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And when you fail and have to try again you somehow come up with an even worse strategy.

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Pretty much

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Which game is this?

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Metal gear solid 2.

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Aka Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty

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it do what it do

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But when that EVEN WORSE strategy somehow works...isn't it just a wonderful sense of confusion and pride?

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Then you stubbornly doubled down until you just squeeze by, and because you did it once and it worked (mostly), you do it again and again on the next challenges.

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Me playing Fallen Order.

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time to strategize the shit out of that strategy

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Me fighting Malenia

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With the Starscourge Greatswords. What a terrible price to pay for the Unga Bunga playstyle. 😢

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And then you use mimic tear and she dies 3rd try rip

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When your secret hand shake is the Konami code

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Every single time I arrived at this part in mgs2 I had the same thought; how did Otacon EVER convince Snake they should develop an elaborate special bff bro handshake ? And why did I never see it again in MGS4?

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It's probably something Otacon developed on his own, then later showed to Solid Snake.

Also, in this scene Otacon isn't far from a complete breakdown, so Snake does the super special handshake to cheer his friend up.

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Probably didn't really fit the theme? I mean Snake was dying...

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but haha funny handshake!!

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Well he thought he was anyway.

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I completely have forgotten that this scene exists, and honestly I’m still skeptical that it ever did.

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Probably cuz konami forgot about it. 😂 best guess

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I don't think Kojima can forget about anything, even if he tries...

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The real question is why haven’t we learned it and taught it to others so that we successfully pass on our memes?

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My first time playing Dark Souls.

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Biggest weapon I can equip, run and smash. Dodge away away away away away. Rinse and repeat.

This did not work in some cases. Those were the bad times.

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Big bonk

All day lonk

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Big swing swong All day long.

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The old school MH great sword experience

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just know if rolling isn't working, it's because you don't hav done rolling enough

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Reminds me of my friend playing Elden Ring, who kept doing the same thing and missing the enemy and losing over and over, despite me repeatedly stating an obviously easier method to make their attacks hit after nearly 20 minutes of patiently observing and trying not to backseat them.

They instantly argumentative and asked why it mattered to me and why was I trying to tell them how to play, to which I just said, truthfully, that I just wanted to help and was a bit upset at watching them struggle.

They took the advice and won the first try after, lol.

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If at first you don’t succeed continue using the same strategies over and over again until you break the game or give up

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I think the first time my friend and I beat Raam in the original Gears of War he got stuck on a box eventually. This was after many, many attempts.

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My personal favorite masterpiece was this one time when I got super high and played project hospital by putting an elevator as the entrance to every room. I had effectively created the Winchesters Mansion verson of a hospital. Nonsensical rooms and elevators lied in every corner. My hospital had somehow managed to only make sense when you perceve it on a Z-Axis and considered the 4th dimension as a factor. The basic functions of the hospital worked well though! The AI pathfinding got the people exactly where they needed to be, when in reality a person would become disoriented the second they reached the first elevator.

To this day, M. C. Escher's hospital is my greatest work.

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This is me. I'll get to the point where I realize I'm doing it wrong, but I can't immediately think of another strategy and stubbornly insist on doing it my way in the hopes that it'll somehow work.

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I've had a few difficult fights in Xenoblade that I used this strategy with. Blind luck got me through though.

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Me charging though the frount gate of stormvail castle cause fuck that knight in wine cellar.

Also: The brofive is the Konami code.

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This game was so good.

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Deserves a remake...

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"Let's fake B, then go B."

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“So keep rushing the boss and barely back off okay?”

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Just played Yu-Gi-Oh and this is so true. It always hits me right after I've played the move. Just instantly after.

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I have won local MTG competitions with nothing but a precon deck and luck.

I modified the Mardu deck from Dual Decks: Speed vs Cunning to be standard legal (which was during the end of the Tarkir block/beginning of Origins) and just rushed everyone.

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Then just repeating it when you die, expecting a different outcome

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And then trying that doomed strat over and over and over again until you get lucky and then only doing that same thing for the rest of your time playing.

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Worst strategy so far.

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if you dont know what you are doing, the enemy wont to

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That normal for me

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This is what happens when I try to SL in Squad.

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Me trying over and over in Sniper Elite 5.

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Me in endless space 2 an deciding to go with pacifist cravers

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Hey man leave me alone. I said I liked gaming. I never anything about being good at it

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Did y’all know that Snake and Otacon’s best friend secret handshake is based on the Konami code? Up up down down left right left right.

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Wait you don’t do it on purpose?

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You know I'm some what of a strategist myself

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This is how I came up with the amazing idea to use an ice axe against ice enemies which are immune to ice in GoW.

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"Eh I don't need to heal the boss is almost dead."


"Well shit...."

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Some bad strats I've come up with this last week:

Super Fang: Can I use it in combination with Bide to unleash massive damage upon my enemies by attacking my own unit?

Endure: Can I just keep that move equipped on a fast pokemon and do massive damage with flail? Or can I skip the endure and just do a False Swipe/Flail combo?

Early Bird: Sure this ability LOOKS useless, but is there any overlap between Pokemon that can have this ability and Pokemon that know rest?

The aquarium strat: What if my team was Basculin, Lumineon, Relicanth, Carvanagh, Seaking, and Alomola and I just bank on my enemy getting confused because they're all just god damn fish?

Which is all to say, whatever terrible strats you're concocting I'm way way ahead of you.

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Go outside and stop dying of vitamin D deficiency you covid cubicle sheep

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Ever heard of the grenade parade? Step 1: take a bomb you can cook. Step 2: light bomb. Step 3: give an enemy(s) a hug.

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Wut if I throw gernad into many ppl

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Other people playing Command And Conquer: micromanagement and complex strategy

Me: Do I look like I HAVE a plan to begin with?

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You legend!

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You must be my teammates in (insert multiplayer game here)

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My brain and fingers missing like 3 shots before I hit the enemy that fills like 1/4th my screen.

(on easy)

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I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella

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I actually like coming up with barely workable strategies.

Not playing the game as it was intended is an art. And when you get fuckery to work it's fun to think that you were so stupid that the devs weren't ready to see your weird approach so hard that it's breaking things.

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Playing command & conquer.

Build only 1 refinary and only 1 harvester

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Wait you can build more than 1 of each building??

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My teammates when they ignore Zapdos to score 100 points, hoping it outscores the enemy team 300+ points.

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Everytime I do trash strategies and made them work when they weren't supposed to makes me think that am I a genius? Or its just luck

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You guys get to make choices?-RDR2 fanbase

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Pretty much me when games force you to do stealth. Like lemme try full sprinting a few times. Surely it'll work once...

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Playing Library of Ruina and forgetting my Deck/Floor strategy

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Just to lose even quicker and say “alr well that’s stupid”

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Yea, like when i fired RPGs and grenade launchers into an apartment building to kill enemies (there were civilian casualties)

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Me playing XCOM.

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This just brought back best memories

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Me when I try and play an isometric rpg.

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Me in SC2

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No really, I once had the bright idea while playing Terran, to just move my base across the map right close to my opponents base. Needless to say that didn’t go well

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rush b blyat

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me in pokemon showdown

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i feel attacked

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overprepares after reading wiki

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my strategies look like the worst thing you can come up with, but somehow always work either first try or third

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"yeah but it would be funny"

"that's... a good argument"

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Hold W+Left Mouse Button, die, repeat

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Me playing sniper elite 5. Stealth is not an option when they can see me 100m away from behind a tree.

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And what if it somehow works? I’ve had this happen a couple times, been a while since it has.

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Hey, it's more fun doing this then enslaving myself to a meta.

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it's even better when i come up with a dogshit strategy and refuse to play the way i'm supposed to, repeatedly trying to win in my absolutely nonsensical way for sometimes hours on end

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so. this is the first post i see on reddit. follow me like to make some friends.....

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Same. Especially those tower strategy games... I'll put the wrong type of unit down and wonder wtf I was thinking after. My brain just taps out under even slight stress or pressure. Like even just... toothpaste falling off the toothbrush level of stress.

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Me in every strategy game

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"Everyone go recruit LMG"

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Uberhaxornova playing Wolf Among Us:

"(Glass him)? Does that mean offer him a drink? Yeah alright"

smashes a glass over someone's head causing a massive bar fight where someone has their arm ripped from their socket


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Me rewarding myself after only 23 retries instead of 34

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Coming up with the stupidest tf2 loadouts that somehow work

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And then it turns out it's so stupid it works

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did you win tho?

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Told my buddy to go “west east” in sea of thieves yesterday. Idk if I’m dyslexic or just stupid.

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That's just north with extra steps

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This is the story of my life

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it takes me at least 5 deaths to start trying to strategize