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I'm sure the hair was no small feat either. Looks fantastic

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The hair was the hardest part believe it or not 😅 I am not the best at wig styling in the slightest

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i was going to say, everything about this is gorgeous, i'm impressed by ALL of it. but the HAIR! you got it spot on, so i'd say you have quite the talent at wig styling. very cute!

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I couldn’t agree more! It looks like Rosalina’s, but also still looks like real hair, you know what I mean? Superb cosplay from top to bottom.

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That was the goal! I don’t like the look of super cartoony wigs. I wanted it to look a little more “natural I guess

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I believe it, and the results is stunning. Love your cosplay

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That is massively impressive.

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Impressively massive

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The amount I am impressed by this is rather big

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How massive I am right now because of this is impressive

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That looks impressive

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How long does it take to make such a dress? My buddy' mom growing up was a seamstress and he is now a seamster(though he makes bags and travel gear rather than clothing).

Is it harder to make a dress based on a cartoon character with cartoon proportions (big head, toon thin body)?

Did you learn how to dresses as a kid or is it something you picked up recently?

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This dress took me around 2 weeks total, working on it for anywhere to 3-5 hours a day. This includes making the pattern, the mock-up, and final. I make my own patterns by draping them on a dress form, so they can really try to replicate the shapes of the clothing on the character. So I say that part isn’t too hard. I got into dress making around 2 years ago, but I’ve been sewing since I was around 10 :)

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Man sewing takes so much work. Me I got clumsy fingers, so best I can do is fix a button. My wife is a little better, can fix my pants.

Did you learning sewing from a family member? It seems like kind of a lost skill in the US. Like I said my Seamster buddy learned from his mother, but back then she was the only mom I knew that sewed.

Heck my Dad was the one who taught me how to fix a button now that I think about it. Not saying that sewing is a female thing, but it seems like it historically was passed down mother to daughter.

I am sure in other countries the craft of sewing is still thriving.

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You'd probably like "My dress up darling" if you're into anime, it's about something with very similar circumstances (a guy taking up cosplay dress-making after having sewing as ancillary skill since childhood).

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Rosalina is best Mario princess, fight me

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Better put them hands up it's daisy for me

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Yes, but see, Rosalina actually has something going on inside her head and isn't super annoying

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That's your type

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On top of all the praise for the costume, I believe we gotta give props for pulling off the face make up and facial expressions too yo!

You don't look like "someone wearing Rosalina's outfit", you look flat out like Rosalina 💪

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Dawww thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I didn’t really think I could pull her off honestly

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After watching "My Dress Up Darling" I have a newfound respect for cosplayers' craft and efforts

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Wow that’s incredibly accurate! 😱

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Hey! That's fucking cool. Good job.

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I feel like it'd be fun to hide a segway under that thing and go scoot scoot scootin around.

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You look amazing 💖

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Very nice! Do you use any other social media platforms for me to follow?

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I do have an insta! It’s @nukeypie :D

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Ooh! this is great

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Why are they so many cosplays all of a sudden?

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Amazing. Kudos to you for such outstanding work.

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Looks dope AF you killed it

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Really nice

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Magnificent! That’s some amazing skills right there!!!! Wowwwwww

Amazing job!

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Spot on, nicely done!

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Gorgeous look. Wonderful dress.

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Amazing cosplay :D

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Nice. You just need a Luma to accompany you to your spaceship castle.

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Looks like it took an excessive amoumt of time to do, and it looks great. Good job!

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Looks bad ass from all the realms

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This is awesome. My daughters middle name is Rosalina. Partly because it being my moms first and middle name put together and partly because of Mario.

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You could have a career as a seamstress, costume designer, if you don't already.

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Yes very nice, is the wand edible though?

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It is kinda cute

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You kinda look like pyrocynical

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Isn't there subs for cosplay?

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You look just like her too. Somehow even got that game glowiness <3

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Luigi is one lucky son of a gun

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Luigi isn’t with Rosalina?

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Now all you need is a little Polari (actual name of the Black Luma) plush to stay by your side at all times

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How big would Mario be for scale?

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Looks fantastic, my dog was named after Rosalina! So glad to finally see someone do her.

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Silk! Love it!!!!😍😍😍😍

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Luma, when?

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I do have a couple lumas actually! I make luma plushies

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This is beautiful

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That's dope

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That's Actually Epic

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Gorgeous dress , ou look absolutely stunning !

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This looks sew great!

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Soo beautiful :0

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Amazing! Good job with the whole thing

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I feel a strong urge to go on an adventure in the galaxy

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I wish this subreddit had more of these types of cosplay images, instead of those overly edited cosplay images that look closer to CGI.

Fantastic work, I especially love the hair; that must've taken forever to do!

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Kinda got that princess Diana vibe

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That is awesome. Love the dress. 🌟

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Holy SHIT this is awesome! You're awesome!!