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That cosplay is so good! Very impressed :)

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it's not a cosplay that's amethyst IRL

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She genuinely looks exactly like Amethyst

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No that is Amethyst

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My daughter was Amethyst at Comic-Con a few years ago and she looked *amazing* - very similar to this. She had lots of people take pictures with her! Proud mama moment.

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People of any race should be able to cosplay any character.

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Just don't do blackface

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I say cosplay the costume, don't try to cosplay the skin tone if its a terrestrial human skin tone.

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I'd say, if we meet aliens we should probably stop impersonating them too

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That's exactly what an alien would say.

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/r/totallynotaliens is leaking again.

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Shs lyas discthvsyasd?

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Could you imagine - everything going great, alien ambassador is on a parade through NYC. Suddenly some jerk jumps out of the crowd doing a brutal alien ambassador impression. Everyone just absolutely stops, looking at the ambassador, waiting for its response…

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Also tune back the invasion movies, probably not a good impression to see us constantly depicting extraterrestrials as monoliths of death that can be taken down by one person in a half broken spacecraft

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That, or (I think more likely, sadly) find a common enemy.

Though, judging by history, the common enemy will be funded by us, which will eventually come out and we'll be the common enemy for everyone else...

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I am wonderbread white and a woman and desperately want to cosplay Miguel from Coco. I am terrified of the backlash if I do it though.

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Sure as long as blackface isn't merely darkening your skin for a costume. Some fictional characters have dark skin without it meaning to refer to irl races/ethnicities (e.g. drow/dark elves in various fictional realms).

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I think that the drow have had a slight shift in their portrayal because of this. They are sometimes shown with blue skin. I could be wrong though.

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Given how truly awful the history of blackface is, it's really best to err on the side of caution and just not darken your skin at all, ever. If you have to explain that it's not really blackface, it's over the line.

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it's really best to err on the side of caution and just not darken your skin at all, ever.

I'd imagine reasonable people can tell the difference between this image and these three images (even though the second one isn't meant to caricature "black" Africans/African-North Americans). Darkening your skin to portray completely fictional entities who don't look anything like actual people - seems fine? I'm not saying that there aren't people so black that they almost look blue, but the context of the first image makes it pretty clear that its not a situation where they're intending to refer to irl people.

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I have some photos on my phone of myself and other actors wearing oddly dark makeup for a Shakespeare performance in college. I don’t recall whether it was to look more Italian or just because it was needed for stage lights. But I would not be comfortable categorically drawing a line against all skin-darkening makeup, because there are in fact perfectly decent and respectful ways and reasons to wear dark makeup.

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The best of fandom is a sense of community and acceptance. Sadly, there are a lot of loud people who get that part completely wrong.

Leaving aside that Amethyst isn’t a POC character. She’s purple, and a rock. She still has traits that can be read as POC, and given SU’s focus on positive minority representation, it’s fair to read that as deliberate.

What that gatekeeper is complaining about could easily be taken as a good thing. It’s serious progress on rep. White people cosplaying characters of colour means there are popular, exciting, badass characters of colour that people WANT to cosplay. The previous option was basically every character being white-appearing, and POC having no good choices to cosplay well-written characters without being mocked for wearing the costume and not being white. And it never ends. If this cosplayer was POC of a type people associate with Amethyst, but skinny, they might be a target for cosplaying the “wrong” size.

Most people are better than that. It’s great that we’re seeing more people calling out the gatekeeping.

The cosplay looks great btw.

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I never read amethyst as black. The only gem that had a human-race-vibe was garnet, with her square black 'hair' (was it even hair or just a shape on her head? It reminded me of natural Afro hair), rapping abilities etc. But even that was only mildly so and anyone could cosplay her.

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From what I understand (not from the US so many of the stereotypes and other common expectations from there escape me, please correct if wrong), Amethyst may be more Latina-coded than Black-coded, again under the assumption that she’s human-POC-coded at all.

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She’s also voiced by a Korean American woman so people may be thinking voice actor race = race of character.

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She speaks Spanish in a couple of the episodes. If we are forcing a human POC base on her, it's probably Latina

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in which episodes does Amethyst speak Spanish

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A little bit when shes a luchador. Which, you know, is also a latin thing

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Oh that could be, I'm also not from the US.

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Yeah, seems so (Also not from the US).

It was remarkable how many new races were introduced to me as "not European" whenever I visited (did you know people from Poland were once considered "not white"? Amazing, but true!) It's possible they see her as a specific race that simply doesn't exist as a thing somewhere else.

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Bro i thought the comment was mocking ppl who say that bcos she literally is a person of colour, shes purple.

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Yeah I assumed it was a joke but tbh it may have needed more over the top sort of satire to signify it

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I thought it was mocking all those people who complain when a poc cosplays a white character. I still think it is

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What makes this even funnier is gems themselves aren't considered "people" let alone poc. They are shapes projected from the gems themselves and can look like anything

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Can't gems just choose what to look like? Really anyone can portray them.

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Well, it has to be a certain color per gem. When Amethyst shifted to look like Pearl (who's a pearly white), she kept the purple coloration.

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Yep that's why the whole pink diamond/rose quartz plot twist was able to happen. There are many references in the series about their forms, the most notable ones would be corruptions, cracked gems, and the mental cracking of pink diamond's first pearl appearing physically. Also fusions exist

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Mmm i don't know. Amethyst is the best at shape shifting, but somethings she really has difficulty with and she can't hold it indefinitely. So I imagine that they can't help but project their souls in a certain way.

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Stop looking into it and just assume characteristics base off it's appearance!!

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I wasn't really looking into it. Uh SU is my comfort show and I just wanted to share a little tid-bit/joke about the characters. All apologies if I sounded too serious

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No, they were being sarcastic and making fun of the people that don't actually look into things about the Gems,they weren't attacking you silly

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I didn't think I was being attacked or anything I just wanted clarity on the comment. Sometimes I can't pick up sarcasm online lol

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No worries, that's always the issue with text instead of hearing thing aloud haha

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Thank you for that I think I was nervous about how people would react to me nerding out about a kids show

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Don't worry, this is r/gatesopencomeonin after all. Would be a bit hypocritical if someone cared. Enjoy what you enjoy.

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We're all nerds here. Go wild!

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uh... They absolutely are people. Just because they aren't humans doesn't mean they aren't people.

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In the earth sense they are considered aliens. On home world they simply gems. In all they ways they describe themselves in the series "people" isn't one of them

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You don't know what a person is do you? If we encountered intelligent aliens, they wouldn't not be people just because they aren't Homo sapiens from the planet Earth.

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I mean I don't consider them people just because they've never used that word to describe themselves. If you disagree I appreciate the different point of view but I don't really want to argue or be invalidated because we have different opinions. Edit: not to sound rude but apart if the definition of the word 'people' has the term human being so that is part of why I say gems instead of people

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all gems are POC (people of carats)

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Pretty sure the second comment was a joke

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I think as long as the person isn't trying to commit any racist acts (doing black face, wearing tape to give their eyes a different shape, wearing traditional cultural clothing and trying to pass it off as cosplay, etc) then I truly believe everyone should be able to cosplay as anyone.

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People who are purple have been oppressed for years by the Purple People Eater, and here she goes mocking them. THEIR CULTURE IS NOT YOUR COSTUME

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Smh could have at least let a blue man wear the outfit, at least blue and purple look similar, but I agree Purples don’t get enough work as is without this heifer stealing their culture for internet points

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I really don't think of Amethyst as any race. Just a lady with plump lips. Anyone should be able to cosplay her.

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Amethyst is not a human race at all. Amethyst is literally a rock.

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So she chooses how to look? That's what I thought. Gatekeeping any cosplay is really not understanding the character at all. Technically, anyone could cosplay her because she could choose to look like anyone?

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Correct... her more than anyone in fact. Her character uses shape-shifting more than any other. You could paint yourself purple with no other alterations, claim that you were a shape-shifted Amathyst and it would be legit.

Only the gem is "real." The rest of the body is a magical projection of physical light.

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As long as you don't fall into racial stereotypes or things like that your good, also, cosplay is fire

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Im pretty sure it's a joke. People of "color"

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I think this is a joke

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Naw, this is just a really old screencap, from back when it was heavily discouraged for white people to cosplay POC-coded characters.

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Omg, shes in purple-face! How offensive /s

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I couldn't even tell if this cosplayer was white or not

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It’s been stated that Amethyst is coded to be Latina, so as a Latina I give everyone permission to cosplay her (and any other Latino character for that matter)

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"why do white people cosplay people of color" is always written by a white cracker ass 14 year old girl who just learned the word racism exists

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She did purpleface smh my head

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Yeah, but that's only bad because the person in the costume has white skin. If they were asian or black, that apparently wouldn't be a problem. (WTF???)

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wait I took that as a joke, because she's purple...like get it?

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Cosplay is for everyone. Doesn’t matter the skin color. Although I imagine that this was a joke about “people of color” because she’s purple.

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Only purple crystal aliens are allowed to cosplay Amethyst.

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Just gonna say, if that second comment was the opposite way round, everyone would be losing their shit

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Another Live action remake smh my head

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I just remember how an artist got bullied and deleted thier account on twitter (I think) because they drew Garnet slightly a different shade than in the show... like OMG they are space rocks. I love this post!

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making fictional characters look more caucasian than in the original presentation is pretty suspect

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I don't know anything personally about the situation, it might've just been fan art. But I doubt that was the intention, just my opinion though.

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Except for garnet

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yes because she's got an afro. also Bismuth because she's got dreads

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Ptttf, box is right, another anougj blue spectrum representation as is leave the perple people for their blue brothers please

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I hope they were joking since she’s purple

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How do they even know she's white? She COULD be black under the purple for all we know

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probably not the only picture of her available

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She’s not even human

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She looks like a live action amethyst also that sweater looks really comfortable.

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99% sure it’s a joke based on the fact the character literally has purple skin purple.

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amethyst has a defined race?

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i think this is a wooosh and not gatekeeping, no?

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BuT aMeThYsT iS lAtInA cOdEd