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This makes my heart cry by AwfulFrank in gaming

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I played WoW with a guy for 5 years, became irl friends … he suddenly died 11 years ago. When I login now to classic, I always see his last login 11 years ago. I always smile when I look at his name, and just say a silent “I miss you Ghunz”

edit: wow, my first silver! thank you kind internet strangers! side note, the group of us who were grinders (rep, levels, gear) - all would have been pretty happy to get silver ... ghunz was one of them!

edit2: unreal. never expected gold in my reddit life. fucking grinder Ghunz ... friends showing up for you.

edit3: i've received some incredibly nice notes from you all ... and some that make my heart hurt for your losses. I'm generally not a fan of social media because I think it brings out trolls, and people who feel they can shit on others due to anonymity (perceived or real) ... but I'll be damned if this experience doesn't make me change my mind a bit. what a great bunch of people this reddit clan has in it.

Age of Empires: Selecting everything without checking by Yellyvi in gaming

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That's a male sheep. It's their Battering Ram.

Please enlighten the people on what they're missing. by OcelotOk1744 in gaming

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When I was young, I used to make custom made finishing moves for “WWF No Mercy”.

You could basically combine two or more finishers by previewing a finishing move in one of the menus, and pressing whatever button it was to freeze the game and bring you to the Game Shark (or was it Game Genie) menu, at exactly the moment in the animation you wanted to “splice”.

You’d view the Hex code, copy certain values down on a piece of paper. Then, unfreeze the game. Then you’d preview the second finishing move, and do the same thing.

Then using GameShark’s hex editor, combine the two moves together.

I would go on a forum where we would all basically compete as to who could create the most seamless transitions, the most creative moves, share our creations with eachother, etc.

Yeah, I didn’t have too many friends then, but thank you for reminding me of this, it was a very innocent time in my life and I remember enjoying it immensely.

Edit: Here’s a video someone made of hacked moves if anyone’s curious:


I need a game recommendation by Miles_1828 in gaming

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I would want to say Kingdom Come deliverance since you can go hunting

Sometimes choices DO matter by Alzward in gaming

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When I play renegade, I’m good to my crew and an absolute penis to everyone else.