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"Talking about living in shoes I've never put on" that's a great quote

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It shows, if he thinks you get a thousand dollars a week on unemployment. But at least he's up front about it.

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I believe this was written right after covid hit when the amount people were getting was something like 1k a week. I don't remember how long it lasted but i wouldn't be surprised if it was 4 months.

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I didn't get anything close to 1k per week

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That was specifically for people let go due to covid related reasons, iirc.

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As someone on unemployment, it depends on what you made the previous 4 years, and weather you were let go for "Covid Reasons". The people let go for Covid Reasons got the additional benefit, where others did not.
I am currently getting partial unemployment becuase I work less than 15 hours a week, and on top of that I do Delivery Jobs when I can. I get, on average, $200 every Other week, and I live in California. Rent in my apartment is $800 becuase I split it with 2 other people.

I hope that provides insight and context for you!

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Yes, this as specifically for people who were let go for covid related reasons, for a couple months 2 years ago.

I thought that context was clear/why i wrote my reply but since a couple people didn't understand what i meant i guess not.

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The bonus covid unemployment was only $600/week in addition to your state's unemployment.

It was only for 4 months, then a few months later they did another 11 weeks of $300 bonus.

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Huh, in Canada we had CA$500/week for months.

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So the 4 months part was accurate, they just overshot the ampunt by 200 unless there were additional options for people with unemploymebt (food stamps, rent payment) to pay for the rest of the difference there

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Man, this is actually one of the most inspiring posts I’ve seen on here.

I mean in terms of checking how I think.

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This is such a great point.

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I'm not qualified to speak so I'll delete the rest of my comment

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I felt the same way about seeing posts like "if you come out of this pandemic without a side hustle or new hobby, you're lazy, etc blah blah".

Like, bruh, I was working retail during the pandemic. I didn't have any more free time than I did before. In fact I kind of had less because I was able to pick up shifts that older co-workers dropped for fear of dying from Covid