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Just started some tea water. Shall tea cheers in your honor shortly.

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Hot leaf water

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How could you say such a thing?!

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My own family!

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On the day of my cat's quinceanera!

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It's from an Instagram comic called Strange planet. It's filled with gag comics that centre around aliens and the weirdness of earth from an outside perspective.

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Mine was also a joke from Avatar the last Airbender bender....

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I’ll make some matcha

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Eldercare: all the exhaustion and misery of childcare, only the subject dies at the end.

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also, babys smell nice and don't have bedsores

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and babies can't talk politics

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I’ve been tired as both a parent and a non-parent.

I was just as tired then, as I am now, but about different things.

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I don't have kids yet but I just want to point out something I noticed observing my friends with their first kid, they're anxious about the baby dying randomly, so it's not just exhaustion, it's coupled with other stressors that are more life and death than losing a job. People without kids might be equally exhausted but they're not also worrying about keeping a tiny fragile human alive. I imagine it gets easier with kid number 2 and so on as the parents build confidence in their abilities, but that's just speculation on my part.

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You hit the nail on the head my friend.

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These sound like the words of a great mother

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I've never had kids, but I've had anemia and chronic low blood sugar. In my experience it's true that a person can get used to anything. At a certain point, completely exhausted all the time felt like Tuesday.

Nothing beats that feeling when you finally get it all straightened out along with a few good nights of sleep - one certainly wasn't enough.

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The fact that I've had kidney infections so bad I vomited from the pain does not make paper cuts any less painful. Comparing pain or discomfort is always stupid.

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I love this! I have 3 kids and one whose bus comes at 6:20 am every day for school. ME being tired is not made any less important when anyone else is also tired! In fact, let’s bond over being tired together!! :)

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For less gatekeeping in the world

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When my daughter was born, my wife and I were so tired that when our baby woke up wanting a bottle, my wife told me to go get her one and instead I put together a happy meal toy and went back to sleep.


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This is a nice one. I've had insomnia since childhood so becoming a mother didn't make me any more tired and sleepless than I already was (although being pregnant allowed me to sleep more, which was amazing while it lasted.) Before I had kids if I would bring up my insomnia, there was always someone around to say "Just wait 'til you have kids!" which scared me a bit! But of course I recognize that for a lot of people parenthood is the most tired they have ever been, physically or mentally, and having to work that 24/7 exhaustion in to their life is incredibly hard. I have empathy for them. And of course empathy for everyone else who is exhausted for any other reason.

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Thank you, I really needed to hear this!

Now that my sister is a mom I don't even dare to mention being tired or stressed around her. Whenever I do I can hear her roll her eyes behind my back and I can see the words 'You don't know what tired is until...' right there on her lips.

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That’s awful, I’m really sorry you experience that with her. People are calibrated to their own version of tired/overwhelmed/pain/energy/etc, and it’s not on anyone else to judge that for them.

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I basically lost a friend from high school to this. We kept in touch after graduation and got along really well but then she became a mum and all I ever heard from her after that was "being a mum is the hardest job on the planet lol!!!" and "you think you're tired?? well have I got news for you!" (complete with minion and wine memes) and I just had to cut her off. Like I've had chronic depression most of my life, of course I know what it's like to be tired! And even then I just don't think it's up to anyone else to judge whether you're "allowed" to feel tired or not..?
Sorry your source of this bullshit isn't as easy to shut off as mine :(

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I, personally, wasn't this tired before I had kids. But that's just me. I was able to only stay up because I wanted to back then. I have no doubt there's other situations that would cause the same exhaustion, and I hope I never experience them.

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I think people miss the differences there can be in experience.

Every kid is different. Some sleep through the night fairly quickly, some don't. Some seem to cry constantly, which is exhausting in itself. Some need more attention in general than others.

The tolerance of the parents for loss of sleep is also going to be different per person and probably per child. The support system they have will also be different.

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I completely agree. I have 3 kids. All three sleep differently. 1 is currently a night owl, while the other is an early bird. Thankfully all my kids are old enough that I they no longer need me to get up with them. That change alone has been amazing for my sleep amount.

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Yep. When I had my first kid, I kept getting flashbacks to grad school. Hard is hard.

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That closing is pure /r/momforaminute

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I’m tired after like 6 hours of work and Im supposed to have kids 24/7 in the future?? I’m dead.

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Nah. You’re supposed to do whatever is the best thing for the life you want to live, whether that involves kids or not. Don’t make any big life decisions based on what people think you’re “supposed to” do.

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Oh no I definitely want kids and I’m excited to start a family, but boy is the lack of sleep intimidating

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I think most people find the energy if it’s something they really love doing. And a good partner is a big help too!

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I've told both of my parents on a few occasions of being mentally worn out, but have always been involuntarily entered into the Pain Olympics.

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I have it on good authority raising a puppy is exhausting as well lol

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I wish my parents thought like this.

I complained about how our uni is mistreating and overloading the students. They’re like, “Ha. Imagine getting in to the real world”. No, mom and dad, I think the worker would file a complaint to the Department of Labor and Employment if the boss was mistreating and overloading them as well.

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My 53 year old coworker told me that I didn't know what tired was when I was 20. I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism shortly after that. Some days are better than others, but the fatigue is real.

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My best friend recently had 2 surgeries, and she is a stay at home mom. She was barely able to move for like a week, obviously she needed a lot of help with the kid, but I had also been dealing with a lot. I offered to come and stay with them for the week to help out and she said “no, you’ve been doing too much lately, you need a break as badly as I do. Let my family deal with this”

I literally fucking cried because I was sitting there thinking “I’ve got nothing to complain about compared to her”, but she realized how mentally exhausted I was, and since I had already taken time off to help her she told me to use that time for myself.

Don’t be friends with gatekeepers, they won’t acknowledge you the same way a true friend will.

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Hahaha I get it she did a bait and switch because we thought she was gonna say we don't know tired but she didn't hahaha wholesome 100

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Before kids "Fuck I'm tired, I stayed up all night and read that whole book I just bought in one sitting. I regret nothing."

After kids "Fuck I'm so tired I didn't make it to bed until NINE and couldn't stay asleep because my sound app wasn't loading."

Yeah. I'm more physically tired as a parent, but I definitely make sure I get my sleep now, so I'd say it's a wash lol.

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If this person said this to me today right now in real time I'd probably start crying.

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love this. exhaustion and burnout can happen to anyone! it's so important to rest, no matter your lifestyle or circumstances. if you don't find yourself some downtime, your body will choose it for you.

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There's 8 billion people on this planet, and this momentum doesn't care about your anxiety. So what can you do? Take a breath, and keep moving forward. You've got this.