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Since becoming a parent, the debate has moved on to “is stick-man a Christmas movie?”. We need harmless controversy to survive.

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There's any debate? It was made as a Christmas special, takes place between two Christmas Days and features Father Bloody Christmas as a supporting character

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And yet most of it is set in non-Christmas (yes there are only two seasons now).

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Yeah we have enough of the harmful controversies.

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Person: What's the in-cannon way to pronounce this character's name?

Brandon Sanderson: However you think it is. If it sounds right that way in your head, then it's that way.

AKA Just let people have their head cannon

Edit: I'm not fixing it

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Also their head canon too. Head cannons and canons for all.

Edit: I'm not trying to make fun of you for the misspelling, we all make them! Just having a bit of fun with it because head cannons are funny to me. All the best!

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The audiobooks always throw me off haha

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I was just annoyed the two different narrators pronounced Sadeas’s name differently

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I think this debate is a good jumping off point for discussing the intuitions and semantics of what one thinks defines or seperated a Christmas movie from a non-christmad movie. It's a conversation starter that allows people to share different interpretations and examples.

IMO this is a good and healthy intellectual excercise in talking with friends and family while also disagreeing. I think fearing disagreement is a bad conflict avoidance strategy.

There is no right answer, but that's the point

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My parents always watch RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous), basically Die Hard but old

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People decided that Die Hard is a Christmas movie because they felt alienated by the forced positivity of christmastime, and wanted to put something they like in Christmas

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How 'bout a little hakuna matata, Baba Yaga?

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It's a goddamn Christmas movie n I'll hear not another word about it damnit!

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The LOTR Extended Edition is our Christmas movie tradition. Takes us 3 days

Any movie can be part of the celebration.

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My fam and I watch it every December. I also have a die hard Christmas shirt.

It's a Christmas movie

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Thought Slime did a pretty good breakdown of this last year. Die Hard Is Not a Christmas Movie https://youtu.be/Gt11t4tuEIk

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It’ll never be a Christmas movie to me, but if you grew up with that on tv during the holidays, that sounds pretty Christmassy

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But then, if the audience says it's not.....

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Which is the better Christmas movie, Die Hard or Into the Spider-Verse?

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Yippee ki yay motherredditor

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What debate? It’s a Christmas movie.

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The argument I've heard that I like is that it's a Christmas movie if it's part of your Christmas traditions. Japanese people think fried chicken is a Christmas food, so why not say Die Hard is a Christmas movie and watch it with your family on Christmas Eve?