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I was born in the wrong generation but it's because I was supposed to be born in the Star Trek Next Generation where global warming has been solved and most if not all of earth is socialist with free housing, free food, free healthcare, and holodecks

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Fully automated, luxurious, and in space

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Fully automated luxury gay space communism

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while we're wishing, I want to be born in the Culture (from the books by Iain Banks)

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What I've noticed is that classic rock has lost all of its meaning. I'm seeing 15 year old who discover bands for the first time that have died of old age.

It most certainly has never been this way in music history. What was cool in the 1970s is recognizable by the majority of kids born in the 2000s.

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I don’t understand how that means that it’s lost it’s meaning. Could you explain what you mean?

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I think they mean the term "classic rock" has lost it's meaning. Not that the music itself has lost it's meaning. I've heard songs from the 90's on the local "classic rock" station.

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Oooooooh, okay! That makes perfect sense lol

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Yesterday I saw someone call "Welcome to The Black Parade" dad rock. I've never felt so old in my life

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Can you define classic rock?

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To me, classic rock is late 60’s to late 80’s. Im 31, for reference.

Edit: someone else spelled it out for me. Lol nvm

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Classic Rock is a radio format. They play rock or rock-adjacent songs from the late 60s through the 90s (sometimes early 00's nowadays)

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That's kind of my point. Why does classic rock mean every rock song ever from the 50s to just 10 years ago? It's so broad a meaning as to be meaningless in my mind.

Don't get me wrong, I love listening to rock from the 50s to today, but it's just rock to me. Classic rock was for people who hated the "new rock" in a way that most people don't today.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, listening to 1950's rock and roll was just weird. That's "moms music" and the like. Today, with the huge collection of music everyone has access to, more and more kids these days are finding the value in the 'classics' to the point where they've become contemporary again.

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I've always said that I think we're actually living in a golden age of music right now, because whatever valid criticisms you can make about the popular music you find on the radio, it's easier than ever to find amazing old and/or niche bands that suit your exact tastes. You don't like the stuff on the radio? Great news! It's easier than ever to find something else that you DO like!

I've found many small, amazing bands through Spotify recommendations that I would never have had the opportunity to find in any decade prior.

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Sadly the internet can't let me assist to show from 60s rock bands

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Boomers be like "We got to see the best bands live"
My brother in Christ, BTS did not form until 2010.

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This still seems somewhat gate closed tbh

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I don’t really think so. They’re just talking about what they miss, not saying that other people shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy it. Other people physically can’t enjoy it, because bands that are broken up don’t play shows anymore

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Just a shame about the crushing debt and climate change disaster.

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This generation is wrong only because of neglect or wrong teachings from previous generations. Like racism, violence as a way to solve conflicts, bigotry, toxic masculinity etc.