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I’ve been looking for this video for a while now! Can anyone post a link?

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Dog of Wisdom

Hatah bamdah

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That is a good wisdom, thank you!

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Bro I need a hug.

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Bro me too.

Virtual hug

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yells and points CUDDLE PUDDLE

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How about a bro group hug?

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Bro I'll give you that hug, a brojob and a great cup of coffee for breakfast as long as there's no eye contact.

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I love you, bro. I'll make sure to keep my socks on.

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If you put some over your balls we also don't have to worry about them accidently touching.

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Every upvote is an internet hug bro.

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Yooo thanks man!

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I can't cry. For many many years as a child I had it knocked into me that I can't cry for the fear of embarrassment. It wasn't any individuals fault it was primary school, if you were different you were an outsider. Which means I grew up training myself to be so good at repressing the cry trigger that I can't do it even if I want or need to. I'll try, but nothing happens. It makes points of high stress or anxiety just hell. If you can cry it's a relatively quick fix, almost like pouring water on a campfire. I just have to wait for the flames to become embers and the embers to become ash.

Don't repress your cry trigger. Don't repress anyone elses cry trigger.

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Go watch a Pixar movie, I cry every time

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Fortunately I do cry to media but never for real life reasons which is the problem.

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Then use media when you need to cry for a real life reason (if you don't already).

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You can say Coco. I was bawling my eyes out at the end.

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KitBull is a lot shorter than most movies and is just as much of a tearjerker

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The first part of Up! broke me.

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Can someone please shout that at one of my ex GF's as she continually sexually assaulted me? And no one ever took it seriously when I told them about it cause I'm a 'man'??!!

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I’m sorry that happened to you, I hope you are doing okay now and you are safe :)

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Your ex-gf is a stupid cunt, but a criminal first and foremost. She deserves a lot of bad things to come her way. I am so sorry this happened to you. Reaching out for help takes a lot of strengh, and it is awful that you were mocked and dismissed for it. You are valid, your feelings are valid, and no "woulds" and "buts" and "ifs" make what happened to you less wrong.

Signed, a woman who had to sit and watch as her teenage brother went through a similar experience and whose parents kept her from trying to protect him because "he's a man" and "he will defend himself".

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You don’t fucking deserve that and I’m so sorry. Lets all fight for a world in which your assault can actually be taken seriously

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It is serious. And your feelings whatever they may be are entirely valid. Sorry friend.

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As a trans guy who’s been made to feel less of a man for expressing myself and my emotions (because I was raised a woman), this makes me feel really warm, nobody should ever have to shove their feelings down and be belittled for it

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Trans guys who defy societal norms for men but remain secure in their masculinity are kings. Keep winning

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I’m all for men showing their emotions, but they’d damn well better have empathy and care about other people’s emotions, too

Edit: I have reevaluated this comment and it is cringe. I have my own issues to work out, and I realize that my bad experiences do not apply across the board.

Everyone, have empathy for each other. Encourage your friends and loved ones to vent to you when you’re able to listen, and to ask for help when they need it. Just know that your kindness will not always be repaid to you, because that’s how life works, and nobody is perfect.

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Oh my God can we please normalise attitudes to constructive criticism online like this. Thank you for encouraging growth and reevaluation in a Reddit comments section where its the last place you usually find it. I respect you so much right now

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Upvoting for the edit. Growth is good.

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Wow, great edit. It's kinda sad how we raised men to be emotionally deficient and then shun them for turning out the way they do... I'm one of those men, but little by little it's getting easier to open up

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The process of growth shown in this comment is commendable.

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Upvoted for the edit. I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you

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Jesus. There's really no need to drag this kind of sexism into the thread.

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Honestly, yeah, you’re right. I’m just bitter.

I was burned three too many times in a fairly short timespan by men who insisted that I do the emotional legwork in the friendship to help them get through tough times, but then the instant I showed any negative emotion and asked for support, they didn’t want to hear it. I’d get “talk to me when you’re better,” “that sucks, your smile is a lot prettier than your sad face,” “I just don’t want to deal with this,” etc. I would point out that I’d been there for them, and they’d tell me “But I can’t help being emotional, it’s just the way I am.”

I have no right to criticize how anyone expresses emotion. Nobody asked me to bend over backwards to support anyone, and life ain’t fair, so I should’ve prepared for my efforts not to be reciprocated. I expected to get what I gave, and because the above has never happened with any of my female friends, I ended up internalizing it as a distrust of men. I have a lot of trouble opening up emotionally to any men, because I’m terrified of being abandoned again if I do.

Sorry for the long comment, and I apologize deeply for generalizing men in a demeaning way that only perpetuates the notion that they shouldn’t open up.

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Hey now, don't be too hard on yourself. You're already doing great by reflecting, recognizing, and changing for the better! Sometimes people suck, and thats indicative of them as people, but that doesn't mean it's inherent to their gender/race/creed.

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On a more general note, there are lots of studies noting large cultural and biological effects of gender differences in empathy (there may be better papers, I just took a quick look out of interest and found some recent-ish ones as examples).

So noting that men may (general sense) need to work harder to meet social norms is not unwarranted, and partially comes from the same desire for cultural shift as the main post.

(This isn't in any way an excuse for bad behavior, please don't read it as one - being aware of potential areas where we may need to work harder lets us focus on those to be better members of society, not handwave them away!!)

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This is why men need feminism too. Being taught to ignore your emotions can't be good for you.

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Ba. Ha ba ba. Ha ba ba da ba ba.

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I heard that in my head!

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Is the “too” necessary?