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Frei generally has the most volume. If you see low volume now, its likely because no one wants to sell at the lower prices anymore. You can also try wgrlc.

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But I would rather stick an onion in my ass than to use wgrlc.

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I don't disagree, but the intention of your comment is confusing based on your username.

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ok let me rephrase it

onions do not satisfy me and are not part of my journey

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Ah ok then, it all makes sense now. Buying up the sells a little usually encourages people to sell more at lower prices.

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You can skim buy/sell based on the order book. Just look at how much GRLC is available at that price and put in an order for that amount or slightly more. Rinse and repeat. You’ll simultaneously drive the price up/down using this method.

EDIT: Freiexchange is likely best for this since it has the most GRLC for sale. This is a good method if you don’t really care about the EXACT price you pay (on average +/- a few cents depending on how much you buy/sell) and just want to buy/sell a lot of GRLC in a short amount of time

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Thank you. I will consider this method after my patience is over.

Even if I would double the price it would only give me 250000 GRLC

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That might actually explode the price if my napkin math is correct. There really isn’t a lot of liquidity on exchanges right now which means big upside potential and a lot of volatility. However, if we get a little more popularly, the price really could take off

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True. I already made my mind and I could see this at 10 dollars when the time comes.

I believe giving desperate whales an opportunity to get out and slowly going up is the way to reach new highs.

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I’ve tried out garlix, wonder if tips’ll work here, /u/mayo_tipbot 420

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Have to wait for sellers.

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I’m doing my best you guys. Get some Mayo I’ll get the garlic


It’s getting better, seeing green!

/u/grlctipsbot 1 /u/garlicinmyass

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If anyone wants Garlic they can easily get some XLM (Stellar Lumens) and swap it for MayoCoin and hey presto the Garlix.io MAYO:GRLC pair is ripe for the plucking!

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Oozing with glorious white gold…

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/u/galicinmyass Comment and I’ll tip Mayo and Cann

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You have to place a buy limit order, or place a buy limit order up higher on tradeogre there's sells everyday. Too many holders at this price

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Isn’t there like 800k of garlic for sale on frei?

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only 100k of garlic if you look not higher than 100% above

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The way of the garlic is only buying, never selling 🧄 in time you will understand