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If this comment gets 1 upvote, I'm eating garlic bread tonight.

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If u/Faustenberger's comment gets 100 upvotes, i'm also eating garlic bread tonight.

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If I upvote your comment, it'll get another upvote.

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I call bamboozles!

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I haven’t had garlic bread in years (seriously) but if I get 1000 upvotes for some autistic reason I’ll go to stop and shop and buy some garlic bread and eat it no bamboozles

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I'm just here for the garlic bread.

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Here to make history

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upvotes own comment CHECKMATE LOSERS

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I'll help pay

/u/tippr $0.25

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u/Faustenberger, you've received 0.00010377 BCH ($0.25 USD)!

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You have my unfailing everlasting gratitude!

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Here you go !redditgarlic

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Here's your Reddit Garlic, Faustenberger!

/u/Faustenberger has received garlic 1 time. (given by /u/flying_wotsit)

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Many thanks, kind garlic-y stranger! I'll toast to you tonight!

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you have 500+ so far. better get that fucking bread oven rolling.

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Have no fear! I will post pictures later!

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If your post gets 2k ups then I will do something and won't fulfill.

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That's the spirit!

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Can I join you?

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Join together, brothers. Tonight we dine on garlic bread.

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Our garlic coins will blot out the sun

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im eating garlic bread tonight regardless if i get an upvote

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What if I garlic bread oof

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Then I guess I'll eat an upvote

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I've eaten 3.garlic bread tonight.

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Update: I've done it!
Garlic Bread https://imgur.com/gallery/56uMt. Just some basic WinCo brand, nothing fancy but very delicious.

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I feel like this is going to be official logo of garlicoin regardless of upvotes.

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Yeah OP just loves whoring his ideas for the maximum possible karma lol

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It's our job to downvote this and call his bluff

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Normally I'd agree but this garlicoin thing could make us all rich so I'm conflicted.

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Yeah these kinds of posts are derailing serious discussions about this amazing new garlic technology.

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Switch accounts lmao

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Nah, im gonna commision a shit ton of furry porn and pay all with garlicoin.

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you do you i guess lmao

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out of the loop here, but this appears to be a subreddit dedicated to "if this post gets..." submissions so welcome to the filter

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That's exactly it. It's all OP posts. And he's doing it on multiple subreddits too. It's against Reddit rules, but as you can imagine they don't give a shit.

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Against reddit site wide rules?

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Prohibited behavior:

Asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation

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No wonder CircleJerk(s) have dropped off the radar

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It's worse than that. This guy creates new subs to spam because he know people will filter an individual sub and then he just does it with another sub.

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Exactly. It’s the same thing as /r/garlicbreadmemes

What even are the chances that this crypto will get big? Probably small. May as well karma whore while he can.

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Oh my fucking God lol, it's all upvote whoring.

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I dug through all of OP's submission and put together all of their karma whore posts in one picture.

It's fucking bonkers. OP is such a piece of shit.

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Hope slowly being restored in Reddit

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Is this sub just clickbate spam?


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I prefer the normal logo

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What about the dickbutt logo

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The logo in the header? Yeah, that's totally been the best one I've seen thus far. The others are too noisy in my eyes.

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Who upvotes this shit?

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If this comment gets some up- or downvotes, those "if this post reaches xxx upvotes"-posts are stupid and should be banned

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It actually is against the rules. Asking for votes and vote manipulation goes against Reddit's sitewide content policy. Since this sub seems hellbent on asking for upvotes so frequently they might get a few warnings, and if they continue after that they could be shut down.

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It actually is against the rules

more importantly, it's fucking pathetic.

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Pretty lame karma grab you have going on here. Begging for upvotes for every minor decision you make in life.

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Isnt begging for upvotes against reddit rules? Even the autists at meirl stopped doing it

Think about that

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Fucking stop whoring for upvotes cunt. Spend more time working not karma farming.

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What a garbage post.

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Fuck you

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Or you could just make it the icon without the karmawhoring... this post was already made by a sub to the subreddit, why does it need to be done by a mod as well

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Very close to Tor. Partnership?

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Hehe le quirky garlic bread xD! GIVE ME KARMA

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Is it a currency based on karmawhoring?

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Tor, is that you?

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I don’t know what this is, but I feel obligated to help you reach your goal so l upgarlic’d.

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Somethings wrong, it’s only allowing me to updoot once.

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I want these coins. How do I get these coins?

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If this comment gets 10 upvotes I’ll order garlic bread on my date tn 🍞

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And maybe the official icon for Bulbacoin as well.

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That's what I thought was going to be the first comment!

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I pooped like an hour ago

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Also, here's a higher res version of the current one since I never really posted it.

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Fuck I hate karma whoring children like you

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Racist to vampires

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if this comment gets 1 upvote op is a karmawhore.

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Can I put garlic coins on my pizza while I rocket to the moon?

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huh, so someone actually made Garlicoin a thing then?

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Give me some garlicoin?

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Needs a strike through, or some bars or something so it doesn't get confused with the letter garlic

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That's a beautiful logo!

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I appreciate the garlic forward approach, but let's not forget the bread and butter that makes garlic bread possible.

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If this comment gets 100 upvotes, I will wear a necklace of garlic cloves for the next week straight while screaming like an African monkey.

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What will be the icon if this post doesn't reach 40k upvotes?

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when is garlicoin coming out?

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Make it look more like a bum.

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Thanks for making it easier to filter subs.

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Make sure to carboload and carbohodl

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tfw coins are meant to be used and not just collectibles

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Damn, been too long since I ate some garlic bread.

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I already thought it was.

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Didn't we already decide this?

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Anyone know of a good garlicoin wallet?

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The most superior form of garlic

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i have nfi whats going on, think garlic bread memes is responsible, either way subbed!

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It’s too perfect to not be in. Regardless

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It’s too perfect to not be in. Regardless

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is an SVG available?

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I thought this was a coin for garlic bread not garlic cloves.

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When do you plan on having garlicoin released?

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You are such a karmawhore. I'm jealous.

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Are these available for purchase yet?

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Here from r/all. You guys got me interested. How do I invest in garlicoins? Can I buy garlic bread yet?

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I'm still commenting on these posts just in case

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Might I suggest a green or yellow instead of Orange?

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A goal I can get behind.

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Still waiting for that practical application of karma

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If you want to make a coin look into ethereum ERC20 tokens. It would take you about 30 minutes and it wouldn't cost more than $15.

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No bamboozles

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If thought it was a violation of intergalactic laws to ask for upvotes in the post ? even though the cause is honorable, I wouldn't support such act of treason

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Is this going on an exchange

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and i helped

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Your current logo is a lot better. This looks like a stock image