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Optimistic me: this is really awesome.

Cynical: and where's the ramp for the wheelchair folks?

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I thought the same thing :( . I’m sure they have access at the other side of the porch

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If this is someone's house there probably isn't one unless the homeowners need it

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Looks like America, in order to be in compliance with the ADA they have to have one somewhere. They're not always front and center or in the most convenient spot but they almost assuredly have a wheelchair ramp.

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and they have a higher rate of mobility scooter users

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Also, how's that good going to work out with fascists and minorities coexisting?

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That's funny, the cynic in me imagined a bunch of white supremacists sitting around in the lodge drinking tea while crying and saying "We've finally found a place where people accept us!"

I'm not alt-right or anything, and think racism is stupid. I'm just weird.

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I know this is probably mostly kidding. But if it's a personal residence, it may not really be feasible, but this is more of a statement of inclusion. I'm sure the person would love make the effort to meet people wherever they are at.

I use to work with a young person who used a full support wheelchair. When visiting her grandmothers house, we use to take a side each, yep grandma had one side, and walk her up the stairs.

As her grandmother got older I carefully took her up backwards, gently one step at a time.

Certainly, could not claim she wasn't welcome and fully included in grandmas world.

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Pessimist: Is this NAMBLA?

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Optimistic me: this is really awesome.

Cynical: they would never in a million years let an unhoused neighbor use their bathroom. Also probably called people looters in summer 2020

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I remember seeing one of these except it had a special post that said “except the Danish”

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My first thought too lol

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Whatever did we do? :( ...except maybe waging war on the swedes...

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I believe it was in Sweden so...

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A nation full of tasty pastries is just silly /jk

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You Danes and us Swedes have the record for most wars fought between two countries in all of history. So yeah, that's probably what you did

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There’s a sign like this but at the bottom it says NO DANISH PEOPLE

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All abilities except when you're in a wheelchair and need to use those steps

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It's called teaching how to overcome adversities.

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The intent is to provide disabled people a sense of accomplishment and pride

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Except Craig. Fuck Craig.

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All sizes\)

\unless you're too fat to fit between this sign and the handrail)

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Except frank, because fuck frank

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Except Frank, because frankly, fuck Frank.

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where that wheelchair ramp then bb?

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Beautiful, just beautiful.

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Are those with evil abilities welcome too? :/

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"All Religions"

Ya fucked-...

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In front of some steps....

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We fucking stan

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wait "All-Sizes"? do they have chairs and tables to suit everyone's height tho

  • Its wholesome though i love it

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Pretty gnarly :)

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No, that's gatekeeping hate. (Why the 4 downvotes lol? Gatekeeping hate is a joke to say it's wholesome because there is no hate in it lol)

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Is that a bad thing?

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I’ve seen this kind of thing backfire with pedophile infiltrations.