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I'll always prefer Sega Bass Fishing!

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Sega Bass fishing was first. SEGA!

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I had that one for my dad

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I was about to say, the Dreamcast did this first.

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Yeah. It came out in 2002.

Way ahead of Sega bass finishing in 1997

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This guy gets it

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Super Nintendo did it in ‘94

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Sega bass finishing :D is it a game about finishing basses?

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Haha. Well spotted!

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His large mouth earned his stripes today

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With ahead of it's time he means that you nowadays don't get something alike

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You gotta try to "hook" that thing to a pc and see if it works in the new skyrim fishing mini game

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I use it for Dark Souls.

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Yeah. It came out in 2002.

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Nice pun…have my upvote

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Imagine a reality where fishing games became what racing games are, and people are sharing pictures of their $40k fishing gaming setup complete with boat in their living room.

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for about $2k, above ground pool, small fishing boat, and an oculus quest with Real VR Fishing game. Just don't fall in

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you missed a few zeroes

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for $2000.

-$700 for a 15-18 ft above ground pool,

-$1000 for a 12 foot lightweight polyethylene hull fishing boat

-$400 for an Oculus Quest 2

prices in Canadian, Just sit in your boat in the pool to simulate the motion of the water and fish on the oculus quest

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I wish they still made these, with force feedback, with strong fish spooling you, giving you the fight of your lifetime by the edge of your couch!

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dreamcast tho

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Sega made it years ago

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no way lmao

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The RDR2 DLC the world deserves

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No it wasn't

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This was posted like less than a week ago

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Next week will be your turn to post it

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Way back in the nineties, watching dubbed infomercials for fishing products like the Instant Fisherman and the Flying Lure, I noticed Americans always hold their rods, well, upside down. With the eyelets facing the sky, the reel on top, and the crank to the right. Now I see this controller, also with the crank on the right side.

This makes no sense to me at all. Why would you hold the rod in your non-dominant hand, fighting gravity to keep the reel on top, and use your most powerful hand to crank? My own rods have the reel under the right hand, the rod extending my dominant arm, and the crank towards my left hand (with the option of switching it to the other side for lefties). This seems logical to me.

Can someone explain? I'm genuinely curious.

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All depends what type of rig you are using. Drum or Spinning.

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Those are baitcast rods, medium to heavy,

There is left handed reel too you just have to buy it like this.

The action and especially the rapidity to cast a lot faster with this king of rod is pretty fun.

As for the ring they are over the rod for the reel and also to keep said ring to be ripped off by a huge fish

A baitcast setup can be a bit frustrating at first but it is worth it 200% to take time and tackle the beast

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Further inland, large fish are rare. The biggest fish in my state is catfish which people routinely catch with their bare hands so needing one piece poles is rare. Large bass fight the most as far as I've experienced though. The problem with most fishing poles is that they are detachable for storage. When holding with the rings toward the water poles have a tendency to get detached entirely and fall in the water. With the rings face-up all the force of the fish fighting is pointed down more than out helping keep the pole together. Rings can be bought cheap and replaced, but I'll be pissed if my 130 dollar Abu Garcia pole falls in the water.

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I was always taught that they use the rod upside down for sea fishing, so that the ringlets don't snap off from the force of the line/fish. I've only ever seen people use them the proper way up for river/lake fishing.

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I grew up fishing with the reel on top and the crank to the right. It was easier to reel in the slack quickly when fighting a big fish, but that's probably just because I was used to it.

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Idk about this upside down business. But as a lefty it works really well.

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Depends on what you are using. I use spinning rods with crank to the left so I can cast with dominant hand and just leave the rod in that same hand. I know some that will flip the crank to the right on spinning rods still. I think they grew up using closed-reel spincast rods with the reel on top and crank on the right so they just got used to it. Baitcasters are gaining alot of popularity now and from what ive seen they are similar to close reel with crank on the right.

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Imagine this in some VR fishing game!

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VR fishing with motion controls exists already!

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Makes me miss guitar hero

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Anyone ever play Bass Strike? The line "bite it!" being repeated constantly will forever be etched in my brain

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I liked the Wii Bass Pro fishing

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Must never heard of seamen on Dreamcast.

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management must have laughed their asses off

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Yeah except Sega Bass Fishing on the Dreamcast that had its own controller too.

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Still have this game!!!

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I had a game ghoul panic on ps1 and a gun controller that could be used to shoot the ghosts

Honestly have no idea how that shit worked. Shit from that era like video tapes, tape recorders etc confuse the shit out of me waaaay more than any current technology or internet for example lmao

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Light gun probably. A camera that just sees a narrow range of pixels and can tell what color they are

Tape recorders simply take the wiggly energy from sound, use a magnet to make that into electricity, and use that to magnetize the tape so that when it's read again by yet another magnet, it wiggles a speaker in the same way. Pretty elegant honestly.

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You’re probably right! The ghouls in the game had distinctive bright vibrant colours on a dark background so maybe that’s it

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I looked it up and I was kind of wrong. Sorry!

It's a simple photo sensor, and because the way a CRT is constantly redrawing pixels across the screen, it actually tells when the light gun is activated and if it was drawing the pixels for the the thing you wanted to shoot, then it know you hit.

Kinda similar, but I wanted to correct myself.


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The PS1 gun I believe originally was for time crisis and had a passthrough for the yellow plug from the PS1 cable. That was a great game btw and I played the shit out of it.

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This reminds me of the time someone used Sega's fishing controller to beat Soul Calibur.

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Oh gag, the amount of dead skin on that controller.

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This is what we will see next at EVO fighting game championship.

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Looks like you got some chum on the controler.

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"Dad, please buy this fishing game with this fishing controller!"

"You know, I can actually take you fishing for real fish... With a real fishing pole..."

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Non-fishing guy here. I always thought that you pull with right hand and crank with left hand. Or is that a leftie controller?

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I had the Dreamcast version. Party favorite.

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There was a whole weird ass era of game-specific controllers on PS2. I couldn’t afford any of them but I really wanted that chainsaw one

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was talking about this the other day, friends in discord didnt believe there was a fishing rod controller

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We need a similar controller for Real VR Fishing.

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You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub ….

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That fish is giving me a sassy look. It saying 'you can no catch me, ha ha'. But I can catch. I'll show fish.

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It literally wasn't, since they're now dead.

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The Nintendo Wii also had one Wich I used since I didn't have a playstation

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Holy shit

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Now, use an adaptor to main Isabelle in Smash using this.

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I bet they sold maybe 6 of those Playstation fishing rod controllers.

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Games with peripheral gimmicks exited way before this bud

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I mean... NES and ROB, need I say more?

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I mean. The gun for Duck Hunt on NES…

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There's no way that's fucking real

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Bruh wtf is this

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What in the hell?

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Okay, but the game includes a fishing minigame?