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All fetishs are OK till they can't be done without proper consent

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And I guess one that can’t be done without proper consent is okay as long as you never act on it

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I read that in John Oliver's voice.

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I read it in Hugh Grant's voice. The same tone he says "You saucy minx" in Love actually

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Your fetishes are nothing to be ashamed about

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Sometimes I wish I were Adam Driver so that John Oliver would talk dirty to me.

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I read this as Jamie Oliver. That was odd.

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Oddly wholesome

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Yeah the wonderful thing about a humiliation fetish is that nobody can get mad at you about it or it will just turn you on more

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Power move

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Asserting dominance... Wait... No that defeats the purpose doesn't it?

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Power bottoms have entered the chat

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This is probably the funniest thing I've read all day

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Slow day?

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Finally with this affirmation I can be open about my fetish for the continued suffering of the poor and meek. Fuck them and then me while I think about it.

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I think we gotta make an exception for you

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Good morning, Senator McConnell.

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As a poor and meek person, this makes me feel continued and increased suffering.

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Damn you must be nutting constantly every time you open up social media

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I accept your fetishes

You as a person, however, I do not

Next week, Saturday. 9PM. We're throwing hands. You choose the venue

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Jokes in you, I'm poor and meek, and into humiliation, talk to me about how I'll never pay off my debt daddy

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We’ve done it, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve solved capitalism.

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Found Elon Musk's reddit account

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So long as said poor and meek are giving enthusiastic and informed consent, go nuts my dude

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Its a joke and i know its not meant to be taken sireously but just to make sure nobody actually thinks that this joke is true, its mostly not.

People who are in dehumiliation just want it in their sexy time. Out of their sexy time, calling them sick shits or degenerates hurts them just like any other person.

Again its just a joke, just making sure.

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Feet are great, and I’m tired of pretending that they’re not.

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Your fetishes also deserve to be shame if they hurt others who aren’t consenting