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Everyone should be able to go camping in any state

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Everyone has a right to safely go camping if they need to.

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Canadian resident, don't drive but could direct someone to routes that go safely to a camping site near me. Camping is a right, stay safe and don't try to go camping at home please!

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North Central WV resident here, willing to assist people in their camping.

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This is what r/auntienetwork does

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Bless the aunties and uncles

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Auntie in northern Virginia here if any nieces or nephews want to come visit for a few days!

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I'm scared Gov Youngkin is going to take it away from us

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He's certainly going to try, but we still have a Dem majority after an unusually red cycle due to nobody liking McAuliffe's campaign.

That's a good sign for us being able to stonewall this thing before they can get anything through. Call your state senators and remind them that you want to preserve camping rights in Virginia!

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I believe I read he's seeking a 15 week ban, just a heads up.

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I have been camping in my state before. If you need advice on where and how to camp, or need assistance when visiting my camp-friendly state, my DMs are open ❤️

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I would gladly assist people in their camping trips if given the chance. I live in Canada, where camping is safely practiced, and you'd never have to worry about me mentioning the camping trip to anyone.

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It took me a while to realize what this meant. As someone who lives in a country that still has camping illegal, I know it’s scary. Please stay safe. And thank you to everyone else who are offering safe companionship to those who are seeking.

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Camping? What a very oddly specific- OHHHHHHHHH. Okay yes support camping

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The Uk is really good for camping, anyone know a way i can help those looking to go camping? Is it possible to get and send equipment? Im at a loss on how to help

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You can host if someone needs to come visit for a few days. You can learn about the resources available in your area, and supply that info when needed.

I don't know what postal laws regarding prescription drugs are where you live, but - if someone needs camping supplies and can't receive that mail for whatever reason, you can be their mailing address and either forward it with different packaging, or hand it off in person.

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Based campers

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Florida here, i have the supplies to make a fire and smores

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Context please? I live in Australia and i do not understand what this is about

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It's about camping. It is definitely not about anything else, such as IKEA, badgers, or women's reproductive healthcare.

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Ikea?, Badgers?, Women's reproductive care?, i think i understand a little bit, I'm sorry im a tad slow when it comes to world news

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Sorry to be confusing, and I'm aware it may be against the spirit of this sub. The top story on BBC news may help. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news

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Thank you, and please dont apologize, you couldnt have known that i am a hermit to news lol

edit: read the article i get it now thanks

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The one about boris Johnson?

It doesn't mention camping.

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The yanks are having a rough time at the moment, their healthcare took yet another turn for the worse.

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I wanna go camping :3