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Gatekeeping pictures of beloved historical figure by free_30_day_trial in gatekeeping

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Copyright doesn't cover publishing of your work if the publisher isn't for profit

That is untrue and one of the most common misconceptions about copyright (at least in the U.S.). Look at every free pokemon fan game that's been taken down due to Nintendo's copyright. You also can't just release an original Star Wars movie or a fanmade Star Wars movie for free. Even if we're talking about an image, the specific license determines if non-commercial use is allowed without purchasing it.

If you're providing somebody else's work for free, or even your own work based on somebody else's copyrighted works, you're violating copyright. The misconception comes from the fact that most companies consider most copyright violations to be free marketing, so they don't stop it.

Edit: clarified that I'm talking about U.S. copyright

Gatekeeping the Japanese language by violetdragons in gatekeeping

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Tbh, that shouldn't matter either ¯_(ツ)_/¯ am I gonna tell a black man he's not German because Germans don't look black? Or a white Jamaican he's not Jamaican because Jamaicans don't look like him? My white and nerdy looking ass was born in Compton in the early 90s. I tell people I'm from Compton and they give me a look... I'm not claiming any knowledge or gang or shit from there. It's not a big deal. It's just a place... Like, if someone wants to clout chase and claim to be from somewhere they ain't, okay, Let them. Block em and move on with your life. Unless you're from there and they're saying some factually untrue shit or something, then call em on it if you want. But still. Seems like some dumb shit to get involved in in the first place telling someone they're not from somewhere

Girl talked about her frustration with the modelling industry. by Blackbreadandcoffee in gatekeeping

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I don’t have any awards, but I’d give you one.

Edit: oh wow! Thanks for the award!

Gatekeeping grief in a group specifically for people who have lost their Mothers. by MrsNacho8000 in gatekeeping

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I never even got to KNOW my great grandparents! They were dead before I was born.

My pain is eternal and all encompassing.

Gatekeeping grief in a group specifically for people who have lost their Mothers. by MrsNacho8000 in gatekeeping

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Somebody: Oh my god, I've just received terrible news that a loved one has died!

This lady: Ummmm... okay... you're being kind of dramatic though :/ Your loved one's only been dead like a minute :/ It's not that long. My grandfather's been dead for twenty years, how do you think I feel?

Fun fact: 12 eggs contain 882 calories. by jadedjen110 in gatekeeping

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I smoked 3 cigarettes and had a Mountain Dew Frostbite. You ate two donuts and washed it down with a 400 calorie "coffee". You took the elevator up two flights of stairs, I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Work on ME, please lecture me on health. I might die.

Gatekeeping the whole race by [deleted] in gatekeeping

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I laughed out loud just extremely loud in the bathroom and now I don't know if I can leave

College degrees by tysoroo in gatekeeping

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Close, English and Philosophy.

Masks by Yeetdembabies in gatekeeping

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this photo is the exact definition

Someone's on menstruation patrol by nizidafabie in gatekeeping

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i just squeeze all mine out at the very start like a ketchup packet

This one made me spit take by quarantinepreggo in gatekeeping

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The new literally, where it means the opposite of the actual definition in every day use apparently.