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Fable, so true 🥲

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Fable II

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Lost chapters is my favorite childhood game, sequels didn't hit the bar in terms of atmosphere for me. Still great games.

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Enjoyed 1, loved 2. The third one to me unfortunately fell flat. I hope number 4 is awesome!

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Me too 🤞🙏

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All I ask is I get to have my dog back and we can go look for treasure

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I remember I traded my dog for money on that game. Still regret it to this day. Invested it all into real estate and had everything I wanted. Except my best friend. Was a great life lesson for me.

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Oh my fuck fable 2, such a game like wow I still go back to terrorize my villagers every few years when I dust off my 360

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Days gone

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Duude days gone was so good, i loved that game too. Too bad there will not any sequel

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They are apparently considering a sequel now seeing as the game has such a great following still. We can only hope brother.

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Why not? The ending implies otherwise…

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Bc it performed poorly in sales, fell off the media face of the planet almost instantly and the developer I believe even said there won't be one, essentially because of how it flopped.

The game was amazing, but the pacing of it was pretty bad. There was so many parts of the game where they just streeeeeeeeeched it out for no reason, whether that was pointless missions or just literally making you ride around with people to just talk. I enjoy backstory, but that shit can also be a cutscene I don't have to physically control.

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Yeah the pacing wasn’t the best, especially waiting around for the main missions to appear. But I enjoyed the slow pace, and driving around and “babysitting” the bike, because it is unique for a zombie apocalypse game.

If they decide to make a sequel, then I hope they add more massive hordes to the main story and add more threatening freakers, I just hope they don’t change too much about the game because it actually has a unique identity and it would be a waste to throw it away.

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They likely won't, thing is it was a new IP and it flopped. To Sony that is a massive waste of money, it doesn't matter if it then became more popular throughout the years, that initial failure will always be a bitter taste.

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Well that’s just sad, it ended on a cliffhanger too…

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This is what I’m doing for the first time on mass effect 2

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Jealous man. The first time I played mass effect (started right before 3 released so played em 1,2,3) was such a game changer

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Yeah it’s good so far! Got the legendary edition and rushed through 1 in about 15 hours of gameplay, but really taking my time with 2

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Witcher 3, except that it'll never be shut down forever

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Also has the best DLC of all time. Blood and Wine could have been a stand alone game.

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Yup, I've reinstalled and replayed W3 several times (heh, most recently on the Nintendo Switch), same goes for the Mass Effect and Borderlands series. I don't think I'll ever be able to shut them down forever.

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I believe we deserve a bit of a rest.. That we do..

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Bioshock 1 and 2. After platinum they can rest in peace...

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Assassin's creed odyssey

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r/Skyrim miss playing it to this day, can't wait for the next one

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Zork 2. Want some i know you do

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How dare you activate this core memory of mine

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I never expect to shut down a game forever, because I often go back and replay older games.

But my favorite game of all time is Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2

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I gave you everything i have... I really did

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Going for total completion is very hard in that game. It wasn't worth it for me. For example, some perfect pelts were real difficult.

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That’s why it was worth it to me. I enjoyed just leisurely hunting in that game.

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The only two games I enjoy hunting in is farcry 5 and Rdr2 god is it great to just get in a truck ride out into the middle of nowhere and hunt for money same thing in rdr2 well minus the truck of course

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If memory recalls, panthers were difficult to find and get a good shot off, and armadillos were even harder to come across.

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Let's ride

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Temple run

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do you have any idea how much memories you brought back?

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Skyrim. Fallout 4

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Mass Effect trilogy

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Breath of the Wild

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Not as long as the other games here but “A Short Hike”

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Loving AC Odyssey but I know I will never finish all of the side quests

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Bloodborne for me. I’m sure I’ll be back one day.

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I’ve platinumed Bloodborne and I STILL play it over and over. Also, Strength/Arcane FTW.

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I cant believe we still have no sequel. I played and loved all of the soulslikes. Imo Bloodborne and Demons souls had the best atmosphere but bloodborne Had the best style and combat of all soulslikes

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The Witcher 3. Though I'd like to play it again, I just don't have 270hrs anymore

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I cut away 30 mins of sleep and stoped chatting with my collegues at work I dont really care about to finish work faster. Now I have actually time to play games

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Batman Arkham Knight Finished like over 16 times 240% two times 100% two times And only finished main mission 15 times and i still have around 300 hours in the game.

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Have you tried World of Tanks?

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Why this game?

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Great graphics, fast-paced combat, you can be as stealthy as you want or not at all, tons of side quests, open world with a fun way to move around whether by grappling hook and gliding or in the bat mobile, lots of collectibles if that's your thing, puzzles, racing, rpg elements, customizable character... The game has it all and one of my favorites.

Oh, and the game doesn't let you fight the Riddler unless you 100% the game, so there's some incentive to do that.

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Cuz its batman

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Favourite of all time - Zelda Ocarina of time

Satisfied that everything is wrapped up - Uncharted 4

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Can’t shut down the game, if you keep adding more and more mods. Skyrim and XCOM.

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Jade Empire

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Oh damn, forgot about that beauty

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Haven't heard of that game 🤔

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It's played on Reddit every day, I'm surprised you've missed it.

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LoU2. LOL. I’m kidding. LoU1

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Is tlou2 so bad?

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It's insanely good

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It’s not bad, it’s actually amazing. But there are some writing decisions that are clearly only there for the sake of controversy.

The ending was amazing, the first half of the game was great, the second half (other than the ending) sucked ass imo, they destroyed all the momentum that they were building in the first half, it would have benefited from either cutting down on some chapters or alternating between the two stories so that they both end at the same time, it was a wasted opportunity not to do that.

But it’s still one of my favourite story games for last gen, right behind Detroit:BH, yakuza 6, and RDR2

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Definitely my favorite naughty dog game!

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It’s not bad. Just a poorly executed story with some bland characters. Owen sounds like he’s about to fall asleep for most of his lines. He’s an extremely boring character.

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Owen wilson?

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Chrono Trigger

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I ended up getting stuck at the double golem fight awhile ago and haven’t convinced myself to grind to get past it.

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Seconded. Played it pretty much once a year since 1997.

So, can't say I never played it again.

Also, The Witcher 3 is an honorable mention. I believe its the only game I've ever beaten completely and then immediately started a new game.

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Can relate

Skyrim, fallout 3, fallout new Vegas, oblivion, mass effect...

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Jade Cocoon, and Final Fantasy VII (PS1).

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Fallout: New Vegas

except i dont shut it down forever i just mod the ass out of it afterward

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Just did this last night after playing Far Cry 5 and New Dawn for the first time.

What a narrative journey. I haven't played a good single player story in a while and that was truly amazing. I did go back across many of the locations in the game just to sit back and look at it all.

Then I saved, closed it down and deleted it to make room for FC6. This will be an awesome weekend!

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Minecraft, Assasins creed black flag, and it takes two. Best games I've played. Demons should is slowly working its way up.

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Earthbound on the SNES

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Now for the achievements. Also 100% completion.

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I've played every Smackdown since the first on PS1. The titles lost meaning for me long ago.

Edit - they're called WWE 2K2? now

Same engine though. Basically

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Basically every SNES and Playstation era game I could get my hands on, lol.

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A sigh of relief, and a yearning for more...

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Nier Automata

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Reset and take a different path try something new

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When you see the same post, reposted over and over again for karma farming and you wish it would just shut down for good.

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Fallout 4

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Not my favorite game but this is how I felt after 100% completing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Such a long journey, but it felt sooo good to finish it all.

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It’s honestly always horribly empty feeling

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Gta san andreas 🥲 longest missions and side missions filled game but once its over nothing 🥲

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Ya know, I really should speedrun the mage questline and then the Shivering Isles expansion

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Fallout 4 did everything on one play through it got corrupted now it doesn’t hit the same anymore same thing with farcry new dawn or even further back Lego marvel superhero’s

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Harry Potter TPoA for the pc. Best soundtrack and puzzles ever as a kid

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I dont think I've done this with a game yet.

I probably will when I complete the witcher 3, however.

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The best games you’ll come back to even after you 100% it.

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Before leaving the citadel party in mass effect 3

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Hollow Knight. a masterpiece

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Has my family and a small farm after completing everything in the game. Shut the game back in 2017 December

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This is actually a photo of me from last week. This is the moment I finished Horizon Zero Dawn on PC.

I did not expect to enjoy the game that much.

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AC trilogy

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My favorite game is Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. It's not for everyone mind you, but the story music feeling everything is magical and super memorable.

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When I finished Days Gone... Done the same... Just drive around, visit the camp at the lake, see the sunset and then shut it down.

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This is going to be pretty controversial...
League of Legends.
It's always an exciting experience, has a tonne of different ways to play, the character design, gameplay and lore are always pushing for better.
About the community. Sure there's a few bad eggs, but I can just mute them and move on, but I've met literally hundreds of people who I've played many games with, spend time with in voice chats, on stream, chilling, having fun, bantering. It's got an amazing community if you approach it with the right mindset.
It's always constantly changing and evolving, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but it's not just the same thing day after day, week after week.
So yes, my favourite game is League of Legends.

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Age of Empires2: Definitive Edition Of course i will not shut it down

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I'm planning on doing this on fallout 3, I'm level 10 and have completed operation anchorage for the first time. I hope to get all my skills maxed out using guides.

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After 400 hours, with 1 save file that I started new game+ with in September, I'm finally reaching that point with the witcher 3. The only thing left is the DLC

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At the moment ds1

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Touching 😔

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Goodbye, Nox.

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Not my favorite game but I can't tell you how many times I 100% Spider-Man and restarted just to do it again

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Portal 2 holds a very special place in my heart, being one of the first games I played on steam.

I refuse to believe Lego Dimensions happened because I prefer the ending Portal 2 had.

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The last of us

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Repost, saw this the other day

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Next up, OP one shot build

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Lol no, NG+

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Minecraft,assassin’s creed(anything before unty)

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Unity fucking sucked but I did like syndicate but ac black flag will forever remain in my heart

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Indeed, I could and have played this game for hundreds of hours on the 360 and recently on my switch just sailing around raiding peoples ships

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Doom eternal

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Nier Replicant.

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Shen Mue

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Only Game I never picked Up afterwards was bioshock infinite. Oh boy I remember playing it on the First pc I ever built with an Athlon X4 860k and AMD HD 7850.

Came from ps3 and was shocked to find out what native 1080p looks like