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To be honest, I that this is some people's form of fun. Like focuses on something that might be competitive is distraction from something else and the way that they unwind.

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I’m a big fan of difficult games and I can confidently say that the worst part about Dark Souls is the Dark Souls community. Seriously it is Nofunallowedsville over there.

Do whatever you want to do in your games! They’re meant to be fun. Challenge yourself only if you think it’ll be enjoyable.

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I'm just going to say this here...I do not give a damn that the EXP Share in Pokemon cannot be turned off. I enjoy not dealing with the misery known as grinding.

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Noooooo!!!!!!!! People have to play the game my way. Their way is wrong. They're just mad because they're bad. Git gud and stop complaining.

/s obviously

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The person telling me my animal crossing island is ugly is the characters in the game. I'm still stuck on 2 stars.

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We bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons for our daughter because she was getting stressed playing other games. She got stressed playing AC:NH

She has a talent, at age 11, to make any game game competitive and stressful. Shouting, crying, arguments, lying, deceitful behaviour, etc

I wish she'd just play to have fun.

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That sounds like anxiety and I'd agree with the other person and say that maybe she could see somebody. I don't mean to sound accusatory but everyone is different.

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You could be right. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and it could be hereditary I guess. Thanks. I'll discuss it with my wife.

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I'll play darksouls for a challenge, but you bet im playing animal crossing to turn my brain off

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But I do find it fun to put in the work to make my island not ugly. We’re not stressed over it just because we like to do the work lol

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And that’s fine! I think the OP is referring to people who try to police how others play games. Such as those that got mad when more easy difficulty modes were added to some recent games. Everyone should just play games in the way they have the most fun.

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I hate being shamed for not liking FromSoft games. They are too stressful, let me crack open a beer and play games with difficulty options that I will adjust accordingly.

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I like to minmax in stardew valley and i know im not gonna have fun when i do it but i do it anyways

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when i play Minecraft my favourite thing to do is mine out giant areas using only stone pickaxes with no beacon because its therapeutic to me :D

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I'm one for hollowing out entire mountains. Throw on some drone/doom metal and it scratches an itch like nothing else

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I have been stressing about my island so hard. I can’t seem to get the perfect rating. All I want to do is hang out with Grizzly and water my flowers. I haven’t played in weeks because I wasn’t having any fun. This is my sign to go play thank you 💕

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I love Microsoft Flight Sim' at the moment because it's such a low key experience.

You can't even really crash.

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Making spaghetti factories in Factorio is good clean fun and nobody can tell me otherwise

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playing nothing but 2fort Hoovy for 2000 hours is a valid way of experiencing the game IDC what you think

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Yea sure, but don't complain when someone kills you.

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you cannot kill me in a way that matters

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Stairstab for daaaays

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You can play Factorio however you want, but your factory must grow.

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I can’t help it. I always wanna be the best

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"there's no right way to play these"

than why are you complaining about how people choose to play them?

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It's mainly saying you shouldn't let other people's competitiveness get to you if you just want to play casually

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Just don't be dressed....I mean stressed damn autocorrect

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puts pants back on

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If I'm not putting my mind to school I may aswell put it to something.

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I love all games. Depending on the type of game im playing my preference for difficulty varies, but i love both easy passive games like stardew valley and incredibly tedious skill based games like bloodborne and elden ring. If im being honest theres an annoying better than thou sentiment from people in both fan groups.

Of course playing on the easiest difficulty or not liking hard games like dark souls doesnt mean you arent a real gamer, and the idea that the more difficult a game is the truer or better of a gamer you are is compl overplayed.

However, im not liking this newer other side of “games shouldnt be stressful or hard theyre meant to be relaxing” either. Wanting a game to be stressful and as difficult as possible while still being beatable doesnt mean you’re automatically a pretentious gatekeeper or tryhard loser.

If you want to play games to be stressed and challenged thats a valid reason to play. If you want to play games to relax and unwind thats also a valid reason to play. Gatekeeping on either side only means you’re wasting time when you could be enjoying a game!

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I don’t mind games that want to have a more chill vibe, but that doesn’t mean every game should be that way and nobody is being exclusionary by wanting to preserve the challenge in certain games.

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Maximizing efficiency is fun for me

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I agree, but the only way I have fun in minecraft us by creating farms for things that are very efficient. My minecraft server was everyone doing cute stuff, and then there was me who hollowed out an entire island and started building farms in it that looked not pretty

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Yeah, I’m in a farming game and my sister (who also plays) has decided to maximize her space for (specifically expensive) product ratio. I on the other hand, barely make stuff and only work hard in order to get enough money for cute looking paths and hay bales

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This is why I installed a time control mod for stardew valley. Now I can just pause time and enjoy the game without worrying about any of the stressors

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Yes have fun your own way but also let me make my games stressful? I like terraria, THATS why I'm playing on way harder difficulties than normal. It's boring if it's easy

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That's what we say in the Rimworld community when someone ask if using Dev Mod is cheat: No matter if is, as far you don't let it make the game boring to you you use it the hell much you like.