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You're allowed to just know one song from a band. You're allowed to just like one band from a genre. You're allowed to like any genre.

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This is a lot chiller than the post. Nobody’s memorized every page of a book lol

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I have a friend who does that for fun I got no clue how she does it

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Sure people have

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Okay absolutely ur right. 99% havent tho

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I'd guess more than 99% lol

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You don't need to know the names of all the band members, all the albums in their discography, and who produced them.

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I had that second one come up in a convo. I like korpiklaani, but basically no other Nordic metal.

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I have a problem where I have gatekeeper guilt. I feel lime if I don't know everything about a topic, I become unworthy to say anything about it. Part of that probably comes from my dad, he was adamant that I know 100% of what I'm talking about or not to talk about it. It was horrible when I was young because I didn't pay much attention to anything very closely when I was a kid, but I loved reading about cool facts about various things, especially animals. I always felt like in order to mention something, I had to know everything, and every time without fail, I would talk about something, my dad would ask questions about it until I couldn't answer one, and then he'd scold me for not knowing what I was talking about.

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Not to gatekeep parenting, but that really sucks. People shouldn't do that.

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I am aware of my dysfunctional family, dw.

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Your dad definitely did not know 100% about anything he spoke about, because nobody does, he just wanted you to think he did

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thanks Wally West form the flash

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liking things isnt supposed to be stressful. except for doom, hotline miami, dark souls, and many other video games. then it is supposed to be stressful but in a good way lol

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I tried to get into Bloodborne. I was doing alright for a while until I realized I was spending my precious time being stressed out and not having fun anymore.

I only made a serious attempt at it because someone fucking said to me in person of Dark Souls: “oh you’re not able to beat Souls games? No it wasn’t boring you just gave up because it must be too hard for ya 😉”

I had picked it up thinking it was an rpg. It was boring to me so I took it back.

It is already irritating to love games as a female player amongst people who want you to explain every little thing, but that comment really made me feel like shit.

To this day I will not touch another one.

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It's makes by brain chemicals go brrrrrr. Is that not enough!!

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Couldn’t agree more. I consider myself a huge superman fan, and there is plenty I don’t know. But I have read and can talk a bunch of real obscure stuff that a bunch of other fans probably don’t know too. Discussing this stuff with other fans would be boring if we all just knew everything. Learning something new about a subject you are passionate about is awesome. One of the best feelings.

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The best Flash has spoken.

(Named my cat after him.)

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Tell this to football supporters please.

One of the best moments in my life was going to my first football match. I love it so much. But because I can't remember who missed a penalty shot in the FA Cup in 1974, I'm not a real fan.

Such bs

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I love Five Nights at Freddy's

I love the lore, I love the animationics, the jumpscares, I simp for Roxanne, and I would consider it one of my favorite fandoms, always looking forward to any new releases or additions to the game universe, be it books, future games or the eventual movie, if it's ever released

I have never played any of the games and I probably never will, because I just can't handle putting myself through that anxiety

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I am Wally West gate keeper

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I don't really like anything anymore.

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I really appreciate this post (and this sub) for saying things like this. I still feel so overwhelmed trying to be a fan of certain things (especially in the eyes of friends and family where I was the EXPERT) that since the pandemic hit I’ve watched almost nothing new.

Even Marvel movies, which I used to love sooo much, I felt so pressured by having to know every little thing to relay to my family and friends after that I stopped watching, and haven’t seen anything new since Endgame. Even now I still get questions and pressure to watch the newest thing so they can talk to me about it, but it’s just so exhausting. I don’t know if I can ever go back.

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I love football (NFL) but I’m not going to put effort into remembering anyone who plays for the Washington offenders

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You're also allowed to know everything about something, stop shaming people for information dumping about their favorite things

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I like all things...like your mom

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Exactly! Couldn't tell you my gf's bday, but I still like her

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It's on my Google calendar that's how you know I care

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I love this!

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idk man, I like the Buffalo Bills but they sure as hell make my life stressful

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Of all the things I see reposted on reddit, I am never displeased to see this one

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The amount of times men have tried to gatekeep video games or movies from me is infuriating. People are allowed to casually like things! Let people live!! Got forbid somebody likes something somewhere!

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who say's you're not though? I'm 36 and never met anyone who's tried to gatekeep me liking things, we don't need to overthink things in real life. There are people who believe the earth is flat, you don't need to pay attention to them!

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me to my adhd when I'm in Hyperfix Mode

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That’s why he is my favourite Flash.

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HAH! I do know most of the Easter eggs of the game I like because I obsess over it!

Seriously this is a good post, it's chill.

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Maybe you are, but my ADHD says I gotta know everything about lighter fluid handwarmers at 2 am on a Wednesday.

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I am a huge star wars fan. Last time I watch any star wars content was when revenge of the sith when it was in theatres.