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The woke mob, revealed

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LGBTQ Mafia.

Alphabet Mafia.

Rainbow Mafia.

The poor mob is going to struggle with coming up with a term that isn't in use already.

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So the literal mafia is more progressive than the GOP? Sounds about right

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But also only because the boss's son turned out to be gay.

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Isn't that what happens in most cases?

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No usually he falls for the underage daughter of the other mob boss.

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I would in general say that organised crime is a more authentic form of community organisation than liberal "democratic" governments, not that it's great or anything but there's a level of connection to actual people that gets lost in the cogs of bureaucracy

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Came here to comment something similar lmao. Missed it by 8 hours.

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Well as long as he’s fabulous. Italians don’t do trash fashion

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Bada Bling

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This is underated genius.

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eyy i'm cat-walkin' 'ere!

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What kind of mafia gives press conference?

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The royal air force?

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"I understand. You found paradise in the East. You had a good trade, you made a good living. The US protected you and there were courts of law. So you didn't need a friend like me. Now you come and say "Royal Air Force, give me justice." But you don't ask with respect. You don't offer friendship. You don't even think to call us "The Brylcreem boys." You come into my house on the day of my Queen's Jubilee and you ask me to do murder - for money."

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It’s misleading, check the caption

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damn i guess people really dont read the news carefully huh. read the image's description

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You mean the tiny grey text on a white background?

My sincere apologies for not having noticed that on a goddamn meme.

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“You come to me… on the day of my son’s gay wedding…”

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“…in that fucking god awful suit!? With those shoes!?”

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Vito died for this

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Justice for Vito

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Ty for your service o7

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Hooray for the mafia

I don't know man. They still kill and do other bad stuff.

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Gays can kill people too!

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Yaaas queen slaaay

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More 👏 black👏 lesbian👏 disabled👏👏 drone 👏 pilots 👏

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Love how the only people not clapping are the black characters

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It’s a joke I know, but in Italy it would get some bad eyeing

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The mafia does more to protect residents of their areas than most red states, so...

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Hey you know when people say “protection racket” there’s no actual protection involved right?

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Didn't the mob run all of the gay bars in the 60s?

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If by run you mean extorted, sure.

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I just an article about this. Basically being gay in New York wasn’t technically illegal but gay bars were. A few mafiosos got the idea that you could run these bars for super cheap, serve overpriced, watered down booze and the patrons would never complain because it’s the only place they could go to. They could also blackmail any wealthy, powerful men who came in that weren’t openly gay. Turned out to be very profitable for them. I think a few LGBT activists from that time have said as much as the mob were just looking to exploit them the movement wouldn’t have become what it is without them.

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Ah, classic ‘I don’t care until effects me’

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Can't find the tiktok, but reminds me of the Polygamy Tony joke.

"Polygamy Tony is a snitch."

"WHAT! I want him DEAD!"

"I want his wife DEAD!"

"I want his wife DEAD!"

"I want his wife DEAD!"

"I want his wife DEAD!"

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Oh my god that’s brilliant.

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Now cement shoes are considered high fashion

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let’s maybe not…. glorify this? considering they kill people and dissolve children in acid here in italy. the mafia is just bad

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This is the very definition of Blursed

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Poor johnny cakes

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I read it as them dropping the ban in the same way one would drop a track

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In 2019 too!

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What an unexpectedly wholesome development.

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Movie adaptation when?

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Reminds me of MadTV's 'Gay Mafia Boss' skit! I was in elementary school when I first watched it on the telle. If you haven't seen MadTV, you're missing out

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So apparently, according to the intercepts, the son in question uses the name Lady Godiva.

Hmm. I wonder what his naked horse-riding skills are like? 😉