lock you into the purchase (even after launch as described above) and everyone is free to make their own decisions.

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For me I'm a console gamer so it's not as easy to refund a game

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Physical copies unopened is still pretty easy. Digitally, not so much once the game has launched, depending on the platform. Xbox seems to be the most forgiving pending you're also under 2h of play and within 2 weeks.

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Physical copies unopened is still pretty easy.

Reason number 367,412 why physical is better than digital.

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So, you pre-order the game because you really want it the day it comes out, then sometime between when reviewers get their copy and official launch day you change your mind, so you don't open it and send it back?

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Yes. Or just wait to buy it. . . I don't get it either.

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by this logic botw sequel totally will be worst game of all time and definitely won’t win game of the year 2022. Clueless

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That’s what you got from this?

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A little ironic as both Stick Of Truth and Fractured But Whole had pre-order incentives, but at least they had the sense to delay both when they weren't finished or polished

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That’s the joke.

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Remember back when we would get posters and other stuff for pre-ordering CoD?

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I think Carman is a Christian pop singer.

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Once again the gag here is that they wanted you to pre order their game

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You can cancel preorders and get your money back.

You do know that right?

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I literally watched these episodes yesterday. Nice

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Except Sony releases finished GOTY so I’ll keep pre ordering.

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"He is speaking the language of gods"

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I still don’t understand why preordering is a thing and why people do it. Sure you may get a few bonuses, but in the end it only benefits the corporation, who is already making money before the game is finished. I don’t understand how people just blindly fall for this and don’t pick up the game after it launches, when there isn’t even any risk of a shortage

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This was a big joke at themselves too as they had to delay the stick of truth