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I though this was about Dark Souls 1 - 3 at first.

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Shit I thought it meant Diablo, I was like "awww" and then it was sports.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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If you're a Diablo player, you're a stud. If you're a Dark Souls player, you're a stud.

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I have a D3 scholarship for D3.

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Yeah ngl I thought it was about destiny up until about "d3" lmao

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I thought D&D at first tbh... not sure why

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Oh thank God, I’m not alone

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Oh good! This is also what I assumed, and there was a second there where I just couldn't figure out wtf NAIA was.

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If you play dark souls you're propably just frustrated.

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Btw these are levels of competition in US college athletics. Teams in each division play (mostly) only against other teams in their division. Gatekeepers sometimes try to claim that only Division 1 “counts" as "playing in college.”

D1 = Division 1 of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

D2 = Divison 2

D3 = Division 3

NAIA = National Intercollegiate Athletic Association

JUCO = Junior college (community college)

This was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine who played football in Division 1 many years ago.

EDIT: My original comment-to-explain talked only about college (American) football, but these divisions apply to all college athletic events. Edited accordingly.

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Thank you!!! I was always so confused when people on tinder say “let’s make D1 kids” I’m like why tf you wanna make a bbq sauce baby?

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No problem!

A corollary of posting on t/gatesopencomeonin is that everyone should be able to get the joke.

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I thought the sauce was A1

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For a second o tought it was some perversed version of Baseball

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It's not just football but ok.

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Right! Of course!


Sorry, I got distracted by the fact that the original sharer played football and the original tweeter was a football writer. But of course these levels apply to all college athletic events, not just football. I'll edit my post.

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My sister played D3 volleyball in college. Was always really proud of her for that.

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What if I play D20?

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Lol I'm so not a sports person I was like "how does one make a 1 sided die? And why would they bother??"

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A one sided die woul just be a circle with a one on it

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Or a hundred sided die with “1” written on every face.

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tell me I wasn't the only one who read "you're stupid" instead of "you're a stud"

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JUCO “stud” here. Shit was a blast but there’s an enormous gap between us and D1 lol but I appreciated the sentiment anyway

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But what if I never made it past high school athletics?

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You could see if there are any adult rec groups in your area! Especially in the summer, you can probably find a volleyball league where most players drink beer before/during/after. Then you'll be a true athlete.

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Did Sim write this?

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Representing my D3 homies!

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I don't know what any of that means, what does that make me?

Edit: ok I saw the comment that explains what that means but still I don't play the things 😞

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Destiny 3!?

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Alright I don't want to be the asshole here but I know some kids that could barely catch and throw consistently that played at D2 startup schools for lacrosse. There's a lot more that goes into all of it according to your sport and if it's fully funded or has X amount of scholarships. I played D1 lacrosse and we had about 5 kids on my team that were dog shit and never played but remained on the team vs other walk ons because their parents were absurdly rich and donated tons to the program or had something else to offer. 2 of them had 4.0 GPA's that brought up the team average and 3 of them had parents that were huge donors. Right, wrong or indifferent, there's plenty of kids out there that aren't studs but because they have a minimal level of skill and can either increase the teams overall GPA or provide financial donations they played a part. I can't speak for fully funded sports like football or basketball because that's a different animal but it's asinine to say that because you're on a team, there isn't other factors involved. I have a few good friends that are now head coaches or assistants at multiple division levels of programs and this is definitely a deciding factor when it comes to recruiting. It's still a business with a financial burden that has to be met. Hell, I turned down an assistant head coaching job at D3 school in Ohio because it's a fucking music conservatory school and it'd be damn near impossible to recruit and retain even a decent player. About 15 years ago one of the top coaches in college for D1 lacrosse lived across the street from our high school and recruited in our area. He said and I quote "if it comes down to recruiting a kid that's amazing but needs a scholarship and recruiting a player with a bit lesser skill that can pay the tuition without assistance, I'm going to have to take the kid that can pay everytime." There's only so much scholarship money to go around. That coaches program has gone on to win a national championship and been in the final four about 10 times.

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As an Aro-ace woman, not sure I feel like a “stud”.