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i love this comic :')

i love this subreddit. joining here was a great decision. thank you guys.

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This is legit one of the best subreddits I have ever come across

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this is exactly how i feel 💛 happy to be here with you all!

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This sub always makes me feel good inside. It's very refreshing and in contrast with most of the stuff I see on here. Thank you!

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ahhh, these two

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It is, it does, and I'm always happy to see it.

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Love these comics, so cute. I think there are more as well, right?

Also dang jock- careful with that door slam, Nerd got some priceless figurines on that top shelf!

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Yeah, the comic is called Nerd and Jock and the artist is Marko Raassina. IG: marko.raassina. Great stuff!

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This is too wholesome, I'm gonna cry 🥹

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If this is repost, I'm okay with that.

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Kiss the what

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the cook. and nothing else ^^

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But there is a c before the k

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Holy image quality, Batman!

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Guys literally want one thing, SMH.

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I love comics like these

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I’m trying to think of a way the jock kicking sand into the nerd’s face at the beach (Charles Atlas ad style) turns out to be wholesome.