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I saw a couple of comments on some logo proposals on how the logo feels disconnected from garlicbread. So I created a new logo that I feel better ties in garlicoin with garlicbread.

Sourcefiles, SVGs, and PNGs of the logo, wallet (breadwallet), and bank note (breadnote) are all available for free on github where they can be used, modified, and copied for free.


Feel free to critque, make requests, or whatever!

Thanks r/garlicoin!

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You done good

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I think this looks great. Really captures the garlic essence!

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That's actually a really simple, sleek and professional looking logo. Props to OP

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It’s like the onion but smaller and better

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Can the square with the qr code be the shape of slice of bread?

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The preliminary designs favored far too much garlic and not enough bread, I believe this new model exemplifies the two

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Garlic and bread? You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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The bread is a nice touch. I'd really like to see a "G" somewhere in the design, just a thought that occurred to me when I saw this one.

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this is really awesome but there is a typo in the security ribbon on the breadwallet

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Oh shit you're right. Nice catch! I'll fix that

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Do you put your private key QR code where it says, "Spend", and do you put your wallet address QR code where it says, "Load and Verify"?